Thursday, January 14, 2010

Morbid but not Eerie. This is a Fun Shine Line...

Hotel St George.  You did it again!  Another record with the interchanging of the instruments. Genus or Crazy?  You decide.  With Fun Shine Line the new album of the decade.  Hotel St. George reveals a side of the band that no one has heard.  This album, by far much more darker and eerie compared to that of Hundreds and Thousand and of course their last debut City Lemon Boy.

This being their third full length album.   It was all or nothing for them.  The interchanging of the instruments was not as usual as when they are on stage with the SWAPPING of the instruments.  This time they literally changed who played what instruments.

The album starts off with "How is Your Mother."  A mellow pop introduction of the full length.  Very eerie.  As the album progresses the songs do the same thing in the dark melodic stages.  Not only is Fun Shine Line instrumentally dark; the title of the tracks and Matt Binders voice is the perfect touch to this album.  This is not your usual pop punk Hotel St. George.  Most songs such as "Thats Why I Drink Every Night,"  has to do with frustration and pain.  Mainly based on family, religion and just your ever day frustrations on life.  I will have to say this is one of my favorite songs off this album.

As you listen to the rest of the album, you'll notice that there tracks are still lyrically dark but the tempo is more upbeat.  The Keyboards are what makes this album.  As well as the rhythm of the guitar.  Hotel St. George finally wrote an album that was made perfectly for them.   When they played their entire cd prior to their release at Soda Bar.  I didn't pay much attention except for a few songs.  After listening to this album on repeat; I can stand behind it and say its one of their best albums!

Be on the look out for Fun Shine Line!

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