Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Give me that Honky Tonk Blues!

To start off a good Honky Tonk Tuesday i decided a while ago to do research on what made some of San Diego's Cowpunk bands worth listening to. There are a few that i keep on a good rotation. However,while listening to a little Cash, one song came on that made me feel as though, San Diego isn't the only city with great honky tonk music. Although there are a few right now that ruffle my feathers.

With a the Midwestern sound of long winded heartbreaks, traveling on a long desert highway, deals with the devil, whiskey slinging, shit kicking, cocaine drowning cowboy songs on the modern day; Bartenders Bible is on the top of that list of Honk Tonk music. Like snake poison, this band takes full effect and has you down for the count the moment as Jaso
n Corbin starts strumming the guitar and singing. The backup vocals of Arabella Harrison , is like the final sting on that snake venom. The band is a six piece band with talents such as Matthew Strachota on banjo, keyboards, and guitar. Matthew Parker on guitar, lap steel guitar, and mandolin. Jim Austin on up-right bass, and Richard “T-Bone” Larson on drums. Their latest album which actually has been out for a while Rimrock Recording Sessions, proves that country can still be an ass-kicking genre. Their style is the way old American should be sung. With songs such as “Confetti” and “Eviction Notice,” Bartenders Bible tempo goes from slow melodic to fast almost two stepping. All thigh slapping, heel tapping or swaying to the guitar and vocals that makes this band one of the best country bands in San Diego.

Avalon Tattoo will be celebrating their 20th anniversary party at the Casbah July 5th. Bartenders Bible will be playing with The Deere Johns, Old Man Markley and The Tighten Ups. Check the Casbah for more information time and location.

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