Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Its a Variety Show!

Why is it that Tim Pyles always books the best variety shows in San Diego? It seems that when Pyles does the 9.49fm shows at Casbah it's the best variety show of the night. It is the last Sunday of the month. Free show sponsored by 9.49fm and FREE food from Lucha Libre. What more can you ask for? Oh, I know, great music!

Last show of August was one of the best ones I have encountered. Mutanspaceboy, John Meeks and The Gift/Cursed. There was an opening act. A bunch of kids. Really it was two kids around the age of 15-17. I can not recall the band's name.

After my hellos all around the venue. John Meeks and his amazing band went on stage and started the sweet sounds of guitar and melody. John Meeks is in a class that has been growing as the years go by. Americana. Yes, Americana; I didn't say country. Country to me has taken a very derogatory meaning. When I think Country, I think of Kenny Rogers, Garth Brooks, and Reba McEntire. When I think of Americana names such as Johnny Cash, Gram Parson, Hank Williams come into mind. The great story tellers of America. John Meeks falls under that category. They played a great set. With a couple of fumbles in between, like crackling of the voice, and forgetting of a few verses. No big deal. They are semi professionals and still made it sound great. As I talked to Meeks after the show. I made a suggestion. I believe they should have a stand up bass player to complete their sound and look. No offense to Brad Lefkowits. He is amazing on his own. I just dont think they mesh well.

The next band up was MutanSpaceBoy. Its a genre of their own. Gabriel Sundy is a baritone sax player. A good one as well. When meeting Gabriel the first time at Ruby Room, he handed me a cd to check out and review. Well, to be honest. I never reviewed it. It wasn't reviewable in my opinion. Seeing this band live has changed my perspective on how I listen to MutanSpaceboy. They were a rockin electronic jazz band. Gabriel Sundy does an amazing job with the interchanging of of sax and guitar.

Finally the Gift/Cursed took on the stage. Go Noel Jordan. I've known this man since I was a photographer and merch girl ten years ago. Yes, his vocals are the same. He is still rocking as hard as i remember. But now he is going for the gold!

This was a solid show as far as I am concerned. Some kinks of course could have been fixed but no one is perfect and thats the way rockn roll should be imperfection.

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