Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'ts a Ball! a Masqueraqde Ball!

New years eve is slowly underway.  Got plans? Hopefuly you have read the latest city beat and sd reader to know about all the cool events happening around town.  There is Big Night San Diego with Lady Dottie and the Diamonds and Dj Edgartronic spinning on the ones and twos.  Ruby Room is having Four Minutes till Midnight hosted by the wonderful Lady Stardust.  Casbah is celebrating the new year with Sweet and Tender Hooligans a Morrisey cover band and Blasphomas Guitars. The Swami Invation is happening at Bar Pink with the Night Marchers.  However, the talked about event for the night is none of these.  It is Birch North Park Theater that is the talk of the night. 

Jon Block has put together some wonderful events in the past with Sight and Sound.  I believe that this time he out did himself.  The renovated theater that is now becoming a place to go for films and live music is throwing the biggest bash of the year.  The New Years Eve Masquerade Ball.  Bands performing are Delta Spirit, Get Back Lorretta, The Burning of Rome, and The Hot Moon.  Dj's include Dj ThreoryJean, Dj Dennis J, and DJ Kray-Z-K.  A dress to impress ball with good bands to welcome 2010.  This night is presented by West Coast Club life and Jon Block.  A celebration of all things music, art, and fashion.  It is encoraged for  people to come dressed in full masqurerade costumes.  They will be complimentary mask for the first 200 people to arrive.  The stages and floor will be covered with live music by talented artist.  There will be models, dancers, and a lot of visual art to stimulate the eyes, ears, and mind for this wonderful occasion.  So come one and Come all and celebrate the new years with West Coast Club Life and Jon Block!

For ticket prices and more information contact (858)-945-2830 or visit

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Weekend Picks.... What's worth watching and where!

The Christmas frenzy is over!  Exile on Kettner again was a fun time!  Casbah filled up quickly early in the night.  For those still waiting in line, maybe next year get there a bit earlier.  For those who got to see the awesomeness that was San Diego's who's who from the music scene and celebrated Christmas at the Casbah,  good for you! 

Its the weekend after X-Mas and its time for the weekend Picks.... There are some fun shows and some sad departing parties.  This is 2009 last WEEKEND PICKS of the year!  Enjoy and hope to see ya at the shows! 

Dec 26th

  • Neil's Going Away party with Team Abraham @ Ruby Room 
  • Tori Cobras, The Glossines, and Bertos @ Beauty Bar
  • Scarlet Symphony Da Bears and Fing @ Casbah

Dec 27th

  • Monkeys In Space and a DJ set by Pied Piper @ Ruby Room
  • Children Of Nova, Italian Japanese, WestFire and Trouble In The Wind @ Casbah

Dec 28th

  • The Old In Out, Rats Eyes and Northern Towns, A-B in the Atari Lounge @ Casbah
  • Styletones @ Bar Pink
  • Lady Dottie @ U-31
  • Screwed And Tattooed @ Ruby Room

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Breaking the Chains of Love.....

Holidays are great for parties.  One after another.  Some of the best partiies this year are shows with some amazing bands.  Everyone knows your basic holiday songs sang by some of the greatest artist of all time.  I prefer depressing holiday songs like the Holiday Sampler by Vanguard Records that had artist such as Greg Laswell, Dar Williams and Josh Ritter.  Those aren’t songs to cheer anyone up.  Songs for the Break-up would be the perfect holiday gift for someone like me.  However, seeing Fitz and the Trantrum was the real treat of the holiday season.

Playing the Adreniline party at the Casbah on a Friday night, Fitz and The Tantrums took on the stage with a ravenous energy.  Started the set with “Breaking the Chains of Love,”  Michael’s voice filled the Casbah stage.  Noelle’s voice then took off.  Her soulful voice took the audience in a trans.  They sang songs such as “Winds of Change,” “We Dont Need no Love Song,” and “Darkest Street.”  Also played a new song only for San Diego.

By mid-set, Fitz had the audence dancing and singing along.  The high engery that comes from watching a show such as Fitz and The Tantrums is indescribable.  With catchy soul songs, and amazing lyrics of heart break and aches.  This band is a very special treat for all  those San Diegians with soul in their shoes.

