Friday, October 2, 2009

The Wheel in the Sky Keeps turning?

I have been getting emails about the lack of posting done on my blog. Sorry folks, I know it should be updated as much as possible. However, this workaholic girl has been stuck with working the restaurants and the clubs. Since the blog doesnt make me any money I have to have a full time job to support myself and the many shows I attend. I know i stopped posting the shows you should miss. Those will start all over again. Promise!

Since my birthday bash, I have lost my camera, making it hard for me to go to shows and snap pictures. So my dear photographers and loyal readers; if you would like to help me dearly please send photos to and you will be properly credited .....

Since this is the beginning of the month, this means there is a new start for this blog. Yes I am working with Ruby Kitchen/Ruby Room, however it will not put a bias opinion on the shows I will talk about.

thanks again for reading RRNLSG!
Bullet McKenzie

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