Monday, July 25, 2011

Maren Parusel trouble in the East Coast.

Reading updates on Owl & Bear or NBC Sounddiego Blog is awesome when it is about the locals on tour.  A tour diary more or less of the ins and outs of what is going on with the band as they travel city to city.  However, when you read a story such as that of Maren Parusel, it breaks my little heart to read that there are people out there targeting touring bands when their van is left unattended.

A few years back I had a few friends have their studio broken into.  A slew of benefit shows began.  Equipment that is irreplaceable or has some kind of significance to the band.  (Their "baby") A few weeks later another tour van disappeared.  Another studio broken into. So on and so fourth.  What do you do when you are in another part of the country and your van gets broken into.  Do as Maren does.. Keep on trucking and don't give up!

Between the early morning of 3am and 7am on W87th street not to far from Central Park, the white ford E250 was broken into.  Taking guitars, merch box, cash box with money inside, food and clothes and almost all the belongings left in the van.  Below is a laundry list of the items with a  description followed by pictures.  If anyone can help out and keep an eye for these items that would be great. Tragic as it seems, if any one wants to donate to the cause of helping Maren out here is where you can lend your donations:

Donations can be made to: Chase Bank
Account Name: Maren Parusel
Account Number: 444 201 2871
4078 Adams Ave., San Diego, CA

Items gone missing:

1. Custom built bass guitar, in shape of Fender Precision Bass. Red w/ white pickguard.
Black hardshell case with some damage on corners,

2. 1984 Fender Japanese Stratocaster, white w/ white pickguard, lace sensor pickups.
Brown guitar shaped case w/ "Gorilla Coffee" sticker on case. Also "Fragile" sticker.

3. Fender "Telecaster/Esquire". 80's Japanese Fernandes Telecaster body, brown/black sunburst w/ black pickguard. Fender Esquire neck.
Black "Kases" case. Hardshell with soft surround and zipper, rectangular shape. 2 cables in the pocket.

4. Epiphone Casino, Hollow body. TV Yellow.
Black guitar shaped hard case w/ stencil "Maren Parusel"

5. BOSS Pedal board w/ 5 pedals.
-Boss Chromatic Tuner
-Boss Chorus
-Maxon OD-808 Overdrive
-Ibanez Tubescreamer
-Boss Tremolo
-Boss Digital Delay

6. Yamaha Keyboard. Black 88 Keys, weighted.

7. Alesis Micron synth. In violin case with stencil "Maren Parusel"

8. DW-9000 Kick Pedal, in hard-shell DW case, with stencil "GOLD"

9. 1 Rack-Tom. Porkpie 12", Sparkly Red with stencil "GOLD"

Other items:

-Black Cashbox w/ approx $1,100

-Garmin GPS w/ stand and cable.

-HP Laptop computer, black.

-Camping bag full of clothing and personal items.

-Black chest w/ band's merchandise

-Black windbreaker type jacket

-black and red "Trader Joe's" food bag. 

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