Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'ts a Ball! a Masqueraqde Ball!

New years eve is slowly underway.  Got plans? Hopefuly you have read the latest city beat and sd reader to know about all the cool events happening around town.  There is Big Night San Diego with Lady Dottie and the Diamonds and Dj Edgartronic spinning on the ones and twos.  Ruby Room is having Four Minutes till Midnight hosted by the wonderful Lady Stardust.  Casbah is celebrating the new year with Sweet and Tender Hooligans a Morrisey cover band and Blasphomas Guitars. The Swami Invation is happening at Bar Pink with the Night Marchers.  However, the talked about event for the night is none of these.  It is Birch North Park Theater that is the talk of the night. 

Jon Block has put together some wonderful events in the past with Sight and Sound.  I believe that this time he out did himself.  The renovated theater that is now becoming a place to go for films and live music is throwing the biggest bash of the year.  The New Years Eve Masquerade Ball.  Bands performing are Delta Spirit, Get Back Lorretta, The Burning of Rome, and The Hot Moon.  Dj's include Dj ThreoryJean, Dj Dennis J, and DJ Kray-Z-K.  A dress to impress ball with good bands to welcome 2010.  This night is presented by West Coast Club life and Jon Block.  A celebration of all things music, art, and fashion.  It is encoraged for  people to come dressed in full masqurerade costumes.  They will be complimentary mask for the first 200 people to arrive.  The stages and floor will be covered with live music by talented artist.  There will be models, dancers, and a lot of visual art to stimulate the eyes, ears, and mind for this wonderful occasion.  So come one and Come all and celebrate the new years with West Coast Club Life and Jon Block!

For ticket prices and more information contact (858)-945-2830 or visit

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Weekend Picks.... What's worth watching and where!

The Christmas frenzy is over!  Exile on Kettner again was a fun time!  Casbah filled up quickly early in the night.  For those still waiting in line, maybe next year get there a bit earlier.  For those who got to see the awesomeness that was San Diego's who's who from the music scene and celebrated Christmas at the Casbah,  good for you! 

Its the weekend after X-Mas and its time for the weekend Picks.... There are some fun shows and some sad departing parties.  This is 2009 last WEEKEND PICKS of the year!  Enjoy and hope to see ya at the shows! 

Dec 26th

  • Neil's Going Away party with Team Abraham @ Ruby Room 
  • Tori Cobras, The Glossines, and Bertos @ Beauty Bar
  • Scarlet Symphony Da Bears and Fing @ Casbah

Dec 27th

  • Monkeys In Space and a DJ set by Pied Piper @ Ruby Room
  • Children Of Nova, Italian Japanese, WestFire and Trouble In The Wind @ Casbah

Dec 28th

  • The Old In Out, Rats Eyes and Northern Towns, A-B in the Atari Lounge @ Casbah
  • Styletones @ Bar Pink
  • Lady Dottie @ U-31
  • Screwed And Tattooed @ Ruby Room

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Breaking the Chains of Love.....

Holidays are great for parties.  One after another.  Some of the best partiies this year are shows with some amazing bands.  Everyone knows your basic holiday songs sang by some of the greatest artist of all time.  I prefer depressing holiday songs like the Holiday Sampler by Vanguard Records that had artist such as Greg Laswell, Dar Williams and Josh Ritter.  Those aren’t songs to cheer anyone up.  Songs for the Break-up would be the perfect holiday gift for someone like me.  However, seeing Fitz and the Trantrum was the real treat of the holiday season.

Playing the Adreniline party at the Casbah on a Friday night, Fitz and The Tantrums took on the stage with a ravenous energy.  Started the set with “Breaking the Chains of Love,”  Michael’s voice filled the Casbah stage.  Noelle’s voice then took off.  Her soulful voice took the audience in a trans.  They sang songs such as “Winds of Change,” “We Dont Need no Love Song,” and “Darkest Street.”  Also played a new song only for San Diego.

By mid-set, Fitz had the audence dancing and singing along.  The high engery that comes from watching a show such as Fitz and The Tantrums is indescribable.  With catchy soul songs, and amazing lyrics of heart break and aches.  This band is a very special treat for all  those San Diegians with soul in their shoes.

Fitz and the Tantrums released Song for the Breakups in late October as a free download EP through their website. (Which is only available through out the end of '09).  Just like all records of heartbreak the inspiration came from a wound heart left behind and a restless Michael Fitz.  "The girl who broke my heart called me and told me her neighbor had a organ for sell. I told her put the money in their hand and I will pick it up.  From there I started writing "Breaking the Chains of Love."   With a several phone calls made, Fitz and the Tantrums was formed. Preforming shows within weeks of creating the songs and putting the project together.  Fitz has played San Diego three times total.  Two of those being at the Casbah.  "I love playing in San Diego.  Every time we play here we get a great response.  Other places people are a bit stand offish.  However, San Diego people know how to get down."

Recap of the Night:  Great holiday party!  Fitz and The Tantrums is a must check out band.  You don't have to be broken hearted to enjoy their music.  2010 brings two great things for Fitz and The Tantrums.  A full length album and "Breaking the Chains of Love" music video be on the look out!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Picks of the Weekend! Where to go.. and Whats Worth Watching!

It's a week before X-mas and what did you ask Santa Baby for?  A new pair of wheels?  Maybe some new guitar strings to pluck around with.  A very nice man in nothing but a bow under your tree.  I asked my Santa dear to bring me a good amount of Rockn Roll and right now he is delivering it.   Its one holiday party after another.  I actually end up dressing up during the holidays.  It makes me feel festive! 

So this weekend we are going to dress up the strips with great shows one after another.  Here are your weekend picks!  

Friday Dec 18th
Gary Shuffler's Birthday Extravaganza - Queenly, Cats from Japan, D Pain @ Casbah
Bobby Fantasy / Eliza Rickman / Asa Ransom / Dj Cota-pop
The Debonaires, The Amalgamated, Fire Corner Sound System @ Radio Room
John Wayne Gacy Daycare   @ Soda Bar

Saturday Dec 19th
Midnight Radio @ The Ruby Room (ill be here.  Hedwig and the Angry Inch cover band)
Viva Christmas! El Vez, Los Straitjackets and the Lovely Elvettes @ Casbah
Apes of Wrath, ASA Ransom, Sunday Times, Roxy Jones  @ Soda Bar

Sunday Dec 20th
Casbah Christmas Party - Lady Dottie and the Diamonds, The Styletones @ Casbah
Nautical Disaster and Behind The Wagon Cd-Release Party with guests Ladyfingers @ Bar Pink

Monday Dec 21st
Anti Monday League Presents , Downs Family, C.L.A. - Steve Poltz, Dennis Borlek, Sam Chammas, Sharon Daddi - Behind the Wagon @ Casbah
Ransom Blues Band@ Ruby Room

Now Read set Lets get to Rock and Rolling..... Happy Holidays From RRNLSG!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays from RRNLSG!

Thanks to Gayle Skidmore for allowing me to post this video!  very very cool!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Lovers Call..

Any show in San Diego is great.  When you get three outstanding ROCKN ROLL bands together on one stage, it kind of makes you wonder, "Where the Hell are all the Rockers and the Rollers?" 
 One solid line-up Die Sabotage (sd) Genghis Con Job, and Danko Jones (Canada).

