Friday, July 31, 2009

Upcoming shows Not To MISS! Aug 1st -Aug15th!!

The heat is unbelievable. One minute its hot, then the next its cold. Over cast in the morning. Strange isn't it? The shows however, have been incredible. One after another after another. The month of July packed a good amount of concerts all around the strip. Making a decision of where to go kind of hard. August might be able to top July very easily. Ladies and Gentlemen, Upcoming shows you shouldnt Miss!
Aug 1
  • Long and Short of It, Tori Cobras, Fing, and Fae Pilot @ Beauty Bar
  • FM94/9 presents Greg Laswell, Elizabeth and the Catapult, Derren Raser @ Casbah
  • The Hipsters Revisited feat. The Loons @ Bar Pink
  • Eastern Sunz @ Soda Bar

Aug 2
  • Company of Thieves, Endless Hallway, Black Hondo, and guests @ Casbah
  • Park The Van Showcase feat. Golden Boots, Floating Action, and the Generationals @ Bar Pink
  • VOLTS / The Ultra-Twist (Italian garage rock!) / Pipsqueak@ Ruby Room
  • BRAAIINS!!, Nightmares, Pipsqueak, ULTRATWIST@ Soda Bar

Aug 3

  • Lady Dottie & The Diamonds@ U31
  • The Styletones @ Bar PInk
  • The Bombpops, The Atom Age(Asian Man Records), For the Win@ Radio Room
  • Anti Monday League Presents Lymbyc System, Black Mamba, Roll Film@ Casbah
  • Blueskies for Black Hearts, Silverleaf, The Constellation Branch @ Soda Bar

Aug 4
  • The Bandulus(TX), River City All Stars(TX),The Amalgamated, 2000 Tons of TNT @ The Radio Room
  • Mother/Father @ Beauty Bar

Aug 5

  • pb dumpsters & knives@ Radio Room
  • Bowerbirds, Megafaun, Joel P West @ Casbah
  • Live Motown, Classic Soul/RnB all night w/ SOUL CAMP @ Ruby Room
  • Agent Ribbons, Sister Crayon, Bitter Sober @ Soda Bar
  • The Heavy Glow w/ The Secret Seven & Skyline Union@ U31

Aug 6
  • River City, Zagadka(NM) @ The Radio Room
  • Maren Parusel, The Paddleboat, Gray Ghosts @ casbah
  • The Anna Troy Band@ Bar Pink

Aug 7

  • Save Amos, The Mainland(Sacramento) @ The Radio Room
  • The North Park Music Thing kickoff party - Midnight Rivals(Charlie Ware and Mike Santos(lucy's Furcoat; Pete Reichert (RFTC); Morgan Smith (The Front), Mark Maigaard (Louis XIV)) Thin Man (Early Show) @ Casbah
  • Quintron and Ms Pussycat, Gram Rabbit, Static Static (Late Show)@ Casbah
  • The Lovemakers w/ The Fresh@Bar Pink
  • Beaters 7" release party@ Soda Bar

Aug 8

  • Scarlett Symphony / North Park Music Thing! @ Ruby Room
  • NPMT feat. Division Day, El Ten Eleven, Get Back Loretta, Lights On @ Bar Pink
  • Buckfast Superbee, Stripes and Lines, This is Not My Life, Dead Country@ Casbah

Aug 9th
  • The Rumble San Diego - The Growlers, Apes of Wrath, Lights On @ Casbah
  • This is Manic / LIONS (Austin) / Nautical Disaster / Double Standard @ Ruby Room

Aug 10

  • Says Rally, Red Automatic @ Soda Bar
  • Anti Monday League Presents American Steel, The New Trust, Drug Wars @ Casbah

Aug 11th

  • Solillaquists of Sound, Brendan B & The Breaks, illuminauts @ Cabash
  • Team Abraham, Rademacher @ Soda Bar

Aug 12

  • Marasol, XRay Press, Witt, Hurts to Laugh@ Soda Bar
  • CD Release - Northern Towns, Brandy Alexander Band, Sunday Times @ Casbah
  • the amalgamated-light & 2000 tons of tnt w/dj barnesey @ Radio Room

