Thursday, August 12, 2010

The North Park Music Thing...

3 years ago NxNP was one of the first music festivals that actually caught more than just my attention.  It caught also my eyes and ears. I have been to many festivals over the years. However, this one is in my city.  Representing San Diego while helping you (the musician) understand the whole dynamic we call the music industry. The NxNP changed their name during the second year to North Park Music Thing.  It is similar to the world famous SxSW that occurs every year in Austin Texas.  As many of my readers remember, I did attend

You might be asking yourself, is it that time of the year again?  Yes, my good friends and comrades, it is.  Changing the name from NxNP to North Park Music Thing, the event is now spread out for two days.  Before it was two days of panels guest speakers, questions, demos so on and so forth.  One day of 150-200 artist in 15 venues and panels.  Second day of panels and a large music stage in front of hotel.

This year, it is going to be so much better.  I can feel it. It's two days of music and two days of panels!

I was asked to book an "Official Showcase" and help finish rounding up the line-up for another showcase.
Taking a lot of bands into consideration.  What better than to book a good rockn' roll band that was in one of my first rosters ten years ago.  Back when the only venues I was able to book was my backyard and a coffee shop, it was hard to find cool bands that weren't made up of young kids my age. (Mind you I was 16 years old)

They say things come back in full circles.  I believe it when it comes to the music scene in San Diego.  When The Displaced first moved to San Diego as a band.  They came to me for a show.  I booked them at a coffee shop and here it is a full circle.  The Displaced will be headlining the official showcase for RRNLSG.  Also on the bill is Gun Runner, Little Hurricane, Centerlight Pop (a debuting band from Ryan Blue)  and Shawn Rolhf and The 7th Day Buskers.  This is an All Ages show so bring the kids down and show them what good rockn roll sounds like.

If you decided to want to drink and listen to music, by all means please stop by the Ken Club for "A Night of Whiskey Drinkin and Shitkickers."  Yes you heard it right,  The Ken Club will be hosting the only Honky Tonk/Cowpunk/Country Rockn' Roll showcase during the NPMT.  Headlining that showcase will be The Screaming Yeehaws and Behind The Wagon, The Palominos, Stephen Rey and The Slicks, and El Monte Slim.

Be sure that you picked up your passes for both days.  This event goes off the wall every year! I would hate for you to miss it.

For more information go to The North Park Music Thing Website