Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SDMA - Lets start the voting.

Quick side note:  I would like to apologize for this not coming out last Monday, when the voting began; but hey, it's out now. So don't fret my readers. Here is my thoughts on SDMA 2011:

It is certainly that time of year.  Seems like the San Diego Music Awards are right around the corner and voting has begun (as of last Monday actually).  Every year its the same old story, with a few morning text messages and emails of:  "Why didn't my band get picked?" or "Why this and what that?"  Really, please stop your bitching for one minute about why your band did not get nominated  for being one of San Diegos' best (insert category here). If you had a time to shine in the past then let others have the spotlight as well.

This year I was actually part of the "Academy" that got the pre-ballots for picking the categories in which people live and die for in San Diego.  After reading and seeing how the SDMF chooses their nominees, for the first time in a while I felt content with the bands that have been chosen in the majority of the categories.   I only say majority due to the fact that I would not be able to choose a "World Music" band in our city.  I may be in the know of music for San Diego however, the rock, metal and indie scene is more my cup of tea.

In the previous years, I volunteered my time in helping my music community in being part what seemed to me the biggest event of the year.  From the first year I ever attended the SDMAs (in 2001), til now, ten years later.  The bands and local talent that we had in the past has now tripled almost quadrupled in size.   What do you do when it actually becomes time for public voting? So many people, artist and groups on the ballot.  Take this years' Best Americana category; It has Blackout Party, Brawley, Bill Cardinal and The Canyon Band. How does one pick just one band when all three are just as great as each other.  This happens with all the categories actually, except hip hop and world.

This year Ben Johnson (heavy front man and wicked drummer) has landed two nomination in different categories. One of Best Hard Rock and the other Best Hip Hop act. The Long and Short of it and Grammatical B.  This is not the first time a band or solo act has been nominated for two different categories.  Also Nena Anderson nominated in the Jazz category and also her band Brawley for best Americana.  Although those are the good things about these awards.

The only real complain I have with the way they are categories is based on the genre of the band and then the genre of the album they are nominated for. Take Hyena for example, nominated for best Electric Group or Act.  However, their album is nominated for Best Alternative.  Does anyone else see a problem in that?  Or, Lady Dottie and The Diamonds as Best Blues act, instead of best Tribute band.  There probably is a method to this madness. I just do not see what this method is.  I am sure they have the same problems when it comes to The Grammy's right or the LAMA's.

I am sure there could be more said about the ups and downs of our music awards.  Although for Best New Artist/Act, some of the new artist I have seen around the greater San Diego area were not nominated.  I wont mention who, however I will keep supporting them.  Last but not least.  If there was to be ONE year and I mean ONE year that Jason Marz and Slightly Stoopid were no longer on the ballot, it would probably make my year.

The SDMA's will be August 8th at Humphrey's By The Bay. With special performances by The Silent Comedy, Cuckoo Chaos, Gilbert Castellanos, The Penetrators, and Candy Kane and Sue Palmer.  Make sure you get your tickets here.  For a list of all the nominees and for voting please visit San Diego Music Awards website.

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