Friday, July 8, 2011

The Weekend. 3 Days of Shows. Where to GO!

So I have made a weekly writing assignment for myself.  Everyday I will try to come out with two post.  That is right I said it TWO post a day. Starting today I will start with my weekend picks.  I will be doing Weekend and Weekly Picks.  This should make it easy to decided on what is out and about the town.

The question really is how far are you willing to travel for shows? Personally it just really depends on how badly that artist is needed to be seen by yours truly.  As you all know, I am pretty picky of my Rockn Roll.. However, given the right band I would travel to the depths of Hell to see them. Locally I go to the ones that run along El Cajon Blvd and University Ave with of course the constant travels to Casbah.  Also, LIVE MUSIC. I really can't DJ Ones and Twos or "Dance Party Taco Pants off"

So now with out further rambling the weekend Picks starting actually tomorrow. Ill post tonights for those who haven't decided where to go or is home like me and wonders what was playing out tonight.

Friday - July 8th

  • Pussy Galore’s 4 year Anniversary feat. Hotel St. George, Grand Tarantula, DJs Robin Roth, Terryn S, and Jaime Ali @ Whistle Stop
  • The New Kinetics, Masxs, Clockart, Uniform Victor @ Tin Can Ale House
  • Bella Novela @ Soda Bar

Saturday - July 9th
  • Short Eyes @ Tower Bar
  • The White Buffalo , Ari Shine, Blackout Party @ Casbah
  • The Hot Moon (record release), The Donkeys, Foreign Film @ Soda Bar
  • The Goomies, The Littlest Viking, Housewives @ Tin Can
  • Statue, Sandbox Bullies, Who Rides The Tiger @ Eleven
Sunday - July 10th
  • Otro, Hazzard’s Cure, Badr Vogu, Deep Sea Thunder Beast @ Tower Bar
  • The Bassturd, Coolzey, Mic E$ @ Bar Pink

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