Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Give me that Honky Tonk Blues!

To start off a good Honky Tonk Tuesday i decided a while ago to do research on what made some of San Diego's Cowpunk bands worth listening to. There are a few that i keep on a good rotation. However,while listening to a little Cash, one song came on that made me feel as though, San Diego isn't the only city with great honky tonk music. Although there are a few right now that ruffle my feathers.

With a the Midwestern sound of long winded heartbreaks, traveling on a long desert highway, deals with the devil, whiskey slinging, shit kicking, cocaine drowning cowboy songs on the modern day; Bartenders Bible is on the top of that list of Honk Tonk music. Like snake poison, this band takes full effect and has you down for the count the moment as Jaso
n Corbin starts strumming the guitar and singing. The backup vocals of Arabella Harrison , is like the final sting on that snake venom. The band is a six piece band with talents such as Matthew Strachota on banjo, keyboards, and guitar. Matthew Parker on guitar, lap steel guitar, and mandolin. Jim Austin on up-right bass, and Richard “T-Bone” Larson on drums. Their latest album which actually has been out for a while Rimrock Recording Sessions, proves that country can still be an ass-kicking genre. Their style is the way old American should be sung. With songs such as “Confetti” and “Eviction Notice,” Bartenders Bible tempo goes from slow melodic to fast almost two stepping. All thigh slapping, heel tapping or swaying to the guitar and vocals that makes this band one of the best country bands in San Diego.

Avalon Tattoo will be celebrating their 20th anniversary party at the Casbah July 5th. Bartenders Bible will be playing with The Deere Johns, Old Man Markley and The Tighten Ups. Check the Casbah for more information time and location.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Upcoming Shows you Should NOTmiss! July 1-July 15!

It is official summer is here. Sun is bright outside with a nice cool breeze. Its the perfect San Diego weather. The beach water has finally warmed up and the surf couldn't fail you now. Your days have been filled with BBQs, friends, family, and ice cold beer.

If you havent been to the County Fair this year than you missed out on some great bands. Fried food, Carnival Rides and the Music Mania theme they have this year. Check out the pictures i took from just one night. On stage that day was Geezer, The Guess Who and The "Original" Parliament.

Allow me to fill your nights with great Rockn Roll Shows. This next shows are not to be missed! So I will see you at one or all of these shows coming up!

July 1
  • Amazing Baby, Long Live Logos, The Color Of Glass and guests@Cabsah
  • The Knives / Gran Sasso / The Displaced / @ Ruby Room
  • Volts, The Zion Laser Strike, Census @ The Radio Room

July 2
  • Death Eaters, Werewolves, Soft Black, the Old In Out in the Atari Lounge @ Casbah
  • The long and short of it, Mount Vicious(SF), Archons, @ The Radio Room
  • Shawn Rohlf & The Buskers w/ The Keys @ Bar Pink

July 3rd
  • Ded Pigeons, The Dabbers, Eliza Rickman, The Kris Special@Soda Bar
  • Ricksha, Sea Pansy @ The Radio Room
  • Thin Man w/ The Pant Hoots @ Bar Pink
  • the stone foxes / Anna Troy / Tenderbox @ Ruby Room

July 4th

July 5th
  • Pigeon Religion, High Castle, 60 Watt Kid@ Soda Bar
  • Drew Andrews / Elisa Ferrari / Joanie Mendenhall@ Ruby Room
  • Avalon Tattoo 20 Year Anniversary Party - , The Deere Johns, Old Man Markley, The Tighten Ups and guests@ Casbah

July 6th
  • The Bugs w/ The Secretions @ Bar Pink

July 7th
  • Princeton, WestFire and Jamuel Saxon@ Casbah

July 8th
  • Maren Parusel, Steve Carson Band, Royal Campaign @ Casbah
  • desert diamonds w/dj barnesey@ Radio Room
July 9th
  • Dirty Projectors, Rafter @ Casbah

July 10th
  • Apes of Wrath w/ The Bloody Hollies @ Bar Pink
  • Welcome Back show" Breaker Breaker One Niner, Partners in 818(AZ @ The Radio Room

July 11th
  • Single Screen Records Showcase@ Soda Bar
  • Rumble:SD - Apes of Wrath, Lights On, DJ Gabe Vega @ Casbah

July 12th
  • Dramady, The Glossines, Bunky@ Soda Bar

July 15th
  • The Germs, Assemble the Skyline and guests @ Casbah
  • Nautical Disaster / Blue Million Miles / High Rolling Loners@ Ruby Room
  • the boils & knock ’em stiff w/dj barnesey @ Radio Room

Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekend at Bernies!