All month I have been excited for this show.  I've been Twittering and updating the Faceboook with similar status of "Danko FUCKEN Jones."    Danko Jones was suppose to play with Supersuckers and Zeke on Nov. 15th.  Zeke and Danko had canceled the date.  Zeke never rescheduled their appearance and if they did it's yet to be on the Casbah schedule.  Danko Jones, however scheduled back as the HEADLINER instead of the opener.  This was the shows of all shows.

Die Sabotage opened the show with some amazing guitar riffs.  Ever heard of Annihilation Time? They are a Punk and Roll band from Ventura, California.  No they have nothing to do with each other.  Die Sabotage just took me down memory lane with their style of music.  Annihilation Time was a band I would frequently see when I was in college.  Now I would frequently see the common style of Die Sabotage as much as i possibly can.  Their amazing bass and guitar sounds blasting out of the monitors was like bread and butter of punkn'roll; a genre not mainly touched by a lot of bands anymore.  It is a mix of punk rock energy with the simplistic rockn roll three cord riffs.  That steady drum beat and of course screamy, loud, and sexy vocals.   To make this set a lot better than I was expecting, Die Sabotage decided to cover The Hellacopters "Soul Seller."  (Please kids if you dont know who the Hellacopters are do a little research great Swedish band)

After Die Sabotage, Genghis Con Job took on the stage.  Their music isn't for the faint of heart.  Nor for those looking for a mere head bob on the side stage.  It's really for those about to rock!  The lead singer looks like, (and i wouldnt be surprised if it was) the big Scottish man from the Chase commercials.  This band has it all.  Widely selected music style of metal, punk, rock, and or sometimes roll.  Its almost like a cleaned up version of Nashville Pussy.

A small intermission from the bands before the highlight of the night begins.  There I am standing 2 feet away from Danko Jones.  We keep passing each other by in the small hall that separates the sound and the mens restroom.  I hear the drums (boom, boom, boom) .  At this time, i'm ready to take my place in front of what is going to be one of the best shows I have rocked out at.  The bass is being sound checked  and now the guitar.  Sound check song was "Lovers Call."  Making me all giggly inside knowing that I will witness the awesome power that is Canada Rockn Roll.  DANKO FUCKEN JONES!

Right they went into "Soul on Ice,"  from there it was all a great show.  The boys really know how to put a high energy rockn roll show.  Playing songs from all of their albums such as "First Date," "Samuel Sinner," "Never Again," Lovers Call," "Play the Blues," "Ice Cold Angel,"  "Sugar Chocolate,"  "New Woman," and a lot of stuff off their latest album.  It was a full hour set with some audience particpation like always.    Danko Jones is touring with their new release Never To Loud.  The title is appropriate for their sound.  DJ is never too loud for any venue and/or arena.  As their set came to an end, I was really sad to know they will not being back in San Diego for another 6 months to a year.  This means when they come around town next time you all have to get your asses off your couch and really catch their live sets!

Thank You Danko Jones and Casbah San Diego for a great show!

recap: All bands were fucken great!  Now research and check them out!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weekend Picks... What to watch... and where...

Another Weekend chock full of great shows.  Since the Holidays are pretty big for everyone and a busy time for bands,  the shows get much more spectacular than the Summer shows.
Here are the picks of the weekend starting with Tonight!

Dec 10
  • Northern Towns/ Prosthetic Arms @ Ruby Room
  • Casbah Show has been canceled 
  • Tropical Depression @ Bar Pink
  • Hypnotic Odyssey, Skyline Union, The Earful @ Beauty Bar
  • Joanie Mendenhall @ Riviera Supper Club
  • The Vaginals, The Reverend Mothers @ Tin Can Ale House

Dec 11
  • Westfire, The Skooners, Gray Ghosts@ Beauty Bar
  • Dead Feather Moon / Reverend Mothers / Perfect Blue @ Ruby Room
  • Agent Ribbons, Vaginals, Trashcan Fires @ Soda Bar
  • Hotel St, George, Maren Parsel @ TIn Can Ale House
  • Adrenaline Holiday Party with Fitz and the Tantrums, Orgone, DJ Biggs @ Casbah 

Dec 12
  • The Rumble - Tapedeck Mountain, The Drowning Men, All Wrong & The Plans Change W/DJ Andy Ralph from Writer @ Casbah Early show (3pm) Free!  
  • Titanarum, Rats Eyes, Dead Ghosts, DJ Urine @ Radio Room
  • Dig Jelly (LA) / Kera and the Lesbians / Trouble in the Wind / Paragraphs @ Ruby Room
  • John Meeks, Leslie and the Badgers, River City, Paulo @ Soda Bar
  • Rock n Roll Stew feat. Two Tears w/ DJs Mikey Face and Angie @ Bar Pink
  • Tristeza, Kill Me Tomorrow, Drew Andrews @ Casbah Late Show!  
  • The Canton Mudders, The Bertos, Larry and his Flask @ Beauty Bar

Alright Get Ready, Set and Plan out the next Three Days! 

Intimate shows .... Residency at your local venues

Residency is not a new thing in the music scene.  However, we arent talking about your piano bar with your normal lounge singer.  2009 has been the year of excellent local acts taking the same stage on a particular night.  It started with Lady Dottie and the Diamonds every Monday at Tower Bar.  Since that moved to U-31; the North Park scene has been growing with their residency acts.  Sundays used to belong to The Tighten Ups.  Now its Mondays with Styletones and Old Man Johnson on the ones and twos.

Besides North Park, catching a show at The Riviera Supper Club and Turquoise Room is always a great thing.  Let's not forget Beauty Bar.  The one venue you can check out a band, smoke and have a drink in your hand.  (This doesn't not count if your at a house party!)  Here is a list of bands with a normal residency in a local venue!

Gregory Page @ Beauty Bar

The Styletones @ Bar Pink
Lady Dottie and The Diamonds @ U-31
Black Out Party @ Riviera Supper Club.

Brawely @ Riviera Supper Club

Make sure you Check these shows out.  All free.  Yes you read right FREE!  This gives you a reason to really check it out.  

Friday, December 4, 2009

Music is like men....

I posted this as a status update after a very adventurous ride to Anaheim to see Ghostland Observatory.  As i was having some girl time, with Katiekins... we both started talking about the two things we love the most.  She spoke about men and I spoke about music.  Then we would swap; I would speak about men and she would speak about music. 

The conversation than lead into seeing bands and getting into a band.  Explaining to Katie, that sometimes before a show i listen to the band to get me kinda pumped up to see them live.  Kinda like Musical Foreplay.  Seeing them live is like the actual act of fornication.  I said "Music is like Men."

My explanation to Katie was "Music is like men... You really have to let them sink in before you can determine if you like them or not."  Of course a giggle was set in place after she heard "sink in." Not really what i meant.  The intimate time between music and a person is a serious relationship.  How do you know it will last?  I can "Love you today and Hate you tomorrow".  Right?  Of course.

Take Radiohead as an example, i used to listen to them so much. One day in college i woke up to Kid A playing on my cd alarm.  So disgusted by Thom Yorks whinny voice i shucked the cd out of my window.  Hitting the neighbor.  Radiohead; i love you today and hate you tomorrow.  Granted, when you wake up one more and realize your no longer loving the one you did at one point it kinda makes you sad, but happy that you dont need to agonize yourself with said music/person.

