Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Israel's TV Buddhas Brings the Rock to Pink

So we got the news they are from Israel. Well at least their EPK said so.  Their publicist says they are from Berlin.  When I was trying to get a supporting act for them, the manager for a local band asked me how I had affiliation with a band from Israel (will no longer contact that ass).    They are originally from Israel, but have found a residency in Berlin while recording their new EP We are Busy Bodies.

This trio team consist of a brother and sister, a husband and wife, and a complete road family.  Their first American tour started in the beginning of September. For six weeks, these band of rockn rolls will become Americanized with an extensive every day, city to city, cross country experience that they haven't encountered before.

On September 15th I received an email from their label.  "For Immediate Release,"  the band made a vlog (video log) based on their tour so far.  A band that has no friends, no family and no time for themselves, in a country where the face of music has drastically changed.  These DIY rockers face what a true American tour has become.

Through the hard aches of the music industry in the USA (big time fancy promoters, Hipster publication, and music consumer hype. Which I always say DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE).  The log shows that, their tour has been a bust.  Promoters are putting them as a headliner in clubs and cities they have never came across before.  The clubs are clearly empty, they are making under 50 bucks a day and living off that.  A frustrated amazing band that deserves the right crowd and maybe the right club to turn their depressed, frustrated, almost frantic tour into something to write home about.

With local act The Displaced headlining the 26th of September at Bar Pink, the show might change the way the rest of their tour goes.  San Diego is their first city in California, making their west coast tour maybe something they are looking for during their six weeks of hard work and road wary.  I guess what I am saying is we west coast rockn rollers could probably turn their frowns upside down.

Ever since I heard TV Buddhas via Dang at Bar Pink and their label, I knew it was a must see show.  Their music was so enlightening.  Like if Modern Lovers married the Ramones and found garage rock near Motor City.  Is that even a possible way of explaining what a band sounds like?  I think so. Their album We Are Busy Bodies  makes you want to shimmy and shake while wearing your sunglasses in the night club and drinking your PBRs.  In my case I will stick to my whiskey and beer while I dance my face off in the front and hoping that you will be next to me as well doing the same.

September 26th with The Displaced at Bar Pink.  Be there or... well, you know the rest.  Like I mentioned in my tweeter update if you aren't there it must mean you do not like talented musicians and great rockn roll. (Or you aren't in the city.  But they are on tour so catch them in your city!)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Upcoming shows! The weekly Picks are back up!

Hello end of summer.  Oh, wait, it never came.  That's alright, based on the nights and the shows this could have been one of the best summers San Diego has seen in a while.  This year for my birthday, I celebrated with my dear friends and The Night Marchers.  How awesome is that? 

Now, it's been a while, however back to my weekly picks starting with tonight!

Sept 21:
Nena Anderson and Friends @ Riviera Supper Club
Signal Path, Blockhead and Nocando w/Open Mic Eagle @ Casbah
Saccarine Trust, Neo, Tribraco, Pea @ Soda Bar

Sept 22
The Jim Jones Revue, The Bellrays, Coasting @ Casbah
Wise Monkey @ Bar Pink
Paul Collins Beat, Baja Bugs, Jungle Fever @ Soda Bar
Lindbergh Skies, Dying To Wake, Paper Rock Tiger, Dead Animal Mod @ Beauty Bar

Sept 23
Riverboat Gamblers, Victor Ship, One F @ Bar Pink
The Riot Before, Breaker Breaker One Niner, The Getdown @ Ruby Room

Sept 24
Centerlight Pop w/ Hotel St. George @ Eleven
Dungen , No Joy @ Casbah
FOOL'S GOLD, Hosannas, Mattson 2 @ Soda Bar

Sept 25
Adams Ave Street Fair Day 1
MR ROCK DUDE nite! w/ EARTHLESS, The Loons, Joy, Operation Mindblow
Immovable Objects w/ Mundy Knights @ Eleven
Helmet , Bison BC, The Makeup Sex @ Casbah

Sept 26
Adams Ave Street Fair Day 2
The Displaced w/ TV Buddhas @ Bar Pink 
The Amalgamated, Unsteady, Ottley Mercer, Fire Corner @ Casbah

See ya guys at the shows!

Where have all the Postings gone..

Dear readers,

I would like to thank you all for your continued support over the blank pages of this blog.  No, I have not decided to abandon my blog.  The past few months have been a bit hectic on my end, but in a great way.   After the many many years of helping out in the music scene and paying my dues for the past 10 or so odd years.  My dues decided to pay me back.  I have in the past month taken over the responsibility of booking shows in San Diego, going on the road with a a couple of legendary bands, and just being the eyes and ears of all Rockn' Rollers in the world.

In the past two months I have seen more of California with two amazing bands The Dragons and The Zeros, then I have alone.  The road treated us well.  The first weekend it was Thee Parkside and Benders with The Dragons.  Merching is always a great time.  Those guys know how to treat a lady.  At least one who (and this is still up in the air) can maybe, possibly out drink the band. Again it hasn't been put to the complete test, but who knows.

The weekend after that The Zeros!  Hector Penalosa came to my house at 9am, and it felt like a kidnapping situation.  A green creeper soccer mom van with two out of the four Zeros.  Back up to San Francisco again for a show at the Elbo Room and Sacramento for the show at The Blue Lamp.  A place that I always found interesting is the city of Sacramento.  Tweeker galore. Kind of creepy, but still had a blast.

The final weekend of the mini weekend tours was the Vegas Shakedown.  There is no place like Vegas.  Crazy fun times with some amazing bands.  Both The Dragons and The Zeros took me along (in the same creeper van) with Captain M as the driver.  This man kept us all in order when it came down to taking care of some business all three weekends.  When we got to Vegas, it was towards the 4 Queens.  In our rooms, we rest up and shower from the hotter than hell ride towards the desert. Two nights two venues.  The Las Vegas Country Saloon and The Beauty Bar.

Now back home and your truly had a few shows I was already booking for Bar Pink.  Now I have my own proper venue.  Eleven ( This is the old Radio Room/Zombie Lounge.  The nice people at Hamilton's have taken over the management of the amazing now renovated location.  If you do not get Eleven then watch Spinal Tap.   The bar is open daily from 3pm-2am Monday-Friday.  12pm-2am Saturday - Sunday.

Again, just cause I book here does not mean I will only pick those nights as my pick of the nights.  Well, wont lie, if I booked them, that probably means you should really check it out!  More road stories, more highlights will continue to do the weekly picks.  All in due time. Until then thanks for the patience and support!