Aug 13

  • The Grass Heat w/ Desert Diamonds, & The Citizen Band @ U31
  • CD Release - Hotel St George + Writer, Swim Party, Intricate Machines in the Atari Lounge @ Casbah
  • Duel of the Century, Phantom Ratio, Lazy Cobra @ The Radio Room

Aug 14

  • The Beautiful View, The Drabs, Human Record @ The Radio Room
  • The Muffs, Lovemakers, and guests @ Casbah
  • Geezer plus special guests @ Ruby Room
  • River City @ Soda Bar

Aug 15

  • Japanese Motors, Apes of Wrath, Gestapo Khazi @ Soda Bar
  • Little White Teeth / Greg Gibson CD release / TBA @ Ruby Room
  • High on Fire, Earthless, Early Man@ Casbah
  • Faraway Boys, The Red Devil Squadron, French Kiss Koma @ The Radio Room

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

San Diego Music Awards!

For those who do not follow the awards. Maybe this year you should. There are some absolutely wonderful bands who have been nominated this year.

The San Diego Music Awards benefits The San Diego Music Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to promoting San Diego music education programs. Over the years the show has featured awards in a variety of categories covering nearly every genre of music, and featured live performances by such major-label, certified platinum, recording artists.

I would like to congratulate all the bands that have been nominated for this amazing award. Good luck. Here are the Nominations for 2009!

Best Cover or Tribute Band
40 Oz. to Freedom
Cashed out
Cheap Leis
Dazed & Confused
Electric Waste Band
Rolling the Stone
The Tighten Ups

Best Jazz
Chris Klich Jazz Quintet
David Patrone
Gilbert Castellanos
Jaime Valle
Karin Carson
Mattson 2
Nena Anderson
Steph Johnson

Best Acoustic
Astra Kelly
Erica Davies
Jordan Reimer
Marie Haddad
Smart Brothers
Steven Ybarra
Sven-Erik Seaholm
Veronica May

Best Blues
Chet Cannon & the Committee
Johnny Vernazza Band
Michele Lundeen
Nathan James
Robin Henkel
Steve White
Tomcat Courtney
West of Memphis

Best World Music
Danyavaad & The Shimmy Sisters
Elijah Emanuel
Split Finger
The Devastators
Tribal Seeds
Tribe of Judah

Best Americana or Country
Bill Cardinal & The Canyon Band
Billy Midnight
Cathryn Beeks Ordeal
John Meeks
Mark Jackson Band
River City
Sara Petite
Tornado Magnet

Best Hip Hop
Deep Rooted
Jimmy Powers
Lil Uno
MC Flow
The Concrete Project
The Kneehighs
Vokab Kompany

Best Pop
Dynamite Walls
Echo Revolution
Gray Ghosts
Lights On
Team Abraham
The Paddle Boat
The Silent Comedy
Wendy Bailey

Best Alternative
Apes Of Wrath
Hotel St. George
Monsters From Mars
Republic of Letters
Swim Party
Tape Deck Mountain
The Drowning Men
Vision of a Dying World

Best Rock
A Scribe Amidst the Lions
Burning of Rome
Dirty Sweet
The Creepy Creeps
The Dabbers
The Night Marchers
The Pheromones

Best Hard Rock
All Leather
Children of Nova
The Long and Short Of It

Best Club DJ
DJ Artistic
DJ Edgartronic
DJ Gabe Vega
DJ Lord Nelson
Dub Traffic Control
Ikah Love
Mario Orduno
Tribe of Kings

Best Electronic
Jamuel Saxon
Marcelo Radulovich
Q'uest Que C'est
Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra
The Album Leaf

Best Pop Album
Anna Troy - Wait Another Day
Fiction Family - s/t
Gayle Skidmore - Cowley Road
Get Back Loretta -Where Did You Go
Joey Harris & the Mentals - s/t
Silverleaf – s/t
The Modlins - Where Does it End?
The Predicates - Let Me Carry Your Books

Best Rock Album
Astra - The Weirding
Buckfast Superbee - Turn of the Radio Age
Citizen Band - Breaker Breaker My Heart
Irradio - I am the Horn
The Morning Riot - Carmenita
The Donkeys - Living on the Other Side
The Shamey Jays - Your Pretty Packages
Thin Man - Flush With The Moon

