Friday, February 26, 2010

Rockn Roll never looked so filthy....

When reviewing a show at a venue, I normally have my composition book at hand.  Trust me, not matter how big or small my bag is, the notebook is in there with my personal notes on local bands.  It is either a book you want to read or stay away from.  Sometimes it may not make a spit of sense to you.  However, the better the show the harder it is for me to read it.  (Drunken Scribbles make an amazing day worth writing and reading last night show review)   Sometimes due to the scribbling on my journal it takes me days up to weeks to Decipher what was written.  Take this last 94.9 free show.  That was almost a month ago.  I just was able to really figure out my notes. (Well scribbles and writers block kind of makes this a little hard!)

The night started off on the right note.  The line-up:  Nautical Disaster, Boyscout, Heavy Glow (cd release party) and (the return of:) Firethorn.  First off I will have to say that coming into any place and introducing myself to just the bandmates freaks me out.  I don't like to go up to people unless I know them.  Kind of strange right?  However this night was full of surprises.  Met Berkeley from Nautical Disaster and was fun talking to him about music same as meeting Chris from Firethorn.

Nautical Disaster went on first.  They did a rockin job with great guitar riffs and powerful bass.  It was almost punkn' roll.  I have always liked Nautical Disaster.  They are always a pick of the weekend for me.  It would be nice if the guitarist (Berkeley) was not so far off in the corner.  More stage presence from him would be great.  They were sans a harmonica player but still sounded just as tight.  Make sure to pick up their album or catch them on their next show.

Boyscout was next.  Who could not love Boyscout?  I know I can!  Jason Cardenas from Transfer on wailing guitar.  This instrumental foursome of rockn rollers know how to get the audience moving. It seems as though two is the magic number for this band.  Two guitarist and Two drummers.  Normally that would be way to much for me.  However, who would have thought that they would be so enjoyable and fun to watch?  This isn't your normal no vocal instrumental band where they are just ambiance.
By this time it seems that Casbah is packed.  Now its time for Heavy Glow.  During their set.  There were a lot of hot mics.  For it being their cd release party I would declare it a not good set.  High energy? Yes!  Good music?  Yes!  Tech problems? Yes!  Over all did they give it their best?  OF COURSE!  Awesome time watching it.  However, hot mics kill it for me all the time!

Last but not least FIRETHORN!  After leadsinger Chris moved back to the east coast a few years back but still comes to San Diego to play a few shows here and there.  They are of the Punk Rock genre which is very awesome since I was mainly a punk rock kid in LA before moving to San Diego for my better years of punk rock and rockn roll.  By the end of the early night most of the people that were here mainly for Boyscout has left. But you were a fool to have left and not checked out Firethorn.  By the end of the set, Chris belted out "Demasiado has broken up and this is for them!"  Firethorn covered a song by Demasiado.  Now the set was over and it was only Midnight.  Oh whats a girl like me to do on an early Sunday night? GO home and recap this show!

recap: check out all the bands!  and yes Demasiado broke up!  (don't worry I cried as well!)

Weekend Picks. What's worth Seeing and where!

The end of February is here so many random and excellent shows that have happened over the weeks.  I still feel as thought I am recovering from The Long and Short of It show last Saturday.  Finding random bruises on my arms and legs.  That is what happens at a metal show and friendly pits to follow.  The Grids that night were absolutely LOUD and worth the ringing in my ears!  I guess you can say I am a bit shattered from that show and still in a bit of pain.  (Does this mean im becoming an old Rocker! OH NO!)  Well here are the weekend picks to brake your backs and crack your necks..  Starting with tonight:

Feb 26
Red Tiger, Wirepony @ Bar Pink
Steve Poltz @ M-Theory Records (6pm, Free)
The Adolescents, Youth Brigade, The Watusis@ Casbah
Deadbolt @ Ken Club
Kera and the Lesbians, the Paragraphs, Trouble in the Wind @ Soda Bar
The Smart Brothers, Gregory Page @ Java Joe's at Cafe Libertalia

Feb 27
Moving Units, the Dabbers, Beaters @ Casbah (the Beaters double Booked!)
Beaters, Apes of Wrath, Shapes of Future Frames @ Tin Can Ale House (The Beaters Double Booked!)
Pepi Ginsberg, Pepper Rabbit @ Soda Bar

Feb 28th
The Screamin' Yeehaws, the Farmers, Behind the Wagon, the Fooks @ Casbah
Scout Niblett, Manuok @ Bar Pink
Animal Ancestors, Rhythm and the Method @ Ruby Room

AH yes the weekend picks!  Hope to see ya at one of the shows!!!!  

Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekend Picks. What worth Seeing and where!

Yeah a day late. Shoot me. Since writing has no sick days, I must take a sick week once and a while! Just for rest and relaxation! One thing to get me out of bed was last night The Damned. I can almost die a happy girl. ALMOST! Since that was the pick of last night then yes it was a fun time! ( A little under the weather but still was able to have a blast!)
Well, Ladies and Gents the pick of the weekend!

Feb 19th
The Donkeys, The Hot Moon, The Modlins, Joel P West (Late show, 9 p.m.) @ The Casbah.
Maren Parusel @ Whistle Stop.
Bobby Fantasy, Syndicate, Neon Cough, Death On Mars, DJ Velvet Touch @ Ruby Room.
John Meeks, Marquez!, Little White Teeth @ Tin Can Ale House.
Stitch Hopeless & The Sea Legs, The Strikers, Death Valley Drifters @ Radio Room.

