Tuesday, September 8, 2009

3rd Annual Zombie Birthday Bash!

Rockn Roll and Zombies! What more can this chick ask for. Maybe a new bass, but that i already received from Daddy D. A black fret-less Fender Jazz Bass!!! How excited I am to write about this show. Main reason is... I booked it. The first of many shows by RRNLSG. Also, the fact that it is a celebration of me turning one year older.

The line up is great. It's The Tighten Ups, Fing, Desert Diamonds and Hotel St. George. 4 great San Diego bands. All SDMA nominees. Which we all know is the day prior to the Zombie Fest.

The first one started as a pub crawl. Most of the bands that are playing have been to the other two. They all started at Ritual Tavern and ending with awesome bands at Bar Pink. This year i thought of making it much more special than dinner and walk to bar pink. However have the party at one venue with 4 awesome bands! Thank You Ruby Room! Sept 11 at Ruby Room door open early. Bands start at 9:30 rumor has it that I might be singing with one of the bands on stage. OH NO! I haven't sung in a band in over 6 years. Lets hope my voice is up to par for this one.

Since the Zombie Theme is reoccurring; I decided to put a twist on it this year. Cowboy Western Zombie. The dance floor will be covered in blood. While all dancing zombies will be in gear. The Ruby Room will have a 2 dollar drink special all night! Come on down the Show is free! Join me and some awesome bands to celebrate an awesome birthday! (dressing up is optional but you wont be as fun as if you did dress up for this! )

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David said...

Happy Birthday Bullet from a fellow Virgo