Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bar Pink is Bring in Back The Black!

Thank you Bar Pink for becoming an upcoming venue in the strip.  Besides Casbah, Bar Pink has been having some great shows.  Tonight being one of them.  The line up is Black Hondo and Dead Meat!  With a name like that you know you are getting your face melted tonight!  I am more excited at the fact that Black Hondo is opening up for them. 

If you have never heard or seen this band, it is time to get of your couch and check them out! Black Hondo is a style of their own in a city made up of different genres.  Almost like a new rendition of Jefferson's Airplane.  Lucina Go, the front woman of this band has vocals unlike the other women in San Diego.  Her style is similar to that of Grace Slick.  In this time and age of music, the scene needs something different.  Black Hondo is what this city needs.

The vocals are not the only thing that makes this band unique.  The psychedelic rhythm of the backing band is just as spectacular.  Almost like a siren in the night. Pure classic sounding.  Please let us not get confused with 70's psych rock "I should be on LSD, " type of music.  However, the sweet melodic eerie guitar is enjoyable with just a drink in your hand.  What better place to see Black Hondo, than Bar Pink!  This is a free show. They get on stage early so come on and check them out!

Pick of the Weekend! Where to go and whats worth watching!

The end of the month is here! Time flies when your having fun.  This weekend alone there are many shows worth watching.  I am excited to make the rounds this weekend.  Starting with tonight!  The strip will be packed with lots great bands local and out of town acts.  Here is the Pick of the Weekends!!!

Jan 28
Dead Meat, Black Hondo @ Bar Pink
Manuok, By sunlight, Confessions of a Corn Silo @ Ruby Room
Irradio, Get Down to Brass, Marquez! @ Soda Bar
Apes of Wrath, Hot Moon, Circus Minor @ Casbah

Jan 29
The Drowning Men, Midnight Rivals @ Bar Pink
Transfer, Wirepony, Hong Kong @ Casbah

Jan 30
DUANE PETERS, The Strikers, Die Sabotage @ Radio Room
EARLY SHOW- Polysics , Beaters @ Casbah
LATE SHOW - Town Criers, Manual Scan, Blue Gangsters @ Casbah
Normandie, Night Horse @ Bar Pink
Mia Valentine, The Flowerthief, The Mashits, Queens Guard @ Soda Bar

Jan 31
Firethorn, Heavy Glow, Boyscout, Naticaul Disaster @ Casbah
The Black Tounge Bell, Smashfash The Neighborhood Bully's @ Radio Room

Feb 1
Joe Jack (Deadmilk Men Lord Grunge, The Bassturd @ Bar Pink
Blackout Party @ Riviera
Lady Dottie and The Diamonds @ U-31

See You all at the SHOWS!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Dragons ~ Pictures Prove it all!

If you missed The Dragons, Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver and the Spitfires.  Well, I hate to say it but you missed an excellent rockn roll show.  Those don't happen very often in San Diego. Since most San Diego bands have taking a liking to the other genres of pop-rock, country, or punk, and metal. These shows become few and far between.  I am not going to write about how amazing this show was.  I believed I have mentioned that over and over.  However, pictures prove it all. Here is a slideshow and that will show you that The Dragons was one of the best shows that will happen in 2010.  Most shows can not top this except for Exile on Kettner Blvd.  

Jabbing, Stabbin, Right Hooks and all...

It is raw and live.  Although not recorded at a venue, Right Hook Of Love has all those qualities that most live albums carry.  With these melodic songs, rockn roll is not left behind.  Usually before I review an album, I must live with it.  De-constructing  the living hell out of it.  Listening to every sound that comes out of my speakers.  This album was actually one of the hardest to review.

Right Hook of Love has amazing qualities that during the first listen of the album, I found it to be fantastic and brilliant.  The more and more I listened to this album the more I enjoyed it.  I've seen Wirepony live a few times.  Great live set all the time.  Especially now that Arron Dennis is playing side by side to Patrick.   Starting the album with such a powerful song it could either go both ways.  However, from there it all flows like the river to the sea.  Some songs are from their previous EP's Home on The Strange and Wirepony Tour EP.  The continuity of the album is quite impressive.  With songs such as "Some Lighting," "Atlantic Man," and "All My Rockets;" all have faster tempo and harder melody than that previously recorded on their EP's. Which prove that this band has the talent to take their songs and make them better.   

