Friday, July 17, 2009

There Ain't No Diamonds on this Road!

Its been quite a long road for these boys. Long dry desert winds during their travels as rockers. As the coyotes cry in the night, so does The Desert Diamonds for music. The Desert Diamonds have been on a road of music stardom for a while. Not saying, they are looking to be the next big MTV band. However, their following is forever growing.

The years have been rough on Desert Diamonds. It started around the winter of '06 -spring of '07. 5 friends got together and started playing rockn roll. Coming from a punk rock background it would be no surprise that these men would join together to start an exceptional band. The five man band would feature the vocals of Gabe Cross, the stunning guitar of Dusty Wheeler, the amazing walking bass lines of Matt Wick and the stylish drum beating of Andrew Jones.

With their first self titled EP that came out at the end of 'o8 Desert Diamonds started the different fad of music in San Diego. This would be the album to shape shift their music for all to hear. The dynamic style of Rock and Soul; makes it more of a southern 70's rock band than just some modern kicks. Songs like "Dust and Sand," and "That Girl" which brings some rockn guitar riffs and the explosion of vocals. Others such as "Homesick Shoes" and "Misty Morning," has laid down the track of amazing bass solos with backing drums. "Red Liddy" is a soulful southern song that brings the album to an end.

These boys know how to make any night Epic. Thanks also to the coyotes that follow them through the desert these boys will never be lost in the heat. You can always catch Desert Diamonds playing down The Strips. For The Strip is their home land. There is a new album coming out soon. Once that is in my hands; It will be up for a review and a update on this band.

Desert Diamonds will be playing again Aug 12 @ U31 with Grass Heat. This is an early show so get their early! For more information go to their

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