Thursday, February 11, 2010

Weekend Picks. What worth Seeing and where!

Oh cupid is in the air.  If you are like me, you grabbed your guns and shoot 'em down.  There is no time for romancing in rockn roll.  Well, there is.  I will be doing my best to bat my eyes at the lovely bands that bring me great live shows this weekend.  For this commercial holiday brings either the greatness in people or the ugly. It depends on their take with Hallmark.  With no hesitations here are the weekend picks:

Feb 11
The Howl, Hotel St. George, The Dig, and Sunday Times @ Casbah
Lord Howler and Rats Eyes @ Bar Pink
Gun Runner, Riddle the Roar and Secret Apollo @ Ruby Room

Feb 12
Lualta, Lights On, Wake up Lucid @ Beauty Bar
Pocket @ Bar Pink

Feb 13
Drag the River, Cheap Girls, Madison Bloodbath @ Casbah (El Monte Slim in the Atari Lounge)
The Fascination, Sounds of Noise, Shaun T. Morgan @ Radio Room
Dirty Legs, Golden Years, Little Lungs @ Soda Bar
Lion Cut and Jamuel Saxon @ Tin Can Ale House

Feb 14
Roger and Sara's Wedding Anniversary Party w/ Listening Rocks, The Silent Comedy and Tan Sister Radio

Feb 15
Chris Shiflett of Foo Fighters and Special Guest Audra Mae @ Casbah
Diamonds Underfire, Lanterns, Grand Tarantula @ Soda Bar
Haymarket Squares, Antioquia, The Jason Chase Trio @ Ruby Room
The Natives, Die Sabotage, Youth Envy @ Radio Room

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