Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Whats to be Nervous about?

We all love Louis XIV right? I might not, it's your generic pop rock of the early 2000. It helps to know people if you want to make it big and tour with The Killers; Right? Of course who doesn't like the Killers? I don't. I'm sure there are your mass amounts of people that say, "But their first album was so good." Sure if you don't know about music you can totally say that. However, Brian Karscig started a new band. Not that excited to see The Nervous Wreckords. I had no expectations. The whole time I was thinking it was another mid 2000 pop rock band that has all the girls prancing around like tarts just for attention of the hot rocker boys. I was actually right. However, one song had me tapping my feet.

If out of your entire set one song had me tapping my feet. I feel you did a horrible job. Thats' just me. I do not like pop rock. Nor did I ever like Louis XIV. Congratulations to Brian Karscig for another generic cookie cutter band. All very talented musicians. The stage presence was there. It just sounds the same as every other radio played band.


Christy said...

Plus "The Nervous Wreckords" is a horrible name. IMO.

Hooray for not liking Louis XIV or The Killers!

ftdixkid said...

i like local pop rock...