Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Years! and Weekend Picks!

I might be a day late however, I still want to wish everyone a Happy New Years.  Post maybe a little scattered since the disappearance of my computer while  being at Casbah.  This will not stop me from writing and letting everyone know the awesome things happening.

I spent New Years with the Zeros.  Doing merch of course but still fun!  Here are my weekend Picks!  Since there really isnt much going on this week it seems like Casbah is kicking off their 21st birthday month into a frenzy of shows!  Which start tonight! 

Jan 2. 
The Zeros, The Choke, The Beaters @ Casbah 

Jan 3
Archons, Lord Howler, Of the Horizon@ Casbah

Jan 4
Addiquit, Microphone Mike, D-Pain, Sex Mannequin and the DEBUT of Grammatical B @ Casbah

Jan 5
Boyscout, Drug Wars, Knives! @ Casbah

Jan 6
The Long and Short of It, Spider Fever, Life Deposits @ Casbah
The Blokes (Irish folk/punk!)  @ The Ruby Room

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