Again..  Music is like Men! 

i'm pretty sure a guy can come up with why music is like women.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Weekend Picks... What to watch... and where...

Ho HO HO....

Yeah Its that time of the year .. Lets all get merry and cheerful!  Yes! Gifts, Merry, life, people still being assholes... Yes its true people never change even during the holidays.  They just put a smile on their face and go on with their usual merry life.  While your putting up Christmas lights, wrapping up those gifts, if your like me then sending your care packages to your mates across the miles and seas... While you Kids are trying to figure out what cool scarf to wear with your winter jacket,  I will list off the upcoming Shows you should NOT miss for the weekend!  Starting with Tonight! 

Dec 3 2009 
  • Peewee Moore, Bill Cardinal, Black Sheep Reunion, Shaun T. Morgan @ Radio Room
  • Gortuary/ Pathology/ Deadly Remains/Shattered Eyes/Diabolical Remains @ Ruby Room
  • The Fresh and Onlys w/ Woven Bones and DJ Mario Orduno @ Bar Pink
  •  Dirty Legs, Hocus @ Soda Bar
  •  The Canton Mudders, Morning on Fire, Tiny Frank @ Tin Can Ale HOuse

Fri 04     
  • Baroness, Earthless, Iron Age, Brainticket DJ's and guests  @ Casbah
  • The Crashing Marbles, The Howls, The Attack, Desert Diamonds @ Beauty Bar
  • Rockabilly Shakeout FEAT: Dawn Shipley &The Sharp Shooters; Pachuco Jose; Floyd Burney & The Ship Shapers @ Ruby Room
  • Tori Roze and the Hot Mess, Bryan Bangerter, Meaghan Maples @ Tin Can Ale House
Sat 05
  • Cold Cave, Nite Jewel, Ale Mania @Casbah
  • Dirty Santas, The Aversions(Canada), End Of Power @ Radio Room
  •  Lemon Sun, Maren Parusel, Lion Cut, The New Assembly @ Soda Bar
  •  Modern Rifles, Swim Party, Lands On Fire @ Tin Can Ale House
Sun 06
  • An Evening With Stellastarr and Transfer @ Casbah
  • 1st night of Gregory Page residency. @ Beauty Bar
  • Mele Kalikimaka Holiday Prom feat. Linnzi Zaorski and The Cheap Leis @Bar Pink
Any questions!  hope to see ya there! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An Early Good Bye to The Bearded Man!

Many people know who I mean when ever I mentioned The Bearded Man.  Many others just believe its some facial haired nobody.  Andy Robillard is more than just a nobody.  He became one of my best friends over the months and years.  A constant good companion in the music scene.

Being a solid veteran in the SD music scene as a bartender, promoter, Citybeat staffer, and all around awesome drummer.  He played in over a dozen bands in the fifteen years he has been in San Diego.  Bands such as Gogogo Airheart. Cashed Out, The Tighten Ups, Lady Dottie and the Diamonds, Free*Stars, Rafter, The And/Ors and the list goes on and on and on...He is the singer of songs.

Leaving back home to The Keys in FL; Where he grew up.  Andy mentioned that he was leaving to help his aging family out.  San Diego just didnt plan out the way he wanted 15 years ago.  Now its time to move on out and try something new.  He had recently had a going away party at Soda Bar.  The bands were The Paragraphers, The Old In Out, Rafter and Free*Stars.  David Stampone had traveled from New York for this special event.   On Monday he had one last set with The Tighten Ups.  One last San Diego show for Free*Stars is on Wed. Nov 18 with Lion Cut at the Tin Ale House.  His last bartending shift will be on Thursday Nov. 19th.  Then leaving on friday morning. 

This brings a small tear in my eye knowing that such a great man is leaving this amazing music scene.  Forever in my heart I will miss Andy Robillard.  Well in till I visit him in February.  Make sure you catch him at any of the above locations. 

Cheers Bearded Man and have safe Travels!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Wired up for a Pony Ride!

Its another Saturday night.  Of course another SOLD OUT show. Finally north county SD represents at Casbah.    I'm only here to check out the opening band.  Which of course I decided that night, "yes, i will do a show review for this."  I do not know that many people who can say they have heard of Wirepony.  I have heard about this band, due to being a Truckee Brothers fan for a while. 

As the time passes you can see the anticipation of the crowd growing. It is a very special night tonight. Not only is North County representing.  However, Arron Dennis is also playing side by side with Patrick.  If you dont know who Aaron is; He would be the eldest of Patrick’s son.  Also the guitarist for Tan Sister Radio.  Keeping the music in the bloodline. The Rockn Roll in the family! 

This is not your normal casbah crowd mainly downtown and north county people.  Tonight was the first night that there was no gap between the stage and the audience.  Normally people stand 50 feet away afriad of the band and the energy that they are exuding out on to people.   As the first song starts,  and the band goes onto “Morphine After.” You can differentiate the style of the Truckee Brothers music and Wirepony.  Although Patrick is in both bands.  They are set apart by the actual band and different styles of rockn roll.  Both worth listening to. 

During the set on stage you can see Patrick staring at Aaron.  Almost in a surreal sense.  "Wow, my kid is next to me."  Im pretty sure nothing but a proud father staring at his eldest as they simultaneous rocks the Casbah stage side by side.  The set list followed with "Atlantic man," then "When are you coming Home."  Which honestly is one of my favorite songs by Wirepony.  As the played their ten song set.  They had the crowd going.  At one point they got the crowd to join in and sing the chorus with them. 

When the set was over, I saw a few people leave.  I was one of those. Wirepony is a sight to see.  This band is completely tight and keeps the audience on their toes.  Kudos for having this band at Casbah. Also AMAZING job and Kudos goes to Aaron Dennis.  This kid has music running through the vines.  I'm excited to see Tan Sister Radio play soon. 

Just found out as well that they will be playing another Casbah show with The Blackout Party, Brawley, Bill Cardinal and The Canyon Band on Nov 27th.  Get your tickets now its gonna sell out!  

Recap of the night: Wirepony awesome, father and son rocking next to each other Epic!

pictures courtesy of Andy King

Ill Have a Cafe' Au Lait with a half Loretta on the side!

Friday nights normally consist of me being at Casbah or Bar Pink, or Ruby Room depending on the line up of the shows.  Casbah had Le Soup.  Not sure if i was in the mood for anything that night.  So i took the night off from heavy rocking and went straight to Cafe Libertalia for some coffee shop music.  To my surprise It was Jackson Price, Gayle Skidmore and Kevin Martin and Issac Cass (Half of Get Back Loretta).  I actually showed up during sound check.  Which was a preview to something I was about to see.   This is my first coffee shop show in years.  I believe prior to turning 21.  Maybe longer.

Kevin Martin starts the show.  Sitting on keyboards; he goes into a melodic tune to set the mood.  While playing the first song.  I was expecting a really mellow night.  As Kevin went into the second song, The tempo changed.  This was more of the boogie woogie style.  It is best describe  as  the sounds of Nina Simone and Ryan Adams' love child.  The vocals that Kevin exludes to the audience are very Ryan Adams.  Country and whiny with some slight "im kinda high on something"  melodic gestures.  The sounds coming out of the keyboard was just genuinely warm with fast and slow beats.  Issac and Jackson would randomly come up on stage to either do backups.