What is this? Is it true? The Queers playing a show in San Diego? Oh you heard it right!
With a new album; why not tour the states to see if you still have a following?

This band started as a joke. Listening to Black Flag and Ramones. Smoking pot and drinking cheap beers. (This is actually how it all starts out for most punk rock bands from the 80's.) Having nothing better to do except hate everything that the airwaves have been putting out; Also with the east coast punk scene was unfolding rather abruptly. The Queers found a place for themselves.

Forming in ‘82 (Portsmouth, New Hampshire), Joe “Queer” King; after listening to Meatmen; thought to himself, he can play much better music. Within the next couple of years the band would brake up leaving a 6 year gap between new music and shows. The Queers reformed in 1990 with a brand new line-up. That same year, the band got signed to Shakin Street Records and releasing
Grow Up ‘90.

With such influences like The Ramones, Black Flag, Dickies, and Angry Samoans. The punk rock style that is derived was “Ramone-core.” Having the usual lyrics of girls, drugs and alcohol and just your average having fun. Ripping guitar solos, two note keyboards, and simple three cord rhythm bass. As classy as your average punk band. The Queers have been know for some of their amazing covers by bands such as Mr. T. Experience, The Who, The Undertones, and of course the Ramones.

Weekend at Bernies is a live album released in 09. With collaboration of Ben Weasel from Screeching Weasels. This album has your face melting with all its greatest hits such as “Punk Rock Girl,” "No Tit," “Goodbye California,” and “Jumping Jack Flash” (Rolling Stones Cover.) and many many more!

The Queers will be playing the Casbah with The Mansfields, Atom Age, The Glossines. They are playing the late show doors open at 8pm! see you kids there!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Upcoming Shows you Should NEVER miss!

Being a person around town makes it hard to keep track of all the good music in the Strips. This past month I have seen over 10 show in one week (every week). Do you know how hard it is to go to that many shows when there is only 7 days in one week? Mexican rock bands at Ruby Room, Hotel St. George at Tin Can Ale House, Holy Fuck and the Crocodilles at Casbah. Pretty sure you saw me there. 'Cause I saw you there!

Its all about time management. Excellent time management allows you to catch so many excellent shows. Please allow me to tell you how you should manage your rockn roll time. Here is a list of shows you shouldn't miss for the next few days.

Jun 20 2009
  • Early show 8pm: FOUND Magazine Denim & Diamonds Tour/The Watson Twins @ 8pm Ruby Room
  • Later show 10pm: Ghost Bird / Republic of Letters - 2-for-1 come early see both! @ 10pm @ Ruby Room
  • Fing, Dead Wasps, Music For Animals @ Soda Bar
June 21
  • Thee Headliners (PDX)/ The Touchies / Evervess / TBA @ Ruby Room
  • Eclipse 79, Snake Babies, Adams and Eves @ Soda Bar
  • Dinosaur Jr., Earthless SOLD OUT!!! 3pm matinee show @ Casbah
  • The Queers, The Mansfields, Atom Age, The Glossines @ Casbah

June 22
  • Spirit Photography, Ale Mania, Blue Jungle @ Soda Bar
  • Roxy Jones w/ Minmae and DJ Red October @ Bar Pink

June 23
  • Firethorn, The Gift/Curse and guests @ Casbah
  • Echoes of Harpers Ferry, Reverse The Curse @ The Radio Room

June 24
  • Black Cherry Group Pres: F Bombers / Immovable Objects / 1989 / Eternal @Ruby Room
  • The Moviegoers, Roosevelt and guests @ Casbah
  • Bill Cardinal, Whiskey Wisetales w/dj heather hardcore @ The Radio Room

Jun 25 2009
  • The Zeros @ Bar Pink
Jun 26 2009
  • Get Back Loretta CD Release, Crash Encore, Writer @ Casbah
  • Woven Bones, Sunday Times @Soda Bar
  • Royal Campaign w/Normandie @ Bar Pink
  • Hard Fall Hearts, Voodoo Swing(AZ), The Bleeding Irish @ The Radio Room

Jun 27 2009
  • early show - 6:30pm - A.A. Bondy and guest @ Casbah
  • late show 9:30 Swim Party, Cuckoo Chaos, Gray GhostsTwo Sheds (in the atari lounge)- @ Casbah
  • The Choke(nyc), The Mice @ Soda Bar