Best Alternative Album
The Powerchords – Think I’m Gonna
Crocodiles - Summer of Hate
Drew Andrews - Only Mirrors
Endoxi – New Blood Old Soul
Flight to Athena – City Under Fire
New Day Mile - Damn Straight
Scarlet Symphony - Foundation
The Fascination-We Can Take Care of Our Own

Best Hard Rock Album
All Leather - Hung Like A Horse
Cage - Science of Anihilation
Cattle Decapitation - The Harvest Floor
Children of Nova - The Complexity of Light
Goblin Cock - Come With Me If You Want To Live
Modern Rifles - I was Young, it was Dark
Unset - Remains of a Dream
The Long and Short Of It - CAW!

Best Hip Hop Album
afterschoolspecial – Not One for Words
Bloodstone and the Princess - Vintage Raw
Deep Rooted-D.E.E.P. R.O.O.T.E.D.
M-Double-A-L - Think and Grow Rich
Microphone Mike-Teen Idol
R.C.K. – Confidence of a King
The Breaux - Restocked
Young Mass - Best of Daygo City

Best Blues Album
Bill Magee - Good Morning Mississippi
Candye Kane - SuperHero
Charles Burton - Everybodys talkin'
Hugh Gaskins - Hughmanity
Lady Dottie & The Diamonds - s/t
Mississippi Mudsharks - Train Rolls On
Sue Palmer & her Motel Swing Orchestra - On Air
Missy Anderson - s/t

Best Jazz Album
Allison Adams Tucker-Come With Me
Bradley Leighton - Soul Collective
Chuck Perrin - Down 2 Bone
Danny Green – With You In Mind
Deejham Marie – Carpet Ride
Lori Bell - The Music of Djavan
Patrick Yandall - A New Day
Peter Sprague & Kevyn Lettau - What is Enough

Best World Album
B-Side Players - Radio Afro Mexica
Danyavaad and the Shimmy Sisters - March of the Gypsies
Keltic Kharma - IKharma
Peter Pupping - Sea Journey
Quinazo-La Ofrenda
Skelpin - Rua Rojo
Stranger-Some Kinda Show
Tribal Seeds- The Harvest

Best Americana or Country Album
Berkley Hart - Las Vegas
Charlie Imes – On an Island
Eve Selis - Angels and Eagles
Folding Mr. Lincoln - Within My Reach
Gregory Page - Bird in a Cage
Joel P. West - Dust Jacket
Sara Watkins - s/t
The Farmers - Fulmination

Best Local Recording
Chad Farran - On Surfari Sessions
Chris Leyva - 27
Goddamn Electric Bill - Topics For Gossip
Happy Ron - Terribly Happy
Josh Damigo - Raw
Pocket - s/t
Rafter - Sweaty Magic
Shark Attack - Shooting Judas

Album of the Year
Anya Marina - Slow & Steady Seduction, Phase II
Crocodiles - Summer of Hate
Drew Andrews - Only Mirrors
Jason Mraz - We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things
Scarlet Symphony - Foundation
Slightly Stoopid - Slightly Not Stoned Enough to Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid
The Donkeys – Living on the Other Side
Wavves - s/t

Best New Artist
Bad Science Fiction
Black Mamba
Maren Parusel
Sunday Times
The Bloodflowers
The New Archaic
The Styletones

Artist of the Year
Anya Marina
Delta Spirit
Jason Mraz
Scarlet Symphony
Slightly Stoopid

Song of the Year
Anya Marina - Move You
Crocodiles - I Wanna Kill
Delta Spirit - People C'mon
Jack Tempchin – It Could Have been You or Me
Jason Mraz (with Colbie Caillat) - Lucky
MC Flow - Created Equal
Scarlet Symphony-Your Blood is Mine
Slightly Stoopid - Thinkin Bout Cops

Motor City Fever.

If a time machine really existed. The dial would be set to 1969. The destination would be Detroit, Michigan. Being a Rockn Roll mercenary, having the Motor City fever is natural. So many great bands came from Michigan at that time. MC5, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Bob Seger, Alice Cooper and The Dogs. Detroit was the main city to be living in for the great Rockn Roll.