Feb 20th
The Long and Short Of It, The Archons, The Grids @ Ruby Room
Anya Marina, Softlights, and Wirepony @ Casbah (sold out!)
River City, The Western Set, Justin Rodriguez, DJ Gonzo @ Tin Can Ale House
Recordable Colors (CD Release), Mia Valentine, The Canton Mudders @ Ken Club

Feb 21st
Laura Meyer, Simeon Flick, John Paul @ Ruby Room
Bedlam of Cacophony, Hunab Ku, Dead Ghosts @ Radio Room
Silian Rail, Fever Sleeves @ Bar Pink
Harlem, Thee Makeout Party, The Glossines @ Casbah

Ready Set and Go! Hope to see ya'll at one of these shows!

Releasing the 7" beast!

First off people. Get your mind out of the Gutter! that's not the beast I am talking about.  Still to this day one band will forever fascinate me.  They will tickle every part of my funny bone.  NOT because they are funny guys... (that is kind of besides the point.)  The music and stage presence that exludes out of this band is so mind blowing.  It will have you FIST PUMPING. (Not like Snookie or The Situation of Jersey Shore.) They will have you invoking the darkness that is The Long And Short Of It. 

The beginning of this year brought good stuff towards the quadruple talented men.  Starting with a video release from their latest recording Caw!  Now a 7" release single.  Recorded at Black Box Studios by Mario Quintero; the 7" record introduces fans to two new songs "Welcome to Gnarlsberg" and "The Lancet."  Two new tracks are more of a streamline of what LASOI style is composed of.  Raw talent.   The black and white art work that is on the record was done by Ben Johnson himself.  

This 7" release party will be held at Ruby Room Saturday Feb 20th.  Sharing the stage will be The Archons and The Grids.  Which will later kick off their west coast tour.  It starts at Ruby Room and ends at Ruby Room.  (How awesome is that?)

If you feel this isn't enough Long and Short of It.  Then get ready for another music video.  They guys will be filming "Vast Systems" off of CAW! at the Grammatical B Black Forrest!  Get ready for another amazing video.  This will be featuring bird people, strange people and chaos! Be prepared! 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Man You Ok?

It has been roughly six months since Manuok has played San Diego.  Scott Mercado (ex Via Satellite) has come back to Ruby Room for another exciting show. This time I was able to catch the whole set.

The first time I heard of Manuok.  It wasn't hearing the name, however seeing it in print.  Man-uok is how i thought and every I have heard say the name.  But thanks to Scott in correcting me.  Its pronounced: man-you-oh-kay.   I have seen the many works for Scott Mercado. Being on stage with talent such as Album Leaf, Black Heart Procession, Mr Tube and The Flying Objects. The multi-instrumentalist started Manuok as a solo project that later turned in to a full functioning band and make no mistake that Scott Mercado and his quintuple band mates are just as fascinating as all the other bands they have worked and played with.  

Seeing Manuok after their Oct/Nov tour in Europe was in a way important for me to attend.  Why you may ask?  Being a person of different musical taste.  I have always wanted to get a good feel of Manuok.  Not rushed or looking at my watch to see the time, in order to get to the next show.  I wanted to take my sweet time when reviewing this show.  The wonders of what seems to be an indie rock band with such catchy tunes brought a nostalgic feeling as though I was listening to some of England's' latest indie sounds. The spacey laid back tracks that make it easy listening.  Almost like roadtrip, date night or just ambiance music.   In other words its sounds great no matter what your doing.  I was glad to take my time and enjoy this show.  

recap:  It's pronounced man-you-oh-kay  and completely worth watching!  

Weekend Picks. What worth Seeing and where!

Oh cupid is in the air.  If you are like me, you grabbed your guns and shoot 'em down.  There is no time for romancing in rockn roll.  Well, there is.  I will be doing my best to bat my eyes at the lovely bands that bring me great live shows this weekend.  For this commercial holiday brings either the greatness in people or the ugly. It depends on their take with Hallmark.  With no hesitations here are the weekend picks:

Feb 11
The Howl, Hotel St. George, The Dig, and Sunday Times @ Casbah
Lord Howler and Rats Eyes @ Bar Pink
Gun Runner, Riddle the Roar and Secret Apollo @ Ruby Room

Feb 12
Lualta, Lights On, Wake up Lucid @ Beauty Bar
Pocket @ Bar Pink

Feb 13
Drag the River, Cheap Girls, Madison Bloodbath @ Casbah (El Monte Slim in the Atari Lounge)
The Fascination, Sounds of Noise, Shaun T. Morgan @ Radio Room
Dirty Legs, Golden Years, Little Lungs @ Soda Bar
Lion Cut and Jamuel Saxon @ Tin Can Ale House

Feb 14
Roger and Sara's Wedding Anniversary Party w/ Listening Rocks, The Silent Comedy and Tan Sister Radio

Feb 15
Chris Shiflett of Foo Fighters and Special Guest Audra Mae @ Casbah
Diamonds Underfire, Lanterns, Grand Tarantula @ Soda Bar
Haymarket Squares, Antioquia, The Jason Chase Trio @ Ruby Room
The Natives, Die Sabotage, Youth Envy @ Radio Room