Wednesday, July 8, 2009

City Boy Lemon

Named after a dog named George, a dog house named Hotel George. Then with a sad last note when the dog was ran over, became Hotel St. George; lead singer Matt Binder takes this pop rock band for a tour of music freedom and the perfect melody that is City Boy Lemon. Forming in the fall of '07, Hotel St. George has been making nothing but great news and reviews.

In a city that normally sleeps at 4 am. A soundtrack to your every night movement should be made. In the ever-lasting playlist created by people in San Diego; this new record should be on there. City Boy Lemon takes its flash back fashion of pop/glam rock and creates a dance mix of great songs. Binders, Bowie-esque sound brings new hope in the change of music for the better. With great backing musicians Brian Reily (guitar, keyboard, vocals), Erik Visnyak (bass, vocals), Simon Leader (drums). This being their third proper release, this album takes on a new type of sound for HSG.

Yippee!!! self released album in '08 was a mere pop album, with dancing hits such as "Watch Out/It's the Blues." Followed by shows in San Diego and Los Angeles. It's not a surprise that within months of forming they were opening acts for San Diego's own Louie XVI at the annual Karl Strauss Brew at the Beach fest. The simplicity of this album has kept people wondering whats next.

Hundreds and Thousands being the second release for HSG was a not as great but decent enough to get some good reviews. Lyrically speaking it was a great album, but lack the same energy that Yippee!!! showed. Finally the summer of '09 brings what could be the next best thing out of San Diego. City Boy Lemon.

This album is one of best rock album to come out this summer in San Diego. The lack of pop and the interchanging* of instruments has kept me listening to this album on repeat for the past few days. Lets just say eight out of the ten tracks are great. The other two are ones I can do with skipping them. "All The Dancing Stars," would happen to be a favorite tune off this album. "All The Dancing Stars," Also appeared on a compilation mixed cd for Foundtrack "Hips and Hair Mix Tape Vol 1." Other great songs on City Boy Lemon are "Welcome to the Sun" and their self titled "City Boy Lemon." Each song brings on their own take on rock. With great guitar gut punching riff, heavy drums and endless bass lines, makes the sound that all together gets really better as this album progress towards the end. You can say that HSG brings what other bands lack. Realistic dance rock tunes. You can dance to anything, however, HSG is not for the mere '80's rocker. However, more for music enthusiast that love to listen to an album that jumps all over the place.

One way to sum this; if The Libertines and The Stranglers had a child they would call it Hotel St. George.

August 13th is the release of City Boy Lemon, on vinyl only. They will be playing the Casbah August 13th with Writer, Swim Party and Intricate Machines.

photography by Michael Klayman

*Interchanging of instruments can also be seen in their live shows.

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