On Saturday The Dogs came down to Bar Pink and play one of the greatest sets known to this rocker. From the moment they hit the stage, the transport began to Motor City. Let a small history lesson begin on Detroit.

Detroit Michigan was transformed into "Motor City" by Henry Ford. It was the melting pot for white trade union's to control the minority under the motor vehicle industry. Years of rich cultural adding allows the mix of traditional music from several cultural backgrounds. First bringing major blues singer and jazz quartets.

Over the years the genres of music that comes out of Detroit have always been great. Gospel, Pop, RnB. Motown. Of course not to forget Rockn Roll. Enough on the history lesson on Motor City.

The Dogs, forming in 1969 with Loren Molinare on Vocals and Guitar, Mary Kay on Bass on Vocals, and Ron Wood on Drums. Leaving their home time, The Dogs migrated towards Los Angeles. Their first single
John Rockn Roll Sinclare was release in mid '76. With the whole country being at war, rockn roll anarchy was needed. Bands such as The Dogs had perfect RAW energy for what was to come next in our history. In '78 Slash Your Face was released. Making it into Spin Magazine's most influential punk rock songs of our time. Over the years, The Dogs opened for acts such as The Ramones, MC5, and Television.

The Dogs performed at Bar Pink July 25. From the moment the first note was strummed on Loren's guitar the transformation to Motor City was in full effect. They opened the show with
Sleeze City. The energy was strong with this band. Front of the stage like always; was my rockn roll partner in crime and I. Dancing and shaking what they had while playing other songs such as Fed Up, Motor City Fever and Slash Your Face. All classic that will never go out of style. They closed their set with Dog in The Cat.

The whole show was full of raw undefinable energy. Loren, jumping in front of people going with the post modern punk sounds coming from the monitors. The bass was like a thunder and drums like a hurricane. An storm of rockn roll all over this small venue. Great crowds, great music, and an great venue equals a great night of rockn roll!

Check out the The Dogs @

Playing drums with The Dogs is Tony

Saturday, July 18, 2009

To all The Strange Rockn Rollers.....

"...You know your doing all right! So hold on to Each other, So Hold on tonight! "
The crowd sings along; this being the staple song on where the band got their names. Midnight Radio.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a John Cameron Mitchell stage show gone film. The fictional East German Rock band that is fronted by a transgender goes off trying to follow rock icon Tommy Gnosis who is playing an adjoining venue through out the tour. This movie sets a great message aside for everyone. Finding your other half. Either male or female. Not allowing people to take a piece of you with out getting anything in return; then finding out the the good stuff is really inside you.

Midnight Radio did a great performance. Doing small quotes and songs that were featured in the film.Songs such as "Angry Inch," which got the crowd going in a frenzy. "Sugar Daddy" a mellow almost western song about founding a man to bring the sweets home. Of course who can forget their staple song "Midnight Radio."

If they were not covering songs from the film. They would go into songs that influenced Stephen Trask. Songs by such artist like Lou Reed, David Bowie, and T.Rex. Also covering bands like Kiss and Black Sabbath. Each song got the crowd riled up for singing along and dancing to a great performance. This San Diego Tribute band also played Pride on the streets of Hillcrest.

The one down fall about Midnight radio was the costumes that were worn by the lead singer acting as "Hedwig." His outfits were more Bowie-esque than Hedwig. As the change of outfits would appear; I would stand in the front shaking my head and saying to myself "Hedwig wouldn't wear that outfit." Other than that the show was amazing. No doubt about it; this is a wonderful tribute band to watch. Especially if you are a Hedwig and The Angry Inch fan.

Friday, July 17, 2009

There Ain't No Diamonds on this Road!

Its been quite a long road for these boys. Long dry desert winds during their travels as rockers. As the coyotes cry in the night, so does The Desert Diamonds for music. The Desert Diamonds have been on a road of music stardom for a while. Not saying, they are looking to be the next big MTV band. However, their following is forever growing.

The years have been rough on Desert Diamonds. It started around the winter of '06 -spring of '07. 5 friends got together and started playing rockn roll. Coming from a punk rock background it would be no surprise that these men would join together to start an exceptional band. The five man band would feature the vocals of Gabe Cross, the stunning guitar of Dusty Wheeler, the amazing walking bass lines of Matt Wick and the stylish drum beating of Andrew Jones.