For this cramped space, its a full house.  I believe this place can only hold about fifty people maybe a little more if we cramp up like sardines in a tin container. 

Jackson Price is now taking the stage.  The first song he plays is a mix between Jack Johnson and Damine Rice.  Two very different artist however it is possible to mash up very well.  By the jangly sounds of guitar and the mellow voice that is being used to sing the tunes.  With his music I feel as though i should be relaxing on the beach not at a coffee shop.  Jackson then brings the mood back down to a melodic slow flow guitar melodies after just the first song.  At this time I believe it was very much needed for a smoke.  Might wake me up a little bit.  Walking in to take my seat again, Kevin and Jackson are both playing and singing together.  What a great collaboration.  Jackson on guitar and doing back up vocals while Kevin is on keys and singing his heart out.

After their mini set, Gayle Skidmore is next on stage.  Its all very free flowing.  There is no set times, or who plays next.    Now Gayle was more of a treat than a surprise.  She got on the stage with a banjo on hand and a flower in her hair.  She tuned up and started playing.  Great Vocals, unlinke anything i have heard before.  Its a great soul voice mixed in with the twang of banjo.  A girl you can certainly relate with musically speaking.  Gayle is played the RRNLSG: Dia De Los Muertos show at Ruby Room.  Her band at that show was just unbelievable.  Once her mini set was over. 

Next on the rotation was Issac Cass.  The first song started on the left foot.  A few errors were happening, however it became more of a comical thing.  As Kevin and Issac enteract with each other on and off stage.  As the song progressed a few more comical errors from Issac.  This now seemed to be more of a shtick.  When the song was done.  Kevin was asked to go back on stage.  It has now become the Kevin and Issac show at Cafe Libertalia.   Issac's voice  is a combination of Greg Brown and Bob Dylan sans cocaine and booze.  Making it a jangly, loose, and twangy for his music.   As his last song finished, he had finally bloomed on stage.  While both Issac and Kevin played together it the tempo of the music changed and became more jazz and rag-time inspired.  The comedy kept growing and the entertainment was keeping the audience happy. 

By this time, It was time to go home.  Leaving the cafe with a feeling of warmth and happiness.  I knew that taking the night off of Rockn Roll for a mellow cafe show was a great choice.  Recap:  Half Loretta worth seeing.  Great line-ups.  It was worth my 5 bucks.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HALLOWEEN! Something Worth Watching.

Its a few days prior to Halloween.  Many people are freaking out trying to get their outfits ready.  I myself have not gotten an outfit since i will be working all weekend.  Sometimes being a workaholic has its drawbacks.  This holiday being one of them.   IF I wasnt working then I would recommend you go to these following shows.  By The Way just cause im not going to be there doesnt mean that I dont want you guys to attend! 

Friday Oct 30th (Hallos Eve)
Le Loup, Cuckoo Chaos, Lyon Crowns @ Casbah
Girl In A Coma w/ Normandie @ Bar Pink
Monsters from Mars, Behind The Wagon, Beta Lion

Saturday Oct 31 (Halloween)
The Night Marchers, The Creepy Creeps, Black Whales, Spider Fever in the Atari Lounge @ Casbah
Lion Cut, The Yiffs, Microphone Mike, Bunky @ Soda Bar
Halloween Freakshow! Burlesque, Costume Contest! @ Ruby Room

Nov 1st (Day of the Dead)
RRNLSG Show : Bill Cardinal & The Canyon Band, Gayle Skidmore, Vanja James 

I Will see you all This weekend!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

RANTS of a writer...Where did you all go?

Seems like the music scene in San Diego is taking a turn for the worst.  I dont want to blame anyone.  Well maybe promoters, the club owners, the bands and the audience; at this point even music writers/bloggers/reviewers.   Everyone in the music business in San Diego is to blame.

I have been attending shows and I keep asking myself:   "Are Bands Really Overexposing themselves? Or is the Economy just that shitty that attendance is so low, even at free shows?"   or another question I have been trying to figure out; "WHY!? OH DEAR GOD, WHY is the same line up with the same band at the same venue being done again?"  Don't get me wrong I love watching the same bands over and over.  However seeing the same bands in the same venue for 10 to nothing bucks is getting a little boring! Something about promoters and bands double booking each other hasn't really stopped the over exposure going on in the nine venues along the strips.  North County Bands really don't play here and and touring acts are a hit or miss.  

Sunday night the line up was great The Growlers (OC), The Dabbers (SD), and Kurt Vile and the Violators (PA).  Great line-up.  The Growlers are one of my new favorite bands from OC. The Dabbers are just an awesome 2 piece; drums and bass.    The whole time I was there; I kept wondering to myself why there was no one at the Casbah.  The line up was great.  Where are all the bodies that normally come out to the shows to check out the music and be known in the scene. No Rosey, No Seth, No Naj, NO one was there so so sad! By the end of the show I was able to count more people reading my blog then going to the shows.  75 people total including bandmates and employees of the venue.  

I understand its a Sunday night, but with excellent line ups like this one; there should be no reason why people arent coming out.  Oh wait; could it be that some people refuse to pay 10 bucks?  Not to mention the drink factor, the cab fare.  Your total cost of the night might end up being 60 bucks?  For that price some people would rather grab a bottle of liquor and pay for a big venue show.  Not very fun.  When you have 2000+people in one place and the band looks like 2 inches large from where your standing.... 
Looking at all the listings around town.  Have you ever noticed the same line ups with the same bands.  Long and Short of It with Archons.  Old In Out with Apes of Wrath.  The Widows at Tower all the time.  I know that the promoters here have a good ear for booking shows.  I ask again why oh dear god why the same fucken line up?  Can we please get a little creative?  I just got the invite for the new Rumble SD.  Guess what.  Its Apes of Wrath and Old In Out again.  I love those bands.  But the SAME line up?  Although its a free show, there is a good chance I might not show up and call it an early night.  Either too many promoters just booking their friends or people trying to suckle the very last of the music tit in San Diego.  Its getting dry.

I had a chance to talk to a few artist about why they dont support the venues or the bands coming in.  It came down to a few things, PAY TO PLAY, the venue wont book us so we wont support it; my favorite i only support free.  Two out of three are null excuses.  Stop being a baby about your situation and support your scene.  In the mid to late nineties bands were always supporting each other.  This whole "I am better than you attitude needs to stop!"  Bands are doing the same thing, so why not support each other?  Maybe if a few bands support the other bands and it kept going back and fourth the money made at shows would actually be spread around.  Some of us call it "Spreading The Love."  

PAY TO PLAY- This is basically what most of the bands do.  Bands get booked.  It is their responsibility to make flyers and posters.  Drive around and put them in bars, record shops, bathroom stalls, and you name it.  If your an out of town band then you have to pay for shipping of the posters and flyers.  Lets do a calculation here 40 bucks for posters and flyers, 40 bucks for driving around the damn city to promote, 2-4 hours of their time promoting online. Now lets not forget the gas between their space to the venue.  That just cost the band 80-100 dollars.  The day of the show they made 50 bucks.  Now split that between all the bandmates.  They just lost anywhere between 50-80 bucks.  This band just PAID TO PLAY.   If you can only see me nodding my head right now.  

San Diego and all the other Towns around Please Please do something to fix this situation.  Other writers wont mention it, However I will.  I like to call it like I see it!

