Friday, January 22, 2010

Rockn Roll Kamikaze!

This is a story about coming of age into a city that I knew I would become one with.

I grew up in Culver City, Los Angeles. (yes that is the industrial part of south Hollywood).  A block away from the See's Candy factory.  While living in LA, all I saw was punks, gangsters and sometimes if I decided to take the bus into the main part of Hollywood; I would finally see the rockn rollers.  When I was 14 years old my mother thought it would be appropriate to move the family to a better place in San Diego.  National City is not better than Culver City.  It is better in the sense of community. However, I saw the same thing as I did in Culver City.   I still took the bus and trolley into the city for shows.  I remember over hearing the older crowd talk about a venue where great shows were put on a daily basis.  Reading SLAMM mag on a weekly basis to check out what the scene was like.  I would try to make it to all shows.  I would get a ride to Empire Club, The Old Bowling Alley, The Venus Club.  If i was lucky I was sneaking into The Old Playhouse, Scolaris office and Chasers.  Lets not forget the sewers for crust punk shows.  

By this time the only venue I still didnt visit was the legendary Casbah.  I went during the summer of my first year in San Diego.  Walked by the door.  Yeah, this was not going to be easy sneaking in.  Nor did I try.  I saw one of the band loading in gear.  Leather pants?  "Whoa," I thought to myself.  "Who are these guys"  I stuck around.  I asked the door guys if they were cool with me just sitting and listening to the music.  Since I am not old enough to go in the club, I still wanna listen to the music.  He told me about the band going on.  THE DRAGONS.

With a name like that it had to be good ole' rockn roll!  The moment they started playing I knew I had found a place where I would constantly listen to the great acts of my time and generation.  The South Bay natives that is Mario Escovedo, Steve Rodriguez, Jarrod Lucas, and Ken Horne.  They have been playing together since 1991.  They have toured all over the world.  Played 11 SXSW Music Conferences.  Although they do not play venues on a regular basis after 2004 break up.  The Dragons still get together for one special event.  

I am now 26 years old and to this day I still get really excited when I know that The Dragons are playing.  Even if its once a year.  January 23 marks the 21st anniversery of The Casbah.  With who else to turn this baby as old as the patrons they let in but The Dragons Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver, The Drips, The Spitfires.  This is a show not to be missed at all!  Like every year they play.  This is the only show I can really say "I'll DIE if I miss it!"  See you all there.   

And Thank You Casbah for Existing for people such as myself!  The Real Rockn Roll Mercenaries!  Meet you at the back bar!  

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La Paloma said...

funny, when i had a fake id, i used it to sneak in lots of places, but i never dared use it to sneak in the was like a rite of passage to be able to get in there. :)p