June 28th
  • The Naughty Things(members from Calabrese), Fuck Yeah!! @ The Radio Room
  • Drew Andrews w/ Soy Un Caballo @ Bar Pink
  • Charity Paws for Cures Fundraiser with DJ Icaro 4pm @ Ruby Room
  • Satan Dance Party / Dead Ponies (LA) / Lilith Velkor / Autotonic 8pm @ Ruby Room

Jun 29 2009
  • She Rides, What I Did @ The Radio Room
  • Anti Monday League and 91X presents the Next Big Thing with Ida Maria @ Casbah

Jun 30 2009
  • Black Skies(North Carolina) @ Radio Room
  • John Vanderslice and The Tallest Man on Earth @ Casbah

Friday, June 12, 2009

The 15 year Slumber is Over!

Its going to be a wild weekend when Chula Vista locals The Zeros hit the stage for their first San Diego show in over 15 years.

Forming in 1976; the Zeros also known as the “Mexican Ramones” was composed of Javier Escovedo, Robert Lopez (El Vez), Hector Penalosa and Baba Chenelle. After a year since their formation the band played two major shows in Los Angeles. The Zeros was exactly what the west coast punk movement needed. Their major shows in LA also introduced bands such as the Germs and The Weirdos.

This legendary band released
"Wimp" b/w "Don't Push Me Around" in '77 with the help of Greg Shaw from Bomp! Records. A year later also, releasing "Beat Your Heart Out" b/w "Wild Weekend." With vicious touring, the band didnt get much rest. Playing acts with bands such as The Clash, X, Patti Smith, The Alleycats and The Go-Go's. Others have been influenced by the Zeros and their vital addition to the punk rock history in the west coast. Bands such as the Muffs, Mudhoney and Sator.

The Zeros will perform June 25th at Bar Pink. Show starts at 10pm. If you miss this one, you miss out on Rockn' Roll history in the making!

Other Tour Dates include (and maybe limited to change so please check your local listing)
JUNE 26TH & 27TH 924 GILLMAN in Berkeley
JULY 16TH TROUBADOUR with special guest The Muffs in Los Angeles
JULY 17TH ELBO ROOM with Special guests The Fleshies in San Francisco

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Born To Bleed

What is all the commotion for this San Diego band?
They are selling out shows left and right. Could it be Ryan Koontz amazing vocals? Nathan Beale amazing guitar playing or Chris Vanacore stellar drumming? Or the Rhythm of Mark Murino on guitar and Christian Schinelli on bass?

These five all star musicians know how to make the most of the music they play. With out much connection to the South. This "throwback" band has been pigeonholed into the southern-rock genre. Some even say they are a mix of Black Crowes and Lynard Skynard. Could it be that the resurrection of the 70's rockn roll era is starting off in San Diego again? This is considered the south. Just cause we are in California doesn't mean that we cant Rock the same way that southern twang rock and good ole' boy's did.

Forming in the fall of '03, Dirty Sweet knew how to make a name for themselves. Right away they started wooing their home town fans. In '04 they become the main supporting act for Jimmy Eat World's tour. Also winning '06, '07 and '08 SDMA "Best Rock" act of the year.

In '06 the band went to the studio to self produce and engineered "..Of Monarchs and Beggars." With that the band developed a 12 song LP. The continuity of songs through out the album, has captured the hearts and minds of many fans. With rocking songs like "Baby Come Home." One of the hits to come out of this album. Then going forth towards a melodic guitar riffing, heavy souled song like "Delilah." Of course with a heavy album such as this, you need to have a rockn roll song that makes you dance. With that said "Sixteen," is the bands dance hit. with great drums, bass lines some killer guitar solos and of course a tambourine at the side of Ryan. Then to finish with a country twang such as "Isabel" and "Red River."

What more do you want from this amazing band?

How about a new album? Awaiting the release for American Spiritual. Dirty Sweet has put up some killer new songs and videos on Myspace.com. Performing new songs such as "You've Been Warned" and "Marionette." Keeping the fans on their toes for when this new LP is to come out.

Dirty Sweet is currently on tour for the next couple of months so make sure to check them out.

..... You've Been Warned!


Rock The Casbah

For those who dont know about Yelp.com; It is a reviewing website for local establishments. Ordinary people such as you and I can go review local eateries and businesses. Giving them a 1-5 start rating; Then writing a story or a quick reason why it was reviewed so. Either your great experience and or horrible experience.