The only problem I encountered with this album was no more than the backup vocals on a few songs.  Granted O is a great musician.  Talented in his own way.  However, some songs he would pitch his voice higher to meet that of Patrick's.   At one point the idea dawned on me.  If they had a female backup vocalist for just studio recordings; this album would be much more powerful than what it is already.  At one point it sounded like someone was squeezing O's sack and telling him, "please a wee higher when hitting those notes." Sorry O, you shouldn't have to hit notes that doesn't sound right.  Other than that the rest of the backups on the other songs were good.   

Right Hook of Love is released January 29th.  Which is perfect for their show with Transfer and Hong Kong at the Casbah. Tickets are 14 bucks.  Please purchase your tickets now, it will sell out!  See you all there and don't forget to pick up Right Hook of Love.  

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rockn Roll Kamikaze!

This is a story about coming of age into a city that I knew I would become one with.

I grew up in Culver City, Los Angeles. (yes that is the industrial part of south Hollywood).  A block away from the See's Candy factory.  While living in LA, all I saw was punks, gangsters and sometimes if I decided to take the bus into the main part of Hollywood; I would finally see the rockn rollers.  When I was 14 years old my mother thought it would be appropriate to move the family to a better place in San Diego.  National City is not better than Culver City.  It is better in the sense of community. However, I saw the same thing as I did in Culver City.   I still took the bus and trolley into the city for shows.  I remember over hearing the older crowd talk about a venue where great shows were put on a daily basis.  Reading SLAMM mag on a weekly basis to check out what the scene was like.  I would try to make it to all shows.  I would get a ride to Empire Club, The Old Bowling Alley, The Venus Club.  If i was lucky I was sneaking into The Old Playhouse, Scolaris office and Chasers.  Lets not forget the sewers for crust punk shows.  

By this time the only venue I still didnt visit was the legendary Casbah.  I went during the summer of my first year in San Diego.  Walked by the door.  Yeah, this was not going to be easy sneaking in.  Nor did I try.  I saw one of the band loading in gear.  Leather pants?  "Whoa," I thought to myself.  "Who are these guys"  I stuck around.  I asked the door guys if they were cool with me just sitting and listening to the music.  Since I am not old enough to go in the club, I still wanna listen to the music.  He told me about the band going on.  THE DRAGONS.

With a name like that it had to be good ole' rockn roll!  The moment they started playing I knew I had found a place where I would constantly listen to the great acts of my time and generation.  The South Bay natives that is Mario Escovedo, Steve Rodriguez, Jarrod Lucas, and Ken Horne.  They have been playing together since 1991.  They have toured all over the world.  Played 11 SXSW Music Conferences.  Although they do not play venues on a regular basis after 2004 break up.  The Dragons still get together for one special event.  

I am now 26 years old and to this day I still get really excited when I know that The Dragons are playing.  Even if its once a year.  January 23 marks the 21st anniversery of The Casbah.  With who else to turn this baby as old as the patrons they let in but The Dragons Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver, The Drips, The Spitfires.  This is a show not to be missed at all!  Like every year they play.  This is the only show I can really say "I'll DIE if I miss it!"  See you all there.   

And Thank You Casbah for Existing for people such as myself!  The Real Rockn Roll Mercenaries!  Meet you at the back bar!  

Weekend Picks ... what to see and where!

Rain rain go away.... blah... Please do not leave, the city looks beautiful when its wet.  However, it keeps everyone hibernating in their comfort of their giant tv's and their snuggies.  Please don't let this weather affect you and your daily rocking and rolling.  Rain or shine these are the picks of the weekend.  

