Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Lovers Call..

Any show in San Diego is great.  When you get three outstanding ROCKN ROLL bands together on one stage, it kind of makes you wonder, "Where the Hell are all the Rockers and the Rollers?" 
 One solid line-up Die Sabotage (sd) Genghis Con Job, and Danko Jones (Canada).

All month I have been excited for this show.  I've been Twittering and updating the Faceboook with similar status of "Danko FUCKEN Jones."    Danko Jones was suppose to play with Supersuckers and Zeke on Nov. 15th.  Zeke and Danko had canceled the date.  Zeke never rescheduled their appearance and if they did it's yet to be on the Casbah schedule.  Danko Jones, however scheduled back as the HEADLINER instead of the opener.  This was the shows of all shows.

Die Sabotage opened the show with some amazing guitar riffs.  Ever heard of Annihilation Time? They are a Punk and Roll band from Ventura, California.  No they have nothing to do with each other.  Die Sabotage just took me down memory lane with their style of music.  Annihilation Time was a band I would frequently see when I was in college.  Now I would frequently see the common style of Die Sabotage as much as i possibly can.  Their amazing bass and guitar sounds blasting out of the monitors was like bread and butter of punkn'roll; a genre not mainly touched by a lot of bands anymore.  It is a mix of punk rock energy with the simplistic rockn roll three cord riffs.  That steady drum beat and of course screamy, loud, and sexy vocals.   To make this set a lot better than I was expecting, Die Sabotage decided to cover The Hellacopters "Soul Seller."  (Please kids if you dont know who the Hellacopters are do a little research great Swedish band)

After Die Sabotage, Genghis Con Job took on the stage.  Their music isn't for the faint of heart.  Nor for those looking for a mere head bob on the side stage.  It's really for those about to rock!  The lead singer looks like, (and i wouldnt be surprised if it was) the big Scottish man from the Chase commercials.  This band has it all.  Widely selected music style of metal, punk, rock, and or sometimes roll.  Its almost like a cleaned up version of Nashville Pussy.

A small intermission from the bands before the highlight of the night begins.  There I am standing 2 feet away from Danko Jones.  We keep passing each other by in the small hall that separates the sound and the mens restroom.  I hear the drums (boom, boom, boom) .  At this time, i'm ready to take my place in front of what is going to be one of the best shows I have rocked out at.  The bass is being sound checked  and now the guitar.  Sound check song was "Lovers Call."  Making me all giggly inside knowing that I will witness the awesome power that is Canada Rockn Roll.  DANKO FUCKEN JONES!

Right they went into "Soul on Ice,"  from there it was all a great show.  The boys really know how to put a high energy rockn roll show.  Playing songs from all of their albums such as "First Date," "Samuel Sinner," "Never Again," Lovers Call," "Play the Blues," "Ice Cold Angel,"  "Sugar Chocolate,"  "New Woman," and a lot of stuff off their latest album.  It was a full hour set with some audience particpation like always.    Danko Jones is touring with their new release Never To Loud.  The title is appropriate for their sound.  DJ is never too loud for any venue and/or arena.  As their set came to an end, I was really sad to know they will not being back in San Diego for another 6 months to a year.  This means when they come around town next time you all have to get your asses off your couch and really catch their live sets!

Thank You Danko Jones and Casbah San Diego for a great show!

recap: All bands were fucken great!  Now research and check them out!

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