Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pick of the Weekend! Where to go and whats worth watching!

The end of the month is here! Time flies when your having fun.  This weekend alone there are many shows worth watching.  I am excited to make the rounds this weekend.  Starting with tonight!  The strip will be packed with lots great bands local and out of town acts.  Here is the Pick of the Weekends!!!

Jan 28
Dead Meat, Black Hondo @ Bar Pink
Manuok, By sunlight, Confessions of a Corn Silo @ Ruby Room
Irradio, Get Down to Brass, Marquez! @ Soda Bar
Apes of Wrath, Hot Moon, Circus Minor @ Casbah

Jan 29
The Drowning Men, Midnight Rivals @ Bar Pink
Transfer, Wirepony, Hong Kong @ Casbah

Jan 30
DUANE PETERS, The Strikers, Die Sabotage @ Radio Room
EARLY SHOW- Polysics , Beaters @ Casbah
LATE SHOW - Town Criers, Manual Scan, Blue Gangsters @ Casbah
Normandie, Night Horse @ Bar Pink
Mia Valentine, The Flowerthief, The Mashits, Queens Guard @ Soda Bar

Jan 31
Firethorn, Heavy Glow, Boyscout, Naticaul Disaster @ Casbah
The Black Tounge Bell, Smashfash The Neighborhood Bully's @ Radio Room

Feb 1
Joe Jack (Deadmilk Men Lord Grunge, The Bassturd @ Bar Pink
Blackout Party @ Riviera
Lady Dottie and The Diamonds @ U-31

See You all at the SHOWS!!

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