Jan 22
Maren Parusel w/ Maus Haus @ Bar Pink
Astra Kelly / Luce / RepublicOfLetters/EvanRobinson / Medicine for Madison @ The Ruby Room
Nothington(SF), Breaker Breaker One Niner, Sunnyside, Honest Iago @ The Radio Room
Secret Apollo (album release), Knives, Joanie Mendenhal @ Soda Bar
Dave and Deke Combo, The Bedbreakers, The Rumblers, Bill Cardinal and the Canyon Band in the Atari Lounge @ The Casbah

Jan 23
The Dragons, Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver, The Drips, The Spitfires @ Casbah  

Jan 24
Death On Mars / Melodic Destruction / More TBA @ The Ruby Room
Black Lips, Nobunny, Slab City@ The Casbah

Jan 25
The Fascination / Vinyl Film/ Save Amos welcome home show @ The Ruby Room
Anti Monday League Presents Jemina Pearl, Mermaid and The Littlest Viking @ The Casbah

You all know where you will see me on Saturday.  This is a show not to miss. I believe I haven't Missed a Dragons show.  So I don't you should either!  Meet you at the Back Bar! 

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Morbid but not Eerie. This is a Fun Shine Line...

Hotel St George.  You did it again!  Another record with the interchanging of the instruments. Genus or Crazy?  You decide.  With Fun Shine Line the new album of the decade.  Hotel St. George reveals a side of the band that no one has heard.  This album, by far much more darker and eerie compared to that of Hundreds and Thousand and of course their last debut City Lemon Boy.

This being their third full length album.   It was all or nothing for them.  The interchanging of the instruments was not as usual as when they are on stage with the SWAPPING of the instruments.  This time they literally changed who played what instruments.

The album starts off with "How is Your Mother."  A mellow pop introduction of the full length.  Very eerie.  As the album progresses the songs do the same thing in the dark melodic stages.  Not only is Fun Shine Line instrumentally dark; the title of the tracks and Matt Binders voice is the perfect touch to this album.  This is not your usual pop punk Hotel St. George.  Most songs such as "Thats Why I Drink Every Night,"  has to do with frustration and pain.  Mainly based on family, religion and just your ever day frustrations on life.  I will have to say this is one of my favorite songs off this album.

As you listen to the rest of the album, you'll notice that there tracks are still lyrically dark but the tempo is more upbeat.  The Keyboards are what makes this album.  As well as the rhythm of the guitar.  Hotel St. George finally wrote an album that was made perfectly for them.   When they played their entire cd prior to their release at Soda Bar.  I didn't pay much attention except for a few songs.  After listening to this album on repeat; I can stand behind it and say its one of their best albums!

Be on the look out for Fun Shine Line!

Picks of The Weekend! Were to go and whats worth Watching..

Hola everyone.. Second week of the New Year and more exciting shows to attend.  After a 3 day mellow stay at home nights (even though I didnt stay home); it's time to paint the town red!  Remember Casbah is celebrating their 21st birthday all month!  Shows are going to be selling out so I recommend you grab your tickets for all the shows coming up!  Today is the weekend picks... If your not wearing your glasses it might be your weekend pricks!

Although these all listings are going to be fun times, I highly recommending that you check this shows this weekend!  READY set and go....

Jan 14th
Behind the Wagon/Nautical Disaster/The 383s @ The Ruby Room
Shawn Rohlf and the Buskers @ Bar Pink
Dave Hillyard and the Rock Steady 7, See Spot, The Lifters @ Casbah

Jan 15th
Greg Gibson CD Release Party / Erika Davies / The Hundred Days  @  The Ruby Room (the Hundred days is the bizness!)
Save Amos,The Sweet Revenge(SF), One I Red, Arson Academy @ The Radio Room
Get Back Loretta, PAPA, Weatherbox  @Soda Bar 
Imaad Wasif w/ Vision Of A Dying World @ Bar Pink
Cash'd Out, Graceland @ Casbah 

Shaun T. Morgan, El Monte Slim & Honkatonk @ Tin Can Ale House

Jan 16th
 Adam Franklin, Tape Deck Mountain, Roxy Jones ($5) @ Soda Bar
The All Wait, Echo Echo, Eclipse 79 (CD release) @ Beauty Bar
The Silent Comedy w/ Mississippi Man@ Bar Pink
The Builders and The Butchers, Little Whie Teeth@ Casbah  (early show)
Creedle, Upsilon Acrux, Rats Eyes @ Casbah (late show and will sell out!)

