Thursday, January 7, 2010

Want Fries with that Walk of Shame?

What do you get when you mix in the genius that is Ben Johnson (The Long and Short of It) with Microphone Mike?   As they mention on their site "a messy telekinetic experiment luckily gone right." 
A rap show that is going to blow minds. The line up is of course epic.  Addiquit, Microphone Mike, D-Pain, Sex Mannequin and the DEBUT of Grammatical B!  you heard right it was the DEBUT of Grammatical B.  A side project that I keep joking about; "The Reason why Hostile Combover broke up."  (please dont spread that around because its not true!  its just a fucken joke) 

Although Grammatical B only played 3 songs;  They still had the crowd dancing and head bopping to the amazing beats from Microphone Mike.  Three costume change in between songs and the over the top stage presence that keeps people coming back for more. Ben Johnson's almost animated movements and high energy makes the show much more fun! He even had his ma'  come up and help him with the last costume change. What is more awesome than having ma' on stage with you?  

 If you missed out on Grammatical B's debut at the Casbah.  Don't worry. I am pretty sure you will see them again!  

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