Till the next show review or listing

Thanks for Reading Rockn' Roll Never Looked So Good
-Bullet McKenzie

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Place to Bury a Band!

Another Thursday night and here I am back at the world famous Casbah. This time to check out All The Saints, Darker My Love, and A place to Bury Strangers. From what I keep hearing A Place to Bury Strangers is going to bring it! Well they brought it alright. However, It wasn't what I expected.

Normally my Thursday nights are based upon my best friend working that night or not. If he is then im there hanging out with him. I have been hearing about All the Saints and Darker My Love as bands to check out. A Place to Bury Strangers not so much. Which is totally okay.

When arriving at the Casbah, All The Saints had already finished their set. I was a little disappointed; however, a motorcycle ride to Oceanside was needed that day. Yes I do ride motorcycles. And NO it doesn't make me hardcore. It puts me at ease kinda of like a quick meditation. ANYWAYS, back to the review of the show!

The All The Saints, the band I missed; are a psychedelic rock band from the mid-south. Does that make sense? The Southern Part of the Midwest. Very garage like with experimental waa waa's unto their beat. I bet they were good live.

DARKER MY LOVE. Now that was the band that brought it! Their rocking good melodic tunes kept me moving and grooving the entire set. The adorable 5 piece band from LA, California. Their music is like a cross between 80's synth-rock with a class of garage. Just imagine, BRMC, The Pretty Things, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre in a pinata. When busted open Darker My Love was the sweet treats inside. What a sweet sweet treat I would have to say.

After Darker My Love, I was ready for the next rocking surprise. Well, it was indeed a surprise when I realized holy shit your band is BBOORRIINGGGG.... Snooze alert right here! Their look was really laid back and rockn roll. I guess they were way way to laid back. Their sound was very much like Suicide a band from New York, not a big fan. In the middle of their set they began with the fog machine. Really? At the Casbah. It was great for photo ops. But a fog machine? This made it a little more sleepy for me, I went to the back bar and hung out. I would rather watch The Return of the Mummy 3 than watch A Place to Bury Strangers. Epic Fail on their part.

Other than that It was a great show. Recap: Bands to check out All The Saints and Darker My Love.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Dia De Los Muertos Celebration!


A celebration for the Day of the Dead. Dia De Los Muertos. Which happens to be one of my favorite holidays. ( I do have sugar skulls on the back of my ankles to prove it) To Show appreciation to our dead ancestors we are having a great show.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Its a Rumble and a Show Review!

To tell you the truth, im not sure what is better. A note written on a napkin or a my cheap ass phone. I'm at the Casbah. Its a Saturday night Rumble. The Rumble SD is a free once a month show that brings in a few local acts and a few out of town. This Saturday it was The Blakes, Lady Dottie and the Diamonds and my new favorite band Fitz and the Tantrums.

As the night began I made my way amongst the crowd. Hellos and how are yous are always proper when going to a venue that reminds you of home. Grabbing my usual poison of Jameson and PBR to chase the whiskey down. The Blakes went on. I will have to say its been a while since a band opened the Casbah that I have never heard of and really enjoyed. If BRMC and We are Scientist had a love child. Yes it would be the Blakes. They are a 3 piece band from Settle, WA. The rainy city brings great music sometimes. It might be the over depressed musicians that live there due to the lack of sunshine that we get here in lovely San Diego!

The crowd is grow as the minutes pass. Its almost surreal and movie like. Its like a soundtrack that was meant for the night. I have met Scheff prior to seeing him tonight. The lad was nice enough to keep me company as i did show up alone like always. Great conversations with great people at Casbah always makes my night. The Blakes at this time have finished their set. Its time for Lady Dottie and the Diamonds.

As Lady Dottie take the stage. Joey would actually be missing in action. The band is all set up except for him. As the crowd grows antsy for some good rockn roll. Lady Dottie and The Diamonds can not wait any longer. The first song begins to play. Mid song, in comes Joey in a hurry to set up. Normally I would say what a bunch of amateurs. However, Joey and the band were able to play it cool. What a bunch of little Fonzys'. Nathan Beale is playin guitar as Dirty Sweet is home from tour. The Soul and Funk that is coming out of the monitors is running hard through the veins of the Casbah. What is it about Lady Dottie that keeps everyone movie the way they do? This lovely Saturday night, it had to be the high high energy of the band. Giving it their all! As I talked to Nathan later after the show. I mentioned that this was one of the Hottest Gigs i have seen them do. I didnt mean temperature wise either. Of course what I see in the front isnt the same as what the band sees on stage. To him it was a Jalopy of a mess, however still able to pull off some great stunts for the audience.

Fitz and The Tantrums went on stage. By this time the venue was over loaded with people. To my dismay a wedding reception arrived where the hell did they come from? Does it matter? Not really. Fitz and the Tantrums are a pop soul band. They really impressed me. The presence of the band was more mellow, however enough to keep my toes tapping. Another great night at Casbah. Check out these bands on their myspace for tour information.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Supa Star!

Tuesday night im normally checking out Ruby Room or The Caliph, singing my own tunes during Karaoke! Tonight will not be one of those nights. Three amazing artist are taking the stage at the Casbah!

Har Mar Superstar!
The Tighten Ups!
Microphone Mike!

If you still haven't checked out Har Mar and/or The Tighten Ups, you are missing one hell of a show! Har Mar alone packs the place. His trashy disco style allows hims to go crazy in his underwear! I saw him a few years back and I was excited to see a grown man down to his skivvies dancing and singing on stage. Granted its not the pretties thing you will ever see. However its rightfully entertaining.

Microphone Mike, is in a class of his own. he is a local artist who takes pride on his bling by rapping. Golden Hill is what he represents. "The Other Side of 25th."

here is a few videos of the three bands playing so you know what to expect. Or my advice is not to expect anything!

Enjoy! Ill see ya at Casbah! Doors open at 8pm 12 dollars at the door!

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Wheel in the Sky Keeps turning?

I have been getting emails about the lack of posting done on my blog. Sorry folks, I know it should be updated as much as possible. However, this workaholic girl has been stuck with working the restaurants and the clubs. Since the blog doesnt make me any money I have to have a full time job to support myself and the many shows I attend. I know i stopped posting the shows you should miss. Those will start all over again. Promise!

Since my birthday bash, I have lost my camera, making it hard for me to go to shows and snap pictures. So my dear photographers and loyal readers; if you would like to help me dearly please send photos to and you will be properly credited .....

Since this is the beginning of the month, this means there is a new start for this blog. Yes I am working with Ruby Kitchen/Ruby Room, however it will not put a bias opinion on the shows I will talk about.

thanks again for reading RRNLSG!
Bullet McKenzie

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Whats to be Nervous about?

We all love Louis XIV right? I might not, it's your generic pop rock of the early 2000. It helps to know people if you want to make it big and tour with The Killers; Right? Of course who doesn't like the Killers? I don't. I'm sure there are your mass amounts of people that say, "But their first album was so good." Sure if you don't know about music you can totally say that. However, Brian Karscig started a new band. Not that excited to see The Nervous Wreckords. I had no expectations. The whole time I was thinking it was another mid 2000 pop rock band that has all the girls prancing around like tarts just for attention of the hot rocker boys. I was actually right. However, one song had me tapping my feet.