With their first self titled EP that came out at the end of 'o8 Desert Diamonds started the different fad of music in San Diego. This would be the album to shape shift their music for all to hear. The dynamic style of Rock and Soul; makes it more of a southern 70's rock band than just some modern kicks. Songs like "Dust and Sand," and "That Girl" which brings some rockn guitar riffs and the explosion of vocals. Others such as "Homesick Shoes" and "Misty Morning," has laid down the track of amazing bass solos with backing drums. "Red Liddy" is a soulful southern song that brings the album to an end.

These boys know how to make any night Epic. Thanks also to the coyotes that follow them through the desert these boys will never be lost in the heat. You can always catch Desert Diamonds playing down The Strips. For The Strip is their home land. There is a new album coming out soon. Once that is in my hands; It will be up for a review and a update on this band.

Desert Diamonds will be playing again Aug 12 @ U31 with Grass Heat. This is an early show so get their early! For more information go to their

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Upcoming Shows you Should NOTmiss! July 16-July 31!

Have you noticed the change of temperature? It truly is summer here in San Diego. Still so many nights of heat can only mean one thing! Ice cream, water gun fights, slip and slides and ice block racing and of course the beach. The day is filled with friends and family; work days and free weekends of travel and leisure. What about shows? I got your calendar right here folks.

Shows not to miss.

July 16th
  • The Donnas, Nico Vega, Woah Hunx and guests @Casbah
  • : Team Abraham / Parson Redheads / Ryan Blue @Ruby Rom
  • Black Carl, Yellow Minute, Holy Rolling Empire, Leisuresuit @ Soda bar
  • Get Back Loretta w/Cuckoo Chaos @ Bar Pink
  • Wah-Wah Exit Wound(Seattle @ The Radio Room

July 17th
  • Mad Caddies, Social Green, Self Made Men and DJ's - Boss Selector Skarina, Judge Jesse, and DJ Duke Duel @ Casbah
  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch Tribute@Ruby Room
  • The Dirty Legs, The Bombpops, Revenge Club, The Glossines @ The Radio Room

July 18th
  • Team Abraham, The Spires, Lights On @ Soda Bar
  • Bartenders Bible with old man hands and paulo @ Tin Can Ale House
  • Desert Diamonds w/ Black Hollies @ Beauty Bar

July 19th
  • MEN (former Le Tigre), Addiquit, and Mermaid @ Casbah
  • lauren de rose / mc flow / Kera and the Lesbians @ Ruby Room
  • St. St., One Trick Pony @ Soda Bar
  • Night Horse @ Bar Pink

July 20th
  • Meth Teeth, X-Mas Island, Fag Cop @Soda Bar
  • Lady Dottie and the Diamonds @ U-31

July 21st
  • Girl in a Coma, Ms. Derringer, Killola @ Casbah

July 22nd
  • the Perry Edwards / Dead Feather Moon / dakotafish @ Ruby Room
  • Zodiac Death Valley, Doves and Desperados @ Soda Bar
  • Linnzi Zaorski @ Bar Pink

July 23rd
  • The Old In Out w/ Branden Daniel & Everybody Gets Laid @ Bar Pink
  • Starlight Mints, JP Inc (formerly Pleaseeasaur), Get Back Loretta@ Casbah

July 24th
  • Castiotone for the Painfully Alone, Concern, The Dabbers, Trashcan Fires @ Casbah
  • Normandie @ Bar Pink
  • Spirit Photography, BRAAIINS!!, XYX (mexico), Blue Jungle @ Soda Bar
  • The Chop Tops, The Strikers, Knock Em Stiff, The Watchmen @ Radio Room

July 25th
  • The Dogs w/Stab City, and Corvo Radio @ Bar Pink

July 26th
  • Misc. Ailments, One I Red @ The Radio Room
  • Publicists, The Bloodflowers, Geezer, The Cankles and The Canton Mudders in the Atari Lounge@ Casbah
  • Flattbush / Upsilon Acrux / The Binges / Free the Robots DJs @ Ruby Room
  • Ribbons (nyc), Volts, Street of Little Girls, Knives! @ Soda Bar
  • The Tighten Ups w/ Big Jugs and Trophy Wife @ Bar Pink

