Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reviewing on other sites!

So I like doing small mini album reviews of my favorite albums. Today I did Fing, which is playing a very special gig in September. I will talk about that more when the time comes. However; iTunes is great for checking out music and review music.
Im going to cheat a little and post my review of
Making Love With Fear.

iTunes Review for Fing
Making Love With Fear.

If you haven't heard
Making Love with Fear then you don't know what making love with rock is about. Fing is an original all star 5 member group. Everyone in the band brings their own feel and creativity. With their raw energy they bring on stage, its not surprise that Making Love with Fear mimics that same energy on record. With their opener; "Don't Talk," it gives you an understanding of what the album might consist of musically. Then when you think your going with the flow, Fing changes up the tempo and "Rock The Hips" comes on. A funk song with swanky guitars and a head bopping bass line. This might be one of the best singles on this album. Songs either have a funk grove to them or an electro-rock feel to them. Fing has brought so much liveliness to San Diego's music scene. I recommend to everyone to grab this record. It would be better if you go and watch them live you wont be disappointed. I never am!

There's a Monster Comin' from Cat D'Camp on Vimeo.

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