Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jabbing, Stabbin, Right Hooks and all...

It is raw and live.  Although not recorded at a venue, Right Hook Of Love has all those qualities that most live albums carry.  With these melodic songs, rockn roll is not left behind.  Usually before I review an album, I must live with it.  De-constructing  the living hell out of it.  Listening to every sound that comes out of my speakers.  This album was actually one of the hardest to review.

Right Hook of Love has amazing qualities that during the first listen of the album, I found it to be fantastic and brilliant.  The more and more I listened to this album the more I enjoyed it.  I've seen Wirepony live a few times.  Great live set all the time.  Especially now that Arron Dennis is playing side by side to Patrick.   Starting the album with such a powerful song it could either go both ways.  However, from there it all flows like the river to the sea.  Some songs are from their previous EP's Home on The Strange and Wirepony Tour EP.  The continuity of the album is quite impressive.  With songs such as "Some Lighting," "Atlantic Man," and "All My Rockets;" all have faster tempo and harder melody than that previously recorded on their EP's. Which prove that this band has the talent to take their songs and make them better.   

The only problem I encountered with this album was no more than the backup vocals on a few songs.  Granted O is a great musician.  Talented in his own way.  However, some songs he would pitch his voice higher to meet that of Patrick's.   At one point the idea dawned on me.  If they had a female backup vocalist for just studio recordings; this album would be much more powerful than what it is already.  At one point it sounded like someone was squeezing O's sack and telling him, "please a wee higher when hitting those notes." Sorry O, you shouldn't have to hit notes that doesn't sound right.  Other than that the rest of the backups on the other songs were good.   

Right Hook of Love is released January 29th.  Which is perfect for their show with Transfer and Hong Kong at the Casbah. Tickets are 14 bucks.  Please purchase your tickets now, it will sell out!  See you all there and don't forget to pick up Right Hook of Love.  

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Are you sure that's not Charlie singing back up?