Fitz and the Tantrums released Song for the Breakups in late October as a free download EP through their website. (Which is only available through out the end of '09).  Just like all records of heartbreak the inspiration came from a wound heart left behind and a restless Michael Fitz.  "The girl who broke my heart called me and told me her neighbor had a organ for sell. I told her put the money in their hand and I will pick it up.  From there I started writing "Breaking the Chains of Love."   With a several phone calls made, Fitz and the Tantrums was formed. Preforming shows within weeks of creating the songs and putting the project together.  Fitz has played San Diego three times total.  Two of those being at the Casbah.  "I love playing in San Diego.  Every time we play here we get a great response.  Other places people are a bit stand offish.  However, San Diego people know how to get down."

Recap of the Night:  Great holiday party!  Fitz and The Tantrums is a must check out band.  You don't have to be broken hearted to enjoy their music.  2010 brings two great things for Fitz and The Tantrums.  A full length album and "Breaking the Chains of Love" music video be on the look out!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Picks of the Weekend! Where to go.. and Whats Worth Watching!

It's a week before X-mas and what did you ask Santa Baby for?  A new pair of wheels?  Maybe some new guitar strings to pluck around with.  A very nice man in nothing but a bow under your tree.  I asked my Santa dear to bring me a good amount of Rockn Roll and right now he is delivering it.   Its one holiday party after another.  I actually end up dressing up during the holidays.  It makes me feel festive! 

So this weekend we are going to dress up the strips with great shows one after another.  Here are your weekend picks!  

Friday Dec 18th
Gary Shuffler's Birthday Extravaganza - Queenly, Cats from Japan, D Pain @ Casbah
Bobby Fantasy / Eliza Rickman / Asa Ransom / Dj Cota-pop
The Debonaires, The Amalgamated, Fire Corner Sound System @ Radio Room
John Wayne Gacy Daycare   @ Soda Bar

Saturday Dec 19th
Midnight Radio @ The Ruby Room (ill be here.  Hedwig and the Angry Inch cover band)
Viva Christmas! El Vez, Los Straitjackets and the Lovely Elvettes @ Casbah
Apes of Wrath, ASA Ransom, Sunday Times, Roxy Jones  @ Soda Bar

Sunday Dec 20th
Casbah Christmas Party - Lady Dottie and the Diamonds, The Styletones @ Casbah
Nautical Disaster and Behind The Wagon Cd-Release Party with guests Ladyfingers @ Bar Pink

Monday Dec 21st
Anti Monday League Presents , Downs Family, C.L.A. - Steve Poltz, Dennis Borlek, Sam Chammas, Sharon Daddi - Behind the Wagon @ Casbah
Ransom Blues Band@ Ruby Room

Now Read set Lets get to Rock and Rolling..... Happy Holidays From RRNLSG!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays from RRNLSG!

Thanks to Gayle Skidmore for allowing me to post this video!  very very cool!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Lovers Call..

Any show in San Diego is great.  When you get three outstanding ROCKN ROLL bands together on one stage, it kind of makes you wonder, "Where the Hell are all the Rockers and the Rollers?" 
 One solid line-up Die Sabotage (sd) Genghis Con Job, and Danko Jones (Canada).

All month I have been excited for this show.  I've been Twittering and updating the Faceboook with similar status of "Danko FUCKEN Jones."    Danko Jones was suppose to play with Supersuckers and Zeke on Nov. 15th.  Zeke and Danko had canceled the date.  Zeke never rescheduled their appearance and if they did it's yet to be on the Casbah schedule.  Danko Jones, however scheduled back as the HEADLINER instead of the opener.  This was the shows of all shows.

Die Sabotage opened the show with some amazing guitar riffs.  Ever heard of Annihilation Time? They are a Punk and Roll band from Ventura, California.  No they have nothing to do with each other.  Die Sabotage just took me down memory lane with their style of music.  Annihilation Time was a band I would frequently see when I was in college.  Now I would frequently see the common style of Die Sabotage as much as i possibly can.  Their amazing bass and guitar sounds blasting out of the monitors was like bread and butter of punkn'roll; a genre not mainly touched by a lot of bands anymore.  It is a mix of punk rock energy with the simplistic rockn roll three cord riffs.  That steady drum beat and of course screamy, loud, and sexy vocals.   To make this set a lot better than I was expecting, Die Sabotage decided to cover The Hellacopters "Soul Seller."  (Please kids if you dont know who the Hellacopters are do a little research great Swedish band)

After Die Sabotage, Genghis Con Job took on the stage.  Their music isn't for the faint of heart.  Nor for those looking for a mere head bob on the side stage.  It's really for those about to rock!  The lead singer looks like, (and i wouldnt be surprised if it was) the big Scottish man from the Chase commercials.  This band has it all.  Widely selected music style of metal, punk, rock, and or sometimes roll.  Its almost like a cleaned up version of Nashville Pussy.

