Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An Early Good Bye to The Bearded Man!

Many people know who I mean when ever I mentioned The Bearded Man.  Many others just believe its some facial haired nobody.  Andy Robillard is more than just a nobody.  He became one of my best friends over the months and years.  A constant good companion in the music scene.

Being a solid veteran in the SD music scene as a bartender, promoter, Citybeat staffer, and all around awesome drummer.  He played in over a dozen bands in the fifteen years he has been in San Diego.  Bands such as Gogogo Airheart. Cashed Out, The Tighten Ups, Lady Dottie and the Diamonds, Free*Stars, Rafter, The And/Ors and the list goes on and on and on...He is the singer of songs.

Leaving back home to The Keys in FL; Where he grew up.  Andy mentioned that he was leaving to help his aging family out.  San Diego just didnt plan out the way he wanted 15 years ago.  Now its time to move on out and try something new.  He had recently had a going away party at Soda Bar.  The bands were The Paragraphers, The Old In Out, Rafter and Free*Stars.  David Stampone had traveled from New York for this special event.   On Monday he had one last set with The Tighten Ups.  One last San Diego show for Free*Stars is on Wed. Nov 18 with Lion Cut at the Tin Ale House.  His last bartending shift will be on Thursday Nov. 19th.  Then leaving on friday morning. 

This brings a small tear in my eye knowing that such a great man is leaving this amazing music scene.  Forever in my heart I will miss Andy Robillard.  Well in till I visit him in February.  Make sure you catch him at any of the above locations. 

Cheers Bearded Man and have safe Travels!

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ChadCavanaughMusic said...

Andy is lucky to have a friend like you who appreciates his multi facetedness. This man leaves San Diego with an impressive musical resume and from what it sounds like, not knowing him at all, he sounds like a selfless person ready to drop it all to help out family. One word describes that kind of person. SOLID!