Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bar Pink is Bring in Back The Black!

Thank you Bar Pink for becoming an upcoming venue in the strip.  Besides Casbah, Bar Pink has been having some great shows.  Tonight being one of them.  The line up is Black Hondo and Dead Meat!  With a name like that you know you are getting your face melted tonight!  I am more excited at the fact that Black Hondo is opening up for them. 

If you have never heard or seen this band, it is time to get of your couch and check them out! Black Hondo is a style of their own in a city made up of different genres.  Almost like a new rendition of Jefferson's Airplane.  Lucina Go, the front woman of this band has vocals unlike the other women in San Diego.  Her style is similar to that of Grace Slick.  In this time and age of music, the scene needs something different.  Black Hondo is what this city needs.

The vocals are not the only thing that makes this band unique.  The psychedelic rhythm of the backing band is just as spectacular.  Almost like a siren in the night. Pure classic sounding.  Please let us not get confused with 70's psych rock "I should be on LSD, " type of music.  However, the sweet melodic eerie guitar is enjoyable with just a drink in your hand.  What better place to see Black Hondo, than Bar Pink!  This is a free show. They get on stage early so come on and check them out!

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