A small intermission from the bands before the highlight of the night begins.  There I am standing 2 feet away from Danko Jones.  We keep passing each other by in the small hall that separates the sound and the mens restroom.  I hear the drums (boom, boom, boom) .  At this time, i'm ready to take my place in front of what is going to be one of the best shows I have rocked out at.  The bass is being sound checked  and now the guitar.  Sound check song was "Lovers Call."  Making me all giggly inside knowing that I will witness the awesome power that is Canada Rockn Roll.  DANKO FUCKEN JONES!

Right they went into "Soul on Ice,"  from there it was all a great show.  The boys really know how to put a high energy rockn roll show.  Playing songs from all of their albums such as "First Date," "Samuel Sinner," "Never Again," Lovers Call," "Play the Blues," "Ice Cold Angel,"  "Sugar Chocolate,"  "New Woman," and a lot of stuff off their latest album.  It was a full hour set with some audience particpation like always.    Danko Jones is touring with their new release Never To Loud.  The title is appropriate for their sound.  DJ is never too loud for any venue and/or arena.  As their set came to an end, I was really sad to know they will not being back in San Diego for another 6 months to a year.  This means when they come around town next time you all have to get your asses off your couch and really catch their live sets!

Thank You Danko Jones and Casbah San Diego for a great show!

recap: All bands were fucken great!  Now research and check them out!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weekend Picks... What to watch... and where...

Another Weekend chock full of great shows.  Since the Holidays are pretty big for everyone and a busy time for bands,  the shows get much more spectacular than the Summer shows.
Here are the picks of the weekend starting with Tonight!

Dec 10
  • Northern Towns/ Prosthetic Arms @ Ruby Room
  • Casbah Show has been canceled 
  • Tropical Depression @ Bar Pink
  • Hypnotic Odyssey, Skyline Union, The Earful @ Beauty Bar
  • Joanie Mendenhall @ Riviera Supper Club
  • The Vaginals, The Reverend Mothers @ Tin Can Ale House

Dec 11
  • Westfire, The Skooners, Gray Ghosts@ Beauty Bar
  • Dead Feather Moon / Reverend Mothers / Perfect Blue @ Ruby Room
  • Agent Ribbons, Vaginals, Trashcan Fires @ Soda Bar
  • Hotel St, George, Maren Parsel @ TIn Can Ale House
  • Adrenaline Holiday Party with Fitz and the Tantrums, Orgone, DJ Biggs @ Casbah 

Dec 12
  • The Rumble - Tapedeck Mountain, The Drowning Men, All Wrong & The Plans Change W/DJ Andy Ralph from Writer @ Casbah Early show (3pm) Free!  
  • Titanarum, Rats Eyes, Dead Ghosts, DJ Urine @ Radio Room
  • Dig Jelly (LA) / Kera and the Lesbians / Trouble in the Wind / Paragraphs @ Ruby Room
  • John Meeks, Leslie and the Badgers, River City, Paulo @ Soda Bar
  • Rock n Roll Stew feat. Two Tears w/ DJs Mikey Face and Angie @ Bar Pink
  • Tristeza, Kill Me Tomorrow, Drew Andrews @ Casbah Late Show!  
  • The Canton Mudders, The Bertos, Larry and his Flask @ Beauty Bar

Alright Get Ready, Set and Plan out the next Three Days! 

Intimate shows .... Residency at your local venues

Residency is not a new thing in the music scene.  However, we arent talking about your piano bar with your normal lounge singer.  2009 has been the year of excellent local acts taking the same stage on a particular night.  It started with Lady Dottie and the Diamonds every Monday at Tower Bar.  Since that moved to U-31; the North Park scene has been growing with their residency acts.  Sundays used to belong to The Tighten Ups.  Now its Mondays with Styletones and Old Man Johnson on the ones and twos.

