Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shows you Shouldnt Miss! June 1st - June 21st

Good bye May Gray! Hello June Gloom? What is going on with this crazy weather? We all know the songs right? We sometimes sing along to them quarterly when the time is right. April Showers bring May flowers and follows with May gray then June gloom!
Forget this gray weather and turn that frown upside down. Now get your heads in gear for upcoming shows you shouldn't miss!

If you missed Fing at the beauty bar. You missed a face melting experience. That's not good, don't worry they will be playing a few more shows. Rumor has it, they are going to start recording a new album. I recommend you go out and purchase Making Love with Fear, before you grab their second album.

Check out the pictures of Fing and their awesome performance! they are located all over this post.

Shows that are worth checking out for the new few weeks. Remember this is San Diego so there are shows every night, check your local listing and/or for more info.

June 01 An Early Evening with Mike Doughty @ Casbah

June 01 Transfer, Holy Rolling Empire, Head Like a Kite@ Casbah

June 02 (Late show) Joe Lally, Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects, David Scott Stone @ Casbah

June 04 Sleeping People, Aspects of Physics, Little White Teeth @casbah

Jun 5 2009 8:00P
Desert Diamonds, F. Scoott(LA), The Brandy Alexander Band@radio room

Jun 6 2009 9:00P
SATURDAY - The Long and Short of It, Tarrakian, GORT@soda bar

Jun 6 2009 9:00P
The Deere Johns, Diablo Dimes, Caburlesque Kittens@ Beautybar!

June 6 PEACOCKS(UK), The Henchmen(LA), The Strikers, The Death Valley Drifters@Radio Room

June 7 Holy Fuck, Crocodiles @ Casbah

June 7 2009 Street of Little Girls / Bobby Fantasy@ Ruby Room

June 8th Brigitte Handley&The Dark Shadows,Hard fall Hearts,The Watchmen,Kasket Krawlers @ Radio Room

June 08 Anti Monday League Presents Lemonheads and guests @ Casbah

Jun 9 2009 Diamond Sleeper, Endless Time, Jeans Wilder, Horse Head@ Soda Bar

June 12 Scarlet Symphony, Apes of Wrath, PAPA@ Casbah

June 12 Black Square(Hawaii), knock ’Em Stiffs @ Radio Room

Jun 12 2009 River City, Golden Red (cd release show!!), Quiet Life@ Soda Bar

Jun 13 2009 4 minutes to midnight/11 fingered charlie (Austin)/Kenta/Juanita and the Rabbit@ Ruby Room

June 14 2009 GRAND OLE PARTY / Pink Snowflakes (PDX psyche) / Ride the Sun / RDG @ Ruby Room

June15 Anti Monday League Presents Sunday Times@ Casbah

June17 White Rabbits, The Subjects, Hotel St. George@ Casbah

Jun 17 2009 Buckfast Superbee, State to State, The Gift/Curse @ Soda Bar

June18 Farmers CD Release Party with special guests, food, etc. @Casbah

June 18th Hit The Switch(Nitro Records), Skipjack, Carson White & The Rancho Rats @ Radio Room

June19 The Creepy Creeps, The Loons, The Omens, DJ Tony the Tyger and guests@ Casbah

Jun 20 2009 Fing, Dead Wasps @ Soda Bar

June 20 2009 Ghost Bird / Republic of Letters (late show) @ Ruby Room

June 21 The Queers, The Mansfields, Atom Age, The Glossines@ Casbah

I will keep this updated as much as possible, with new shows that happen to pop in and out of venues through out the dates mentioned. Get ready for a story!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome To All!

Rockn' Roll has never looked so good!

Welcome to the Online Music Calendar for your small concert needs

I will be your host through out the years to come. This blog will concentrate on a number of small venues; which are The Casbah, Ruby Room, Bar Pink, Radio Room, Beauty Bar, and Soda Bar. Mainly your shows on the strips. More so the ones I think are worth watching.

Small interviews from bands local and great out of town acts. Stories on the mayhem we all get into over the nights of rockn roll debauchery. Pictures from previous shows, and most important shows that will be happening all over town. So get your helmet ready your in for a treat and sometimes a great surprise!

For those who dont know me, I will informally introduce myself. I am Bullet McKenzie. I have been in the music scene for over 12 years. I have seen and been to many many shows. At one point of my life i was a band photographer, a club promoter, a Radio dj supporter, a music writer and now im starting my own music calendar. with stories of all things music.

I am pretty sure you have all seen me around town. Either at a show, at a resturant, at a bar. Dancing the night away.. I probably woke up in your hotel room, Wondering what I was doing there. I know there has been times that I wonder the same thing.