Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HALLOWEEN! Something Worth Watching.

Its a few days prior to Halloween.  Many people are freaking out trying to get their outfits ready.  I myself have not gotten an outfit since i will be working all weekend.  Sometimes being a workaholic has its drawbacks.  This holiday being one of them.   IF I wasnt working then I would recommend you go to these following shows.  By The Way just cause im not going to be there doesnt mean that I dont want you guys to attend! 

Friday Oct 30th (Hallos Eve)
Le Loup, Cuckoo Chaos, Lyon Crowns @ Casbah
Girl In A Coma w/ Normandie @ Bar Pink
Monsters from Mars, Behind The Wagon, Beta Lion

Saturday Oct 31 (Halloween)
The Night Marchers, The Creepy Creeps, Black Whales, Spider Fever in the Atari Lounge @ Casbah
Lion Cut, The Yiffs, Microphone Mike, Bunky @ Soda Bar
Halloween Freakshow! Burlesque, Costume Contest! @ Ruby Room

Nov 1st (Day of the Dead)
RRNLSG Show : Bill Cardinal & The Canyon Band, Gayle Skidmore, Vanja James 

I Will see you all This weekend!

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La Paloma said...

yes, you will see us on Sunday!!