If out of your entire set one song had me tapping my feet. I feel you did a horrible job. Thats' just me. I do not like pop rock. Nor did I ever like Louis XIV. Congratulations to Brian Karscig for another generic cookie cutter band. All very talented musicians. The stage presence was there. It just sounds the same as every other radio played band.

3rd Annual Zombie Birthday Bash!

Rockn Roll and Zombies! What more can this chick ask for. Maybe a new bass, but that i already received from Daddy D. A black fret-less Fender Jazz Bass!!! How excited I am to write about this show. Main reason is... I booked it. The first of many shows by RRNLSG. Also, the fact that it is a celebration of me turning one year older.

The line up is great. It's The Tighten Ups, Fing, Desert Diamonds and Hotel St. George. 4 great San Diego bands. All SDMA nominees. Which we all know is the day prior to the Zombie Fest.

The first one started as a pub crawl. Most of the bands that are playing have been to the other two. They all started at Ritual Tavern and ending with awesome bands at Bar Pink. This year i thought of making it much more special than dinner and walk to bar pink. However have the party at one venue with 4 awesome bands! Thank You Ruby Room! Sept 11 at Ruby Room door open early. Bands start at 9:30 rumor has it that I might be singing with one of the bands on stage. OH NO! I haven't sung in a band in over 6 years. Lets hope my voice is up to par for this one.

Since the Zombie Theme is reoccurring; I decided to put a twist on it this year. Cowboy Western Zombie. The dance floor will be covered in blood. While all dancing zombies will be in gear. The Ruby Room will have a 2 dollar drink special all night! Come on down the Show is free! Join me and some awesome bands to celebrate an awesome birthday! (dressing up is optional but you wont be as fun as if you did dress up for this! )

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Its a Variety Show!

Why is it that Tim Pyles always books the best variety shows in San Diego? It seems that when Pyles does the 9.49fm shows at Casbah it's the best variety show of the night. It is the last Sunday of the month. Free show sponsored by 9.49fm and FREE food from Lucha Libre. What more can you ask for? Oh, I know, great music!

Last show of August was one of the best ones I have encountered. Mutanspaceboy, John Meeks and The Gift/Cursed. There was an opening act. A bunch of kids. Really it was two kids around the age of 15-17. I can not recall the band's name.

After my hellos all around the venue. John Meeks and his amazing band went on stage and started the sweet sounds of guitar and melody. John Meeks is in a class that has been growing as the years go by. Americana. Yes, Americana; I didn't say country. Country to me has taken a very derogatory meaning. When I think Country, I think of Kenny Rogers, Garth Brooks, and Reba McEntire. When I think of Americana names such as Johnny Cash, Gram Parson, Hank Williams come into mind. The great story tellers of America. John Meeks falls under that category. They played a great set. With a couple of fumbles in between, like crackling of the voice, and forgetting of a few verses. No big deal. They are semi professionals and still made it sound great. As I talked to Meeks after the show. I made a suggestion. I believe they should have a stand up bass player to complete their sound and look. No offense to Brad Lefkowits. He is amazing on his own. I just dont think they mesh well.

The next band up was MutanSpaceBoy. Its a genre of their own. Gabriel Sundy is a baritone sax player. A good one as well. When meeting Gabriel the first time at Ruby Room, he handed me a cd to check out and review. Well, to be honest. I never reviewed it. It wasn't reviewable in my opinion. Seeing this band live has changed my perspective on how I listen to MutanSpaceboy. They were a rockin electronic jazz band. Gabriel Sundy does an amazing job with the interchanging of of sax and guitar.

Finally the Gift/Cursed took on the stage. Go Noel Jordan. I've known this man since I was a photographer and merch girl ten years ago. Yes, his vocals are the same. He is still rocking as hard as i remember. But now he is going for the gold!

This was a solid show as far as I am concerned. Some kinks of course could have been fixed but no one is perfect and thats the way rockn roll should be imperfection.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Twitter me this...

Yes the age of technology has taken over. As one who boycotts technology as much as I can; I gave in. I started twittering. Don't worry I wont update every 3 minutes. Since I dont have that much time to be on the phone and on the computer. However, as much as I possibly can I will try to let you know where the happening show is located.

To follow me on Twitter just click here ....

thats all.... back to your regular schedule program!

Tonight is the Yesterday Magazine Launch Party! Featuring:
Get Back Loretta / Crash Encore / The Silent Comedy / Burning of Rome / Austin James Band / Long Live Logos- 6 Bands! Starts at 9pm sharp! @ Ruby Room

Come on down for some awesome music, drink specials and of course me !!!

If not my second choice would be Manuok @ Tin Can Ale House.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lets Tighten It Up!

With tribute bands always forming, its hard to say which one is good and which one isn't. When it comes to soul and funk you can always count on The Tighten Ups to deliver the goods! Lead Singer Laura Jane has pipes like no other front woman in San Diego. Lets not get this mixed up with cover band Lady Dottie and the Diamonds. Those Kats have a genre of their own.

The Tighten Ups is a band of transforming your classic soul songs into something of their own. With a few originals, this band can tear up the club. Playing gigs from North County to the South Bay. East County all the way back to Casbah. There is no stopping them. This year they were nominated for Best Cover or Tribute Band for the 2009 San Diego Music Awards. The SDMA will be held at the Viejas Concerts in the Park Sept 10th.

The Tighten Ups formed in the fall of '07 as Tell Mama, playing their first gig was The Tower Bar. Amazing place for the band to start off. From there they changed their name to The Tighten Ups and has been climbing the music ladder and enjoying every step of the way! The line up started up with Laura Jane on pips, Jerry on Bass, Topher on Sax, Bob on trumpet. With guest drummers always popping in and out such as Morgan Young, Jake Najor, Andy Robillard, and T-bone. The Tighten Ups have finally found a drummer that fits their niche RS. As well as constantly looking for drummers, a guitarist was in hand. Gabe was a perfect mesh for this band. As for the final touch to this great band, a trombone player. This band was set to conquer the scene one funk and soul show at a time.

Songs covered range from Elvis Presley, Otis Redding, Etta James and many many artist from the past! I hope you didnt forget to vote The Tighten Ups SDMA!!

Check out The Tighten Ups on Sept 11 @ Ruby Room show starts at 9pm!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Shows you should NOT miss Aug 15-Aug 31

Mid -August is here. Does this mean the summer is almost over? Maybe. However, the great shows wont stop. The on going music festivals were amazing. NPMT, CHMT, City Fest, and of course more to come! Don't forget that Street Scene and Adams Ave. Street Fair is right around the corner. From now on the nights will only get hot and sticky. So I recommend grabbing a great beer with great friends,because this can only get better; right? Right! To prove it here is a list of great shows to check out the next following weeks.

