Monday, July 6, 2009

And the night cost me 4 dollars....

It's Avalon Tattoo's 20th Anniversary party at The Casbah. Good times are ahead. The doors open 7pm. Four Amazing bands were playing. The Deere Johns, Bartenders Bible, Old Man Markley and The Tighten Ups.

I went in with The Tighten Ups' lead singer Laura Jane. From there on the fun times arrived. The Deere Johns were in the middle of their set. A great set to be said. Stephen Rey was doing what he knows best. Playing the guitar and singing his heart out for all the audience to dance to. I, of course start my night by hanging out with the great artist that did my chest tattoo, while sipping on a PBR tallboy. Smoking cigarettes in the mid section patio is the highlight of Casbah. You can take a gander at the bands and have a smoke in your hand, while sipping on your drink.

I look inside since the Deere Johns are done playing, Bartenders Bible is now setting up gear. I look in and "Whoa where is their drummer, bass player, and their female singer?" Aparently the Deere Johns played rhythm section for Bartenders bible. I have seen these guys many times. Matthew Strachota did some of the best singing I have heard in years! I can honestly say he saved the set for Bartenders Bible. Without Arabella Harrison, the vocals were a bit off. However; the three part harmony that is Matthew, Arabella, and Jason sometimes isnt enough for this twang of a band. As this band is insturmentally amazing. This night Matthew saved the band from a horrible show.

Taking a break from swaying to the music of Bartenders Bible with Andy Robillard. I went for another PBR at the bar. Again the band had ended and I went to the back bar to say hello to the bartender. Their was a whole set up of free food. Pulled Pork, BBQ beef Fruit Salad, cheese and meat plate, macn cheese with jalapenos. I ate just a bit. The macn cheese was amazing. Hanging out with me at the Atari Lounge while i ate and drank my awesome drink was David Francis from the After Party. While Old Man Markely got ready on stage went around the bar making my rounds of "hellos and how are you's?" Hanging out with Stephen Rey from Deere Johns' taking shots of Wild Turkey and Jameson. We started talking business, as in he needs a photographer for his band. ( Just putting it out there for all you photographers) Then went on my merry way back to the stage as Old Man Markely began their set.

I couldnt believe the amount of people that can fit on a Casbah Stage. Old Man Markely is a bluegrass band from Los Angeles. If you havent checked them out you must do so quickly. Throught out ever set Avalon Tattoo was raffeling out prices. Congrats to all the winners. Its time to go for another shot of Jami, this time with Lead Singer Laura Jane from Tighten Ups. She likes Hornitos and of course my poision is Jameson. We do our thing, then go back to the outside where I light up another smoke. Start talking to more people. Outside was a dear friend of mine Ryan who works for Tower Bar and Riveria Club. As I catching up, Mick from Tower Bar Shows up. What a Nice surprise. After a quick chat with him. The rest of the night was Matthew Wick from Desert Diamonds and myself. Great friends and great times.

At this time the Tighten Ups are setting up. Get my spot ready in the front stage. Now im ready for some good dancing and some great soul and funk to keep my shoes moving. More shots, More PBR and a brand new pack of smokes. I get back to the front of the stage with I spent some time dancing with David Francis and Matthew Wick. Then before the set ended I went outside to have one last smoke and laying on my keepers sholder.

What an amazing show, 4 great bands. The Rockn Roll Family was there with each other. Taking care of one another. Casbah, thanks for being such a great venue for Music Mercenaries such as myself. This is truly a HOME for this very united family. To top it off the whole night cost me four bucks! (or i think....)


Muadeeb said...

Hey what kind of photos does Deere Johns need? Let me know.

Michael Klayman

Richard said...

I've played drums in Bartenders Bible for at least 5 years and I was playing that night. You thought the show was horrible? Ouch!