July 27th
  • Lion Cut @ Ruby Room
  • The Handsome Family, Daniel Knox@ Casbah

July 28th
  • Trashcan Sinatras, Brookville @ Casbah
  • Turkish Techno, Rational Anthem(Florida @ The Radio Room
  • Dry River Yacht Club, Greg Gibson, Justin J Rodriguez @ Soda Bar

July 29th
  • Tijuana Panthers, Gestapo Kahzi @ Soda Bar
  • THE WOBBLIES w/ dj heather hardcore @ Radio Room
  • The Hard to Get (LA) @ Ruby Room
  • Castanets, M.A. Turner, Little White Teeth@ Casbah

July 30th
  • Stellastarr, Wild Light, Mason Proper @ Casbah
  • Drug Wars w/ Slang Chickens @ Bar Pink

July 31st
  • A Scribe Amidst the Lions, Secret Seven@ Radio Room
  • Transfer, Band of Skulls, Apes of Wrath and guests @ Casbah

Alright kids, check out these shows and go support your local music scene!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

City Boy Lemon

Named after a dog named George, a dog house named Hotel George. Then with a sad last note when the dog was ran over, became Hotel St. George; lead singer Matt Binder takes this pop rock band for a tour of music freedom and the perfect melody that is City Boy Lemon. Forming in the fall of '07, Hotel St. George has been making nothing but great news and reviews.

In a city that normally sleeps at 4 am. A soundtrack to your every night movement should be made. In the ever-lasting playlist created by people in San Diego; this new record should be on there. City Boy Lemon takes its flash back fashion of pop/glam rock and creates a dance mix of great songs. Binders, Bowie-esque sound brings new hope in the change of music for the better. With great backing musicians Brian Reily (guitar, keyboard, vocals), Erik Visnyak (bass, vocals), Simon Leader (drums). This being their third proper release, this album takes on a new type of sound for HSG.

Yippee!!! self released album in '08 was a mere pop album, with dancing hits such as "Watch Out/It's the Blues." Followed by shows in San Diego and Los Angeles. It's not a surprise that within months of forming they were opening acts for San Diego's own Louie XVI at the annual Karl Strauss Brew at the Beach fest. The simplicity of this album has kept people wondering whats next.

Hundreds and Thousands being the second release for HSG was a not as great but decent enough to get some good reviews. Lyrically speaking it was a great album, but lack the same energy that Yippee!!! showed. Finally the summer of '09 brings what could be the next best thing out of San Diego. City Boy Lemon.

This album is one of best rock album to come out this summer in San Diego. The lack of pop and the interchanging* of instruments has kept me listening to this album on repeat for the past few days. Lets just say eight out of the ten tracks are great. The other two are ones I can do with skipping them. "All The Dancing Stars," would happen to be a favorite tune off this album. "All The Dancing Stars," Also appeared on a compilation mixed cd for Foundtrack "Hips and Hair Mix Tape Vol 1." Other great songs on City Boy Lemon are "Welcome to the Sun" and their self titled "City Boy Lemon." Each song brings on their own take on rock. With great guitar gut punching riff, heavy drums and endless bass lines, makes the sound that all together gets really better as this album progress towards the end. You can say that HSG brings what other bands lack. Realistic dance rock tunes. You can dance to anything, however, HSG is not for the mere '80's rocker. However, more for music enthusiast that love to listen to an album that jumps all over the place.

One way to sum this; if The Libertines and The Stranglers had a child they would call it Hotel St. George.

August 13th is the release of City Boy Lemon, on vinyl only. They will be playing the Casbah August 13th with Writer, Swim Party and Intricate Machines.

photography by Michael Klayman

*Interchanging of instruments can also be seen in their live shows.

Monday, July 6, 2009

And the night cost me 4 dollars....

It's Avalon Tattoo's 20th Anniversary party at The Casbah. Good times are ahead. The doors open 7pm. Four Amazing bands were playing. The Deere Johns, Bartenders Bible, Old Man Markley and The Tighten Ups.