Aug 15
  • Little White Teeth / Greg Gibson CD release / Roll Film @ Ruby Room
  • Faraway Boys, The Red Devil Squadron, French Kiss Koma @ The Radio Room
  • Japanese Motors, Apes of Wrath, Gestapo Khazi @ Soda Bar
  • High on Fire, Earthless, Early Man@ Casbah

Aug 16th
  • Pissed Jeans, Rats Eyes, Bumbklaat@ Casbah
  • Desert Heir, Random Orbits(WA @ The Radio Room
  • DUBSTEP w/ Cloak and Dagger, Jason, and more @ Ruby Room

Aug 17
  • The Tighten Ups @ Ruby Room
  • The Styletones @ Bar Pink
  • Prima Donna, The Boats!(Sacramento), The Pranks, The Glossiness @ The Radio Room
  • Mkng Frndz, Partyline, Shebeast@ Soda Bar

Aug 18
  • Christmas Island, Fergus & Geronimo, Teenage Cool Kids @ Soda Bar
  • The Secret Seven, The Lonely H, Charles Musket @ Casbah

Aug 19th
  • Matt Vasquez of Delta Spirit, The Romany Rye and guests @ Casbah
  • Secret Show! Headliner Announced Night Of Event @ Ruby Room

Aug 20
  • Sic Waiting, Save Amos, Black Sails Western Shores(Bakersfield @ The Radio Room
  • As Tall As Lions, Lanterns and The Color Of Glass@ Casbah

Aug 21
  • Powerchords (7" release), Atoms, Casey and Brian@ Soda Bar
  • Yesterday Magazine Launch Party! Featuring:
  • Get Back Loretta / Crash Encore / The Silent Comedy / Burning of Rome / Austin James Band / Long Live Logos- 6 Bands! Starts at 9pm sharp! @ Ruby Room (<- ill be there)
  • Days Of Anomie, Synesthetic, Someday Assassin, Leisuresuit @ The Radio Room

Aug 22
  • Zeros, The Dabbers, The Old In Out (ill be selling Zero’s Merch Come say hello)
  • Tijuana Panthers @ Soda Bar
  • Ramona Falls w/ Silver Darling@ Bar Pink
  • Mexico City Rollers, The Old In Out, Apes of Wrath @ Tower Bar

Aug 23 Only ***One Show Matters This Night**
  • Goin' Fishin' - a fundraiser for Mark Johnson - Steve Poltz and the Cynics, MEX, Midnight Rivals, a.m.vibe, Black Hondo + Bartenders Bible in the Atari Lounge + DJ Gary Shuffler, El Torito y mas!!!

Aug 24
  • Echo Revolution, The New Up, Jalopy Gods @ Radio Room
  • Anti Monday League Presents Built to Spill, The Prids and guests @ Casbah SOLD OUT!!!

Aug 25
  • Six Organs of Admittance, Master Musicians of Bukake@ Casbah

Aug 26
  • aces & eights(boise), danger stranger(anaheim), bust(chicago), nuclear tomorrow@ Radio Room
  • The Dirtbombs, The Sermon, The Death Eaters@ Casbah

Aug 27
  • Mannequin Men w/ Davila 666, and Slab City @ Bar Pink
  • The Warlocks, The Morning After Girls, Gliss @ Casbah

Aug 28
  • Cash'd Out, Bill Cardinal @ Casbah
  • Normandie @ Bar Pink

Aug 29
  • Offical Street Scene After Party - No Age, Crocodiles, Wavves, PENS, Grafitti Island @ Casbah
  • Sunday Times, Big Whup @ Soda Bar
  • F.U.Z.Z. CD Release Party + guests TBA @ Ruby Room

Aug 30th
  • The Box Elders w/ The Anasazis@ Bar Pink
  • Ronnie No Good, Unruly Bangs, Good Morning Valentine @ Soda Bar
  • The Local 94/9 Presents A FREE SHOW - LIVE broadcast of The Local 94/9, Free food from Lucha Libre Taco Shop - The Gift/Curse, Mutantspaceboy, John Meeks @ Casbah

Aug 31
  • Anti Monday League Presents Gary Wilson, James Pants, Ikah Love @ Casbah

check your local listing for change of schedule.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Music Things?

Last year it NPMT was called NxNP. Due to the similarities to SxSW the name had to be changed. What is NPMT you ask. It is a full weekend event that started at the Casbah and ended at The Casbah. It is 3 days of music, 2 days of conference where you get to learn about the music business through panel discussions , and a morning trade show. The money made during the NPMT benefits the San Diego Music Foundation.

I only did two and a half days. Started off with the kick off show at Casbah last night with Thin Man and Midnight Rivals. Which was an absolutely fabulous show thanks to Thin Man and the San Diego Super band that is Midnight Rivals. Followed by a late show of Static Static, Gram Rabbit, and Quintron and Miss Pussycat.

Waking up early in the morning on Saturday to make it towards Lafayette Hotel. The "trade show" (it was really more like 5 booths) was very informal. Taylor guitars, City beat,, Ego ID Media, and a few more. The first panel I went to was "Publicity and Promotion: Creating The Buzz " with panelist: Seth Combs, Amanda Kagen, Albert Ching and Wendy Bryford-Jones. This q & a's were good, if you were in a band that didn't know how to self promote. Combs kept cracking jokes here and there to keep us from killing ourselves with boredom. Like I said, the panels are for bands and people who are interested in getting into the music business who do not know what their doing. Maybe some promoters around town should have gone to this. I did see a good amount of people from bands members, promoters, writers and so on and so forth.

Following the last panel I walked into "The Big Gig: Playing Live." The panelist included Tim Mays, Andrew McKeag and Rob Hagey. I went in thinking I was going to learn something about booking shows. I've worked as a promoter so I knew a good amount for booking shows. However, if people would go to websites and check out FAQ; I am pretty sure the questions asked would have been more thought out thoroughly.

After going to about 2 more panels, I realized i didnt have to be there. The panelist were either bullshiting their answers for lack of preparation or not giving a logical response that might help the people asking the questions. I left after the "Indie Label Music" panel.

If you think the panels where a headache. Do not forget about the 200 acts in 20 stages. That alone was something to be stressed about. Best suggestion is to either find one bar and camp out there the whole night or run around like a chicken with your heads cut off trying to make it to see every band on your agenda. I did something better. I avoided the night. Instead Tower Bar was having their own music thing with Beaters (a NPMT artist) and Thin Man. You know where I was that night. Main reason the 2oo acts around NP didnt tickle my fancy was the fact that the majority of those bands where playing with in days of NPMT for either free of 5 bucks. I saw about 10 of those artist with in that week. Trust me I don't want to see 200 acts in less than 6 hours.

I learned my lesson last year when walking all over NP drinking and smoking and show after show after show. A headache to be avoided.

Sunday again back to the panels. This time I skipped it. Went to the Musicfest out doors. Checked out some bands. Then realized again. In three months im going to see EL Vez. Night Marchers are playing the Casbah soon. I understand this was an all ages event, however the majority of the people there were obviously over 21. Most people wondered into Livewire for drinks and shade. While there I was able to talk to the guys from Mr Tube and the Flying Objects, Scott Mercado, Steve Rodriguez from The Dragons and many more. It seemed as though Livewire was the Green Room for all the bands to relax after a long day in the sun.

A few beers deep and away I went. If this night was going to continue; a quick nap was in the works. Following the nap. I went towards downtown for their Cityfest. Saw a few bands then quickly went to Casbah for the end to a semi perfect weekend. Lights On, Apes of Wrath and The Growlers. All great bands, expect to see a few posting of these bands.

After the Growlers played it was the end of a very long weekend.

So a quick RECAP - NPMT - great idea; money goes into a great cause, however the panels need to be more thought out. The questions should be filtered or only go if you really do not know about the music industry.
NPMT Showcase - That should be spread out between the entire week prior to the big outdoor music festival.

City Heights Music Thing - FOR THE WIN! it was fun!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Amateur Hours at the Clubs!

