Monday, November 9, 2009

Ill Have a Cafe' Au Lait with a half Loretta on the side!

Friday nights normally consist of me being at Casbah or Bar Pink, or Ruby Room depending on the line up of the shows.  Casbah had Le Soup.  Not sure if i was in the mood for anything that night.  So i took the night off from heavy rocking and went straight to Cafe Libertalia for some coffee shop music.  To my surprise It was Jackson Price, Gayle Skidmore and Kevin Martin and Issac Cass (Half of Get Back Loretta).  I actually showed up during sound check.  Which was a preview to something I was about to see.   This is my first coffee shop show in years.  I believe prior to turning 21.  Maybe longer.

Kevin Martin starts the show.  Sitting on keyboards; he goes into a melodic tune to set the mood.  While playing the first song.  I was expecting a really mellow night.  As Kevin went into the second song, The tempo changed.  This was more of the boogie woogie style.  It is best describe  as  the sounds of Nina Simone and Ryan Adams' love child.  The vocals that Kevin exludes to the audience are very Ryan Adams.  Country and whiny with some slight "im kinda high on something"  melodic gestures.  The sounds coming out of the keyboard was just genuinely warm with fast and slow beats.  Issac and Jackson would randomly come up on stage to either do backups.

For this cramped space, its a full house.  I believe this place can only hold about fifty people maybe a little more if we cramp up like sardines in a tin container. 

Jackson Price is now taking the stage.  The first song he plays is a mix between Jack Johnson and Damine Rice.  Two very different artist however it is possible to mash up very well.  By the jangly sounds of guitar and the mellow voice that is being used to sing the tunes.  With his music I feel as though i should be relaxing on the beach not at a coffee shop.  Jackson then brings the mood back down to a melodic slow flow guitar melodies after just the first song.  At this time I believe it was very much needed for a smoke.  Might wake me up a little bit.  Walking in to take my seat again, Kevin and Jackson are both playing and singing together.  What a great collaboration.  Jackson on guitar and doing back up vocals while Kevin is on keys and singing his heart out.

After their mini set, Gayle Skidmore is next on stage.  Its all very free flowing.  There is no set times, or who plays next.    Now Gayle was more of a treat than a surprise.  She got on the stage with a banjo on hand and a flower in her hair.  She tuned up and started playing.  Great Vocals, unlinke anything i have heard before.  Its a great soul voice mixed in with the twang of banjo.  A girl you can certainly relate with musically speaking.  Gayle is played the RRNLSG: Dia De Los Muertos show at Ruby Room.  Her band at that show was just unbelievable.  Once her mini set was over. 

Next on the rotation was Issac Cass.  The first song started on the left foot.  A few errors were happening, however it became more of a comical thing.  As Kevin and Issac enteract with each other on and off stage.  As the song progressed a few more comical errors from Issac.  This now seemed to be more of a shtick.  When the song was done.  Kevin was asked to go back on stage.  It has now become the Kevin and Issac show at Cafe Libertalia.   Issac's voice  is a combination of Greg Brown and Bob Dylan sans cocaine and booze.  Making it a jangly, loose, and twangy for his music.   As his last song finished, he had finally bloomed on stage.  While both Issac and Kevin played together it the tempo of the music changed and became more jazz and rag-time inspired.  The comedy kept growing and the entertainment was keeping the audience happy. 

By this time, It was time to go home.  Leaving the cafe with a feeling of warmth and happiness.  I knew that taking the night off of Rockn Roll for a mellow cafe show was a great choice.  Recap:  Half Loretta worth seeing.  Great line-ups.  It was worth my 5 bucks.

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