I went in with The Tighten Ups' lead singer Laura Jane. From there on the fun times arrived. The Deere Johns were in the middle of their set. A great set to be said. Stephen Rey was doing what he knows best. Playing the guitar and singing his heart out for all the audience to dance to. I, of course start my night by hanging out with the great artist that did my chest tattoo, while sipping on a PBR tallboy. Smoking cigarettes in the mid section patio is the highlight of Casbah. You can take a gander at the bands and have a smoke in your hand, while sipping on your drink.

I look inside since the Deere Johns are done playing, Bartenders Bible is now setting up gear. I look in and "Whoa where is their drummer, bass player, and their female singer?" Aparently the Deere Johns played rhythm section for Bartenders bible. I have seen these guys many times. Matthew Strachota did some of the best singing I have heard in years! I can honestly say he saved the set for Bartenders Bible. Without Arabella Harrison, the vocals were a bit off. However; the three part harmony that is Matthew, Arabella, and Jason sometimes isnt enough for this twang of a band. As this band is insturmentally amazing. This night Matthew saved the band from a horrible show.

Taking a break from swaying to the music of Bartenders Bible with Andy Robillard. I went for another PBR at the bar. Again the band had ended and I went to the back bar to say hello to the bartender. Their was a whole set up of free food. Pulled Pork, BBQ beef Fruit Salad, cheese and meat plate, macn cheese with jalapenos. I ate just a bit. The macn cheese was amazing. Hanging out with me at the Atari Lounge while i ate and drank my awesome drink was David Francis from the After Party. While Old Man Markely got ready on stage went around the bar making my rounds of "hellos and how are you's?" Hanging out with Stephen Rey from Deere Johns' taking shots of Wild Turkey and Jameson. We started talking business, as in he needs a photographer for his band. ( Just putting it out there for all you photographers) Then went on my merry way back to the stage as Old Man Markely began their set.

I couldnt believe the amount of people that can fit on a Casbah Stage. Old Man Markely is a bluegrass band from Los Angeles. If you havent checked them out you must do so quickly. Throught out ever set Avalon Tattoo was raffeling out prices. Congrats to all the winners. Its time to go for another shot of Jami, this time with Lead Singer Laura Jane from Tighten Ups. She likes Hornitos and of course my poision is Jameson. We do our thing, then go back to the outside where I light up another smoke. Start talking to more people. Outside was a dear friend of mine Ryan who works for Tower Bar and Riveria Club. As I catching up, Mick from Tower Bar Shows up. What a Nice surprise. After a quick chat with him. The rest of the night was Matthew Wick from Desert Diamonds and myself. Great friends and great times.

At this time the Tighten Ups are setting up. Get my spot ready in the front stage. Now im ready for some good dancing and some great soul and funk to keep my shoes moving. More shots, More PBR and a brand new pack of smokes. I get back to the front of the stage with I spent some time dancing with David Francis and Matthew Wick. Then before the set ended I went outside to have one last smoke and laying on my keepers sholder.

What an amazing show, 4 great bands. The Rockn Roll Family was there with each other. Taking care of one another. Casbah, thanks for being such a great venue for Music Mercenaries such as myself. This is truly a HOME for this very united family. To top it off the whole night cost me four bucks! (or i think....)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reviewing on other sites!

So I like doing small mini album reviews of my favorite albums. Today I did Fing, which is playing a very special gig in September. I will talk about that more when the time comes. However; iTunes is great for checking out music and review music.
Im going to cheat a little and post my review of
Making Love With Fear.

iTunes Review for Fing
Making Love With Fear.

If you haven't heard
Making Love with Fear then you don't know what making love with rock is about. Fing is an original all star 5 member group. Everyone in the band brings their own feel and creativity. With their raw energy they bring on stage, its not surprise that Making Love with Fear mimics that same energy on record. With their opener; "Don't Talk," it gives you an understanding of what the album might consist of musically. Then when you think your going with the flow, Fing changes up the tempo and "Rock The Hips" comes on. A funk song with swanky guitars and a head bopping bass line. This might be one of the best singles on this album. Songs either have a funk grove to them or an electro-rock feel to them. Fing has brought so much liveliness to San Diego's music scene. I recommend to everyone to grab this record. It would be better if you go and watch them live you wont be disappointed. I never am!

There's a Monster Comin' from Cat D'Camp on Vimeo.