Jan 17th
White Denim, Brazos, Big Bang @ Casbah 

Jan 18th
Hockey, Asa Ransom and DJ Skullcrusher @ Casbah SOLD OUT ALREADY!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Picks of The Weekend! Were to go and whats worth Watching..

Since the first of the year I have been going strong with shows.  One after another after another.  I was tired and burnt out.  I got my second wind and here I go.  Although tonight i'm taking a break from rockin and rolling to celebrate my best mate's birthday, I will be listing the shows of the weekend... So please come on out and hang out celebrating the first month of a great year! 

Jan 7 
The Visual Underground is BACK! - Film/Rock/Art to drink to - live music by Crash Encore, Republic of Letters, DJ Edgartronic @ Casbah
Abe Vigoda, Best Coast, and Zola Jesus @ Soda Bar

Jan 8
Big Sandy and His Flyrite Boys, Smith's Ranch Boys, Brawley @ Casbah
The Mashtis CD Release / Lessons From Zeke / Golden Red / Simeon Flick @ The Ruby Room (should be a good one)
The Fascination, Vinyl Film, Bella Novela(LA), The RnR’s @ Radio Room

Jan 9
The Nervous Wreckords, Midnight Rivals, Black Hondo @ Casbah
ThatTimeOfTheMonth:Chris Pureka (NY) / The Dirty Legs / Mermaid / Wendy Bailey @ Ruby Room
Nautical Disaster, Death on Mars, Behind the Wagon @ Soda Bar

Jan 11
Anti Monday League presents Alberta Cross, Hacienda@ Casbah
The Tighten Ups! @ The Ruby Room

Want Fries with that Walk of Shame?

What do you get when you mix in the genius that is Ben Johnson (The Long and Short of It) with Microphone Mike?   As they mention on their site "a messy telekinetic experiment luckily gone right." 
A rap show that is going to blow minds. The line up is of course epic.  Addiquit, Microphone Mike, D-Pain, Sex Mannequin and the DEBUT of Grammatical B!  you heard right it was the DEBUT of Grammatical B.  A side project that I keep joking about; "The Reason why Hostile Combover broke up."  (please dont spread that around because its not true!  its just a fucken joke) 

Although Grammatical B only played 3 songs;  They still had the crowd dancing and head bopping to the amazing beats from Microphone Mike.  Three costume change in between songs and the over the top stage presence that keeps people coming back for more. Ben Johnson's almost animated movements and high energy makes the show much more fun! He even had his ma'  come up and help him with the last costume change. What is more awesome than having ma' on stage with you?  

 If you missed out on Grammatical B's debut at the Casbah.  Don't worry. I am pretty sure you will see them again!  

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Years! and Weekend Picks!

I might be a day late however, I still want to wish everyone a Happy New Years.  Post maybe a little scattered since the disappearance of my computer while  being at Casbah.  This will not stop me from writing and letting everyone know the awesome things happening.

I spent New Years with the Zeros.  Doing merch of course but still fun!  Here are my weekend Picks!  Since there really isnt much going on this week it seems like Casbah is kicking off their 21st birthday month into a frenzy of shows!  Which start tonight! 

Jan 2. 
The Zeros, The Choke, The Beaters @ Casbah 

Jan 3
Archons, Lord Howler, Of the Horizon@ Casbah

Jan 4
Addiquit, Microphone Mike, D-Pain, Sex Mannequin and the DEBUT of Grammatical B @ Casbah

Jan 5
Boyscout, Drug Wars, Knives! @ Casbah

Jan 6
The Long and Short of It, Spider Fever, Life Deposits @ Casbah
The Blokes (Irish folk/punk!)  @ The Ruby Room