Monday, November 9, 2009

Wired up for a Pony Ride!

Its another Saturday night.  Of course another SOLD OUT show. Finally north county SD represents at Casbah.    I'm only here to check out the opening band.  Which of course I decided that night, "yes, i will do a show review for this."  I do not know that many people who can say they have heard of Wirepony.  I have heard about this band, due to being a Truckee Brothers fan for a while. 

As the time passes you can see the anticipation of the crowd growing. It is a very special night tonight. Not only is North County representing.  However, Arron Dennis is also playing side by side with Patrick.  If you dont know who Aaron is; He would be the eldest of Patrick’s son.  Also the guitarist for Tan Sister Radio.  Keeping the music in the bloodline. The Rockn Roll in the family! 

This is not your normal casbah crowd mainly downtown and north county people.  Tonight was the first night that there was no gap between the stage and the audience.  Normally people stand 50 feet away afriad of the band and the energy that they are exuding out on to people.   As the first song starts,  and the band goes onto “Morphine After.” You can differentiate the style of the Truckee Brothers music and Wirepony.  Although Patrick is in both bands.  They are set apart by the actual band and different styles of rockn roll.  Both worth listening to. 

During the set on stage you can see Patrick staring at Aaron.  Almost in a surreal sense.  "Wow, my kid is next to me."  Im pretty sure nothing but a proud father staring at his eldest as they simultaneous rocks the Casbah stage side by side.  The set list followed with "Atlantic man," then "When are you coming Home."  Which honestly is one of my favorite songs by Wirepony.  As the played their ten song set.  They had the crowd going.  At one point they got the crowd to join in and sing the chorus with them. 

When the set was over, I saw a few people leave.  I was one of those. Wirepony is a sight to see.  This band is completely tight and keeps the audience on their toes.  Kudos for having this band at Casbah. Also AMAZING job and Kudos goes to Aaron Dennis.  This kid has music running through the vines.  I'm excited to see Tan Sister Radio play soon. 

Just found out as well that they will be playing another Casbah show with The Blackout Party, Brawley, Bill Cardinal and The Canyon Band on Nov 27th.  Get your tickets now its gonna sell out!  

Recap of the night: Wirepony awesome, father and son rocking next to each other Epic!

pictures courtesy of Andy King

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