It laters allow other users to vote "funny" "useful" or "cool." Depending on the amount of votes it generates; that review then is entered in a daily drawing of "Review of The Day." Which is posted in the front page of the website! Today 6-9-09 i recieved ROTD for The Casbah!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Grills and More Grills!

Shane MacGowan is known for being the lead singer of the Pogues. His devilish looks and a killer smile has become a trademark for MacGowan. It has been known that after a hellish day of hard drinking (Limerick ,Ireland) MacGowan fell over a wall; and smashed his teeth on a pile of bricks.

MacGowan has been spotted in Malaga, Spain getting extensive dental work to fix the damage done over the years of hard drinking and partying. He has been talking over having work done, in order to stop "his face from falling apart."

The picture above is MacGowan with a fairy tale smile.

Americans of course are the only ones put off with bad dentistry. I believe that his grill is now American approved! Good for you MacGowan!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Changing Horses

Ben Kweller. Changing Horses.

The twang of Ben Kwellers’ make over has left some people in awe. However, Changing Horses is what Ben Kweller fans need. Born in San Fransisco, then transplanted to Greenville, Texas. He started playing music at the age of 8 years old. It came so natural to him. Influenced with bands like the Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, and The Hollies.

In 1993 Kweller formed Radish, a punk rock band. Releasing two albums Hello ('94) and Dizzy('95). At the age of 19 a young Ben moved to New York City; with his at the time girl friend now wife. Kweller started his solo career. The first album he came out with was Freak Out, It's Ben Kweller('01). Followed with Sha Sha ('02), On My Way (03), and Ben Kweller ('06).

In Sepmember of 2008 Kweller finished his fourth studio album. Changing Horses. Which was released in February of 2009. Changing Horses has a country feel. As said in many interviews, Kweller is going back to his roots of Greenville, Texas. Songs he wrote before leaving to New York. With this twangy, gee-tar riffs that make up songs like "Fight," and "Sawdust Man." To the lovely odes that are "Gypsy Rose" and "The Ballad of Wendy Baker." Of course not going completely into the dark side of country he sings sweet songs such as "Things I Like to Do."

Ben Kweller will be performing at House of Blues San Diego, June 20th for The Gyspy Rose Tour. Come and check him out with opening acts The Jones Street Station and Local Natives

Ticket prices are 17-20 dollars plus service charge.
more information go to myspace.com/benkweller or

Monday, June 1, 2009

More Talk/More Rock

If you haven't been to many shows at ruby room, Then I believe your missing out. Andy Robillard is doing an amazing job booking shows at this venue. I, myself would have never thought I would make this a regular bar for show seeing. Sunday night was one of them. (may31)

Lion Cut, Followers, Eyes (SF) and Free Stars. Sad to say that when I walked into
the Ruby Room, I missed Lion cut. After Lion Cut ; Followers performed (members of Sleeping People, Optiganally Yours, Mutantspaceboy, Sterling Silver). Psychedelic Rockn roll. Keyboardist, sax, guitar drums and bass. Amazing. Almost like a side show freak show that did amazing as the circus toured. The bands only got to play all 10-15 min sets, but all well worth it. (http://www.myspace.com/followersband) No vocals, all Instrumental rockn roll.

Eyes traveled all the way down from San Fransisco with family in the audience. They as well did an great job,four songs on the set list. one instrumental and
three with amazing vocals done by Justin Pinkerton.

The energy was on that night

The main band I went to see was none other than Free Star
s with lead vocalist David (D*star) Stampone. Traveling all the way from the east coast just to attend Rafter Roberts(guitarist) wedding. Still feeling a little jaded; Had the energy to play an amazing 6 song set. . On drums was the one and only Andy Robillard. Rafter Roberts on Guitar, Jim Garry bass. They played that matched the theme of wedlock. Cover songs that were based on what to wear at the wedding and also wondering if Is It Love? Questioning Rafter for his future endevore. Originals songs such as “Gay Republican Coke Dealer.” Of course we all know one of them wasnt a choice. Also “Double-Flush Deuce,” a song that must be heard by all. Free Stars are an amazing band.

More Talk and Rock is their motto. Yes the hilarity that is this ba
nd makes me wish more people attended to check out what was the most entertaining band of the year so far! I have seen many shows this year so far. I have danced my ass off to them. I have had my face melted by the amazing music that comes out of the monitors. However, Face melting, dancing and laughing, and interaction of the band to audience is one thing i have not ever came across. thank you Free Stars for doing an amazing job at all of the above! (myspace.com/freestars)

Don’t forget to check out the pictures of the show below.

Eyes (sf)

Free Stars