Besides North Park, catching a show at The Riviera Supper Club and Turquoise Room is always a great thing.  Let's not forget Beauty Bar.  The one venue you can check out a band, smoke and have a drink in your hand.  (This doesn't not count if your at a house party!)  Here is a list of bands with a normal residency in a local venue!

Gregory Page @ Beauty Bar

The Styletones @ Bar Pink
Lady Dottie and The Diamonds @ U-31
Black Out Party @ Riviera Supper Club.

Brawely @ Riviera Supper Club

Make sure you Check these shows out.  All free.  Yes you read right FREE!  This gives you a reason to really check it out.  

Friday, December 4, 2009

Music is like men....

I posted this as a status update after a very adventurous ride to Anaheim to see Ghostland Observatory.  As i was having some girl time, with Katiekins... we both started talking about the two things we love the most.  She spoke about men and I spoke about music.  Then we would swap; I would speak about men and she would speak about music. 

The conversation than lead into seeing bands and getting into a band.  Explaining to Katie, that sometimes before a show i listen to the band to get me kinda pumped up to see them live.  Kinda like Musical Foreplay.  Seeing them live is like the actual act of fornication.  I said "Music is like Men."

My explanation to Katie was "Music is like men... You really have to let them sink in before you can determine if you like them or not."  Of course a giggle was set in place after she heard "sink in." Not really what i meant.  The intimate time between music and a person is a serious relationship.  How do you know it will last?  I can "Love you today and Hate you tomorrow".  Right?  Of course.

Take Radiohead as an example, i used to listen to them so much. One day in college i woke up to Kid A playing on my cd alarm.  So disgusted by Thom Yorks whinny voice i shucked the cd out of my window.  Hitting the neighbor.  Radiohead; i love you today and hate you tomorrow.  Granted, when you wake up one more and realize your no longer loving the one you did at one point it kinda makes you sad, but happy that you dont need to agonize yourself with said music/person.

Again..  Music is like Men! 

i'm pretty sure a guy can come up with why music is like women.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Weekend Picks... What to watch... and where...

Ho HO HO....

Yeah Its that time of the year .. Lets all get merry and cheerful!  Yes! Gifts, Merry, life, people still being assholes... Yes its true people never change even during the holidays.  They just put a smile on their face and go on with their usual merry life.  While your putting up Christmas lights, wrapping up those gifts, if your like me then sending your care packages to your mates across the miles and seas... While you Kids are trying to figure out what cool scarf to wear with your winter jacket,  I will list off the upcoming Shows you should NOT miss for the weekend!  Starting with Tonight! 

Dec 3 2009 
  • Peewee Moore, Bill Cardinal, Black Sheep Reunion, Shaun T. Morgan @ Radio Room
  • Gortuary/ Pathology/ Deadly Remains/Shattered Eyes/Diabolical Remains @ Ruby Room
  • The Fresh and Onlys w/ Woven Bones and DJ Mario Orduno @ Bar Pink
  •  Dirty Legs, Hocus @ Soda Bar
  •  The Canton Mudders, Morning on Fire, Tiny Frank @ Tin Can Ale HOuse

Fri 04     
  • Baroness, Earthless, Iron Age, Brainticket DJ's and guests  @ Casbah
  • The Crashing Marbles, The Howls, The Attack, Desert Diamonds @ Beauty Bar
  • Rockabilly Shakeout FEAT: Dawn Shipley &The Sharp Shooters; Pachuco Jose; Floyd Burney & The Ship Shapers @ Ruby Room
  • Tori Roze and the Hot Mess, Bryan Bangerter, Meaghan Maples @ Tin Can Ale House
Sat 05
  • Cold Cave, Nite Jewel, Ale Mania @Casbah
  • Dirty Santas, The Aversions(Canada), End Of Power @ Radio Room
  •  Lemon Sun, Maren Parusel, Lion Cut, The New Assembly @ Soda Bar
  •  Modern Rifles, Swim Party, Lands On Fire @ Tin Can Ale House
Sun 06
  • An Evening With Stellastarr and Transfer @ Casbah
  • 1st night of Gregory Page residency. @ Beauty Bar
  • Mele Kalikimaka Holiday Prom feat. Linnzi Zaorski and The Cheap Leis @Bar Pink
Any questions!  hope to see ya there!