Thursday, January 14, 2010

Picks of The Weekend! Were to go and whats worth Watching..

Hola everyone.. Second week of the New Year and more exciting shows to attend.  After a 3 day mellow stay at home nights (even though I didnt stay home); it's time to paint the town red!  Remember Casbah is celebrating their 21st birthday all month!  Shows are going to be selling out so I recommend you grab your tickets for all the shows coming up!  Today is the weekend picks... If your not wearing your glasses it might be your weekend pricks!

Although these all listings are going to be fun times, I highly recommending that you check this shows this weekend!  READY set and go....

Jan 14th
Behind the Wagon/Nautical Disaster/The 383s @ The Ruby Room
Shawn Rohlf and the Buskers @ Bar Pink
Dave Hillyard and the Rock Steady 7, See Spot, The Lifters @ Casbah

Jan 15th
Greg Gibson CD Release Party / Erika Davies / The Hundred Days  @  The Ruby Room (the Hundred days is the bizness!)
Save Amos,The Sweet Revenge(SF), One I Red, Arson Academy @ The Radio Room
Get Back Loretta, PAPA, Weatherbox  @Soda Bar 
Imaad Wasif w/ Vision Of A Dying World @ Bar Pink
Cash'd Out, Graceland @ Casbah 

Shaun T. Morgan, El Monte Slim & Honkatonk @ Tin Can Ale House

Jan 16th
 Adam Franklin, Tape Deck Mountain, Roxy Jones ($5) @ Soda Bar
The All Wait, Echo Echo, Eclipse 79 (CD release) @ Beauty Bar
The Silent Comedy w/ Mississippi Man@ Bar Pink
The Builders and The Butchers, Little Whie Teeth@ Casbah  (early show)
Creedle, Upsilon Acrux, Rats Eyes @ Casbah (late show and will sell out!)

Jan 17th
White Denim, Brazos, Big Bang @ Casbah 

Jan 18th
Hockey, Asa Ransom and DJ Skullcrusher @ Casbah SOLD OUT ALREADY!

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