Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Motor City Fever.

If a time machine really existed. The dial would be set to 1969. The destination would be Detroit, Michigan. Being a Rockn Roll mercenary, having the Motor City fever is natural. So many great bands came from Michigan at that time. MC5, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Bob Seger, Alice Cooper and The Dogs. Detroit was the main city to be living in for the great Rockn Roll.

On Saturday The Dogs came down to Bar Pink and play one of the greatest sets known to this rocker. From the moment they hit the stage, the transport began to Motor City. Let a small history lesson begin on Detroit.

Detroit Michigan was transformed into "Motor City" by Henry Ford. It was the melting pot for white trade union's to control the minority under the motor vehicle industry. Years of rich cultural adding allows the mix of traditional music from several cultural backgrounds. First bringing major blues singer and jazz quartets.

Over the years the genres of music that comes out of Detroit have always been great. Gospel, Pop, RnB. Motown. Of course not to forget Rockn Roll. Enough on the history lesson on Motor City.

The Dogs, forming in 1969 with Loren Molinare on Vocals and Guitar, Mary Kay on Bass on Vocals, and Ron Wood on Drums. Leaving their home time, The Dogs migrated towards Los Angeles. Their first single
John Rockn Roll Sinclare was release in mid '76. With the whole country being at war, rockn roll anarchy was needed. Bands such as The Dogs had perfect RAW energy for what was to come next in our history. In '78 Slash Your Face was released. Making it into Spin Magazine's most influential punk rock songs of our time. Over the years, The Dogs opened for acts such as The Ramones, MC5, and Television.

The Dogs performed at Bar Pink July 25. From the moment the first note was strummed on Loren's guitar the transformation to Motor City was in full effect. They opened the show with
Sleeze City. The energy was strong with this band. Front of the stage like always; was my rockn roll partner in crime and I. Dancing and shaking what they had while playing other songs such as Fed Up, Motor City Fever and Slash Your Face. All classic that will never go out of style. They closed their set with Dog in The Cat.

The whole show was full of raw undefinable energy. Loren, jumping in front of people going with the post modern punk sounds coming from the monitors. The bass was like a thunder and drums like a hurricane. An storm of rockn roll all over this small venue. Great crowds, great music, and an great venue equals a great night of rockn roll!

Check out the The Dogs @ http://thedogs1970.com/

Playing drums with The Dogs is Tony

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