Friday, December 4, 2009

Music is like men....

I posted this as a status update after a very adventurous ride to Anaheim to see Ghostland Observatory.  As i was having some girl time, with Katiekins... we both started talking about the two things we love the most.  She spoke about men and I spoke about music.  Then we would swap; I would speak about men and she would speak about music. 

The conversation than lead into seeing bands and getting into a band.  Explaining to Katie, that sometimes before a show i listen to the band to get me kinda pumped up to see them live.  Kinda like Musical Foreplay.  Seeing them live is like the actual act of fornication.  I said "Music is like Men."

My explanation to Katie was "Music is like men... You really have to let them sink in before you can determine if you like them or not."  Of course a giggle was set in place after she heard "sink in." Not really what i meant.  The intimate time between music and a person is a serious relationship.  How do you know it will last?  I can "Love you today and Hate you tomorrow".  Right?  Of course.

Take Radiohead as an example, i used to listen to them so much. One day in college i woke up to Kid A playing on my cd alarm.  So disgusted by Thom Yorks whinny voice i shucked the cd out of my window.  Hitting the neighbor.  Radiohead; i love you today and hate you tomorrow.  Granted, when you wake up one more and realize your no longer loving the one you did at one point it kinda makes you sad, but happy that you dont need to agonize yourself with said music/person.

Again..  Music is like Men! 

i'm pretty sure a guy can come up with why music is like women.

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