Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Back - (A Quick Release before I Start Again)

Hello to all those I have abandoned.  I am so sorry.  You aren't forgotten.  Priorities got mixed up in the whole rockn' roll scene here in (weather has been fucked) San Diego.  I have been doing way to much.  I know at the end of the night when my buddies give me a hug and whisper sweet nothings about how much I do for this music scene I smile. Then  I go home and wonder to myself  how  many people realize that there is so much work behind the scenes.  The stress, the hours of emails, the constant running around, poster making, socially interacting with people you might or might not see again, not to mention a good amount of bands that you must work with and sometimes, just sometimes, said bands don't appreciate what you did just to make that show happen.  Nights like those are when I actually go home and cry in my pillow.

How many people can actually say that rockn roll saved their lives many times?  I realized when I was a young child that music would be my life. Playing bass, booking shows, making posters, taking pictures and just supporting the local musicians.  I tried so many different career choices that included : grip on a few films, make up artist in Hollywood, coffee shop girl, photographer, bartender, cook, chef, personal chef and not to mention I am still working at a restaurant. Some how I go back to music.

 I'm only 27 years old.  Yes, that is right a youngin'.  Many people think that with the amount of connections and knowledge on music, I have to be at least in my early thirties.  (Hopefully it isn't the way I look.)  I have gotten this far with music due to my passion.  I eat, sleep, and dream of music. I BLEED music.   Now I am living my dream, I work for a pretty cool bar, a restaurant (which I will be booking a few nights a month.) I am also managing two bands who will be touring pretty soon.  Please be excited and I got my blog back into order.  Expect new designs, a few fun little gadgets and so many upcoming post.

If you have a new EP, LP or any kind of music that you would like to be reviewed shoot me an email at BULLETMCK (at) GMAIL (dot) COM.   I will make sure to review that shit!

I will also be doing my weekly picks of upcoming shows.  So get ready for an upcoming half year of craziness and wild shows!  A lot of writing that's for sure.

ALSO thanks for reading and the support.