Dear Venues.

Sunday was a disgrace on poor venue booking and managing. Are we fifteen all over again? Did you forget to check the other venues, to see who else was playing? It is not smart to book bands with a similar following. The same group of twenty has to be split between three venues. I feel as though you might need to refer to your Booking Shows 101 manual before continuing the summer festivals. Thank You for reading this

Bullet McKenzie

Seriously speaking what a poor cluster fuck of shows at the Ruby Room, Radio Room, and Soda Bar. Ruby Room and Soda Bar double booked the same bands. Who's fault was it? The Bands! (at Ruby and Soda Bar) It was amateur hour all over again. At Soda Bar the lineup was BRAAIINS!!, Nightmares, Pipsqueak, ULTRATWIST. Now the lineup at Ruby Room was Volts, ULTRATWIST, Pipsqueak. Whats wrong with this lineup? On both sides?

Turns out Soda Bar knew about this mix up, and had told the bands to play Ruby Room. When i should up at Ruby Room, half of the bands where there and the other half were at Soda Bar. Braaiins wanted Ultratwist and pipsqueak to play with them. Bad Braaiins.... This over compensation of what could of been a good band years ago is dictating where out of town touring acts should play once venues have booked them else where?

Dear Soda Bar get your shit together. So Far you have been doing well with shows. However one fuck up is not a good thing. Especially because you dont know who is walking into your venue to check out what all this confusing is all about. Ruby Room, decide to just say "Fuck it." they have such great shows coming up anyways. One Sunday with out music is not a bad thing.

Dear Radio Room,
Your Reputation as a venue is slowly dwindling in a downward spiral. I had to leave because it hurt so much to see the lack of people. Over hearing people mention "Sausage Fest." As much as I wanted to support the bands, so I stayed for over 2 hours. Did you really have to start a Sunday show at 10pm? ON A SUNDAY? What kind of RETARD starts a how at 10pm? Having the last band play at MIDNIGHT!? ON A SUNDAY?

Please do something to enlighten my senses when I am at your venue. From the hearsay around town with bands. They are not wanting to play there any more. OH NO! what will you do with the lack of people, and lack of bands? Will Radio Room be another venue gone under? I might have to even remove you from my blogging... However you still have some good shows coming up. Please do me a favor and refer to your Booking Shows 101 Manual again before booking another Sunday show like this past one.

Thanks For Reading
Bullet McKenzie

Friday, July 31, 2009

Upcoming shows Not To MISS! Aug 1st -Aug15th!!

The heat is unbelievable. One minute its hot, then the next its cold. Over cast in the morning. Strange isn't it? The shows however, have been incredible. One after another after another. The month of July packed a good amount of concerts all around the strip. Making a decision of where to go kind of hard. August might be able to top July very easily. Ladies and Gentlemen, Upcoming shows you shouldnt Miss!
Aug 1
  • Long and Short of It, Tori Cobras, Fing, and Fae Pilot @ Beauty Bar
  • FM94/9 presents Greg Laswell, Elizabeth and the Catapult, Derren Raser @ Casbah
  • The Hipsters Revisited feat. The Loons @ Bar Pink
  • Eastern Sunz @ Soda Bar

Aug 2
  • Company of Thieves, Endless Hallway, Black Hondo, and guests @ Casbah
  • Park The Van Showcase feat. Golden Boots, Floating Action, and the Generationals @ Bar Pink
  • VOLTS / The Ultra-Twist (Italian garage rock!) / Pipsqueak@ Ruby Room
  • BRAAIINS!!, Nightmares, Pipsqueak, ULTRATWIST@ Soda Bar

Aug 3

  • Lady Dottie & The Diamonds@ U31
  • The Styletones @ Bar PInk
  • The Bombpops, The Atom Age(Asian Man Records), For the Win@ Radio Room
  • Anti Monday League Presents Lymbyc System, Black Mamba, Roll Film@ Casbah
  • Blueskies for Black Hearts, Silverleaf, The Constellation Branch @ Soda Bar

Aug 4
  • The Bandulus(TX), River City All Stars(TX),The Amalgamated, 2000 Tons of TNT @ The Radio Room
  • Mother/Father @ Beauty Bar

Aug 5

  • pb dumpsters & knives@ Radio Room
  • Bowerbirds, Megafaun, Joel P West @ Casbah
  • Live Motown, Classic Soul/RnB all night w/ SOUL CAMP @ Ruby Room
  • Agent Ribbons, Sister Crayon, Bitter Sober @ Soda Bar
  • The Heavy Glow w/ The Secret Seven & Skyline Union@ U31

Aug 6
  • River City, Zagadka(NM) @ The Radio Room
  • Maren Parusel, The Paddleboat, Gray Ghosts @ casbah
  • The Anna Troy Band@ Bar Pink

Aug 7

  • Save Amos, The Mainland(Sacramento) @ The Radio Room
  • The North Park Music Thing kickoff party - Midnight Rivals(Charlie Ware and Mike Santos(lucy's Furcoat; Pete Reichert (RFTC); Morgan Smith (The Front), Mark Maigaard (Louis XIV)) Thin Man (Early Show) @ Casbah
  • Quintron and Ms Pussycat, Gram Rabbit, Static Static (Late Show)@ Casbah
  • The Lovemakers w/ The Fresh@Bar Pink
  • Beaters 7" release party@ Soda Bar

Aug 8

  • Scarlett Symphony / North Park Music Thing! @ Ruby Room
  • NPMT feat. Division Day, El Ten Eleven, Get Back Loretta, Lights On @ Bar Pink
  • Buckfast Superbee, Stripes and Lines, This is Not My Life, Dead Country@ Casbah

Aug 9th
  • The Rumble San Diego - The Growlers, Apes of Wrath, Lights On @ Casbah
  • This is Manic / LIONS (Austin) / Nautical Disaster / Double Standard @ Ruby Room

Aug 10

  • Says Rally, Red Automatic @ Soda Bar
  • Anti Monday League Presents American Steel, The New Trust, Drug Wars @ Casbah

Aug 11th

  • Solillaquists of Sound, Brendan B & The Breaks, illuminauts @ Cabash
  • Team Abraham, Rademacher @ Soda Bar

Aug 12

  • Marasol, XRay Press, Witt, Hurts to Laugh@ Soda Bar
  • CD Release - Northern Towns, Brandy Alexander Band, Sunday Times @ Casbah
  • the amalgamated-light & 2000 tons of tnt w/dj barnesey @ Radio Room

Aug 13

  • The Grass Heat w/ Desert Diamonds, & The Citizen Band @ U31
  • CD Release - Hotel St George + Writer, Swim Party, Intricate Machines in the Atari Lounge @ Casbah
  • Duel of the Century, Phantom Ratio, Lazy Cobra @ The Radio Room

Aug 14

  • The Beautiful View, The Drabs, Human Record @ The Radio Room
  • The Muffs, Lovemakers, and guests @ Casbah
  • Geezer plus special guests @ Ruby Room
  • River City @ Soda Bar

Aug 15

  • Japanese Motors, Apes of Wrath, Gestapo Khazi @ Soda Bar
  • Little White Teeth / Greg Gibson CD release / TBA @ Ruby Room
  • High on Fire, Earthless, Early Man@ Casbah
  • Faraway Boys, The Red Devil Squadron, French Kiss Koma @ The Radio Room