Saturday, July 18, 2009

To all The Strange Rockn Rollers.....

"...You know your doing all right! So hold on to Each other, So Hold on tonight! "
The crowd sings along; this being the staple song on where the band got their names. Midnight Radio.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a John Cameron Mitchell stage show gone film. The fictional East German Rock band that is fronted by a transgender goes off trying to follow rock icon Tommy Gnosis who is playing an adjoining venue through out the tour. This movie sets a great message aside for everyone. Finding your other half. Either male or female. Not allowing people to take a piece of you with out getting anything in return; then finding out the the good stuff is really inside you.

Midnight Radio did a great performance. Doing small quotes and songs that were featured in the film.Songs such as "Angry Inch," which got the crowd going in a frenzy. "Sugar Daddy" a mellow almost western song about founding a man to bring the sweets home. Of course who can forget their staple song "Midnight Radio."

If they were not covering songs from the film. They would go into songs that influenced Stephen Trask. Songs by such artist like Lou Reed, David Bowie, and T.Rex. Also covering bands like Kiss and Black Sabbath. Each song got the crowd riled up for singing along and dancing to a great performance. This San Diego Tribute band also played Pride on the streets of Hillcrest.

The one down fall about Midnight radio was the costumes that were worn by the lead singer acting as "Hedwig." His outfits were more Bowie-esque than Hedwig. As the change of outfits would appear; I would stand in the front shaking my head and saying to myself "Hedwig wouldn't wear that outfit." Other than that the show was amazing. No doubt about it; this is a wonderful tribute band to watch. Especially if you are a Hedwig and The Angry Inch fan.

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