Monday, October 12, 2009

Its a Rumble and a Show Review!

To tell you the truth, im not sure what is better. A note written on a napkin or a my cheap ass phone. I'm at the Casbah. Its a Saturday night Rumble. The Rumble SD is a free once a month show that brings in a few local acts and a few out of town. This Saturday it was The Blakes, Lady Dottie and the Diamonds and my new favorite band Fitz and the Tantrums.

As the night began I made my way amongst the crowd. Hellos and how are yous are always proper when going to a venue that reminds you of home. Grabbing my usual poison of Jameson and PBR to chase the whiskey down. The Blakes went on. I will have to say its been a while since a band opened the Casbah that I have never heard of and really enjoyed. If BRMC and We are Scientist had a love child. Yes it would be the Blakes. They are a 3 piece band from Settle, WA. The rainy city brings great music sometimes. It might be the over depressed musicians that live there due to the lack of sunshine that we get here in lovely San Diego!

The crowd is grow as the minutes pass. Its almost surreal and movie like. Its like a soundtrack that was meant for the night. I have met Scheff prior to seeing him tonight. The lad was nice enough to keep me company as i did show up alone like always. Great conversations with great people at Casbah always makes my night. The Blakes at this time have finished their set. Its time for Lady Dottie and the Diamonds.

As Lady Dottie take the stage. Joey would actually be missing in action. The band is all set up except for him. As the crowd grows antsy for some good rockn roll. Lady Dottie and The Diamonds can not wait any longer. The first song begins to play. Mid song, in comes Joey in a hurry to set up. Normally I would say what a bunch of amateurs. However, Joey and the band were able to play it cool. What a bunch of little Fonzys'. Nathan Beale is playin guitar as Dirty Sweet is home from tour. The Soul and Funk that is coming out of the monitors is running hard through the veins of the Casbah. What is it about Lady Dottie that keeps everyone movie the way they do? This lovely Saturday night, it had to be the high high energy of the band. Giving it their all! As I talked to Nathan later after the show. I mentioned that this was one of the Hottest Gigs i have seen them do. I didnt mean temperature wise either. Of course what I see in the front isnt the same as what the band sees on stage. To him it was a Jalopy of a mess, however still able to pull off some great stunts for the audience.

Fitz and The Tantrums went on stage. By this time the venue was over loaded with people. To my dismay a wedding reception arrived where the hell did they come from? Does it matter? Not really. Fitz and the Tantrums are a pop soul band. They really impressed me. The presence of the band was more mellow, however enough to keep my toes tapping. Another great night at Casbah. Check out these bands on their myspace for tour information.

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