Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tours, Shows, and Awards for Maren Parusel

Since days off for me are very limited or are a week long.  It is hard to pick and choose the show that I want to attend due to work scheduling and my constant procrastination.  Not to mention the insomnia that occurs since all I can think about is work  and the local music scene.  

This Sunday was like no other weekend night.  Maren Parusel just returned from an excruciating two month tour.  The night before they were in Las Vegas playing the Artifice.  Hours, and I mean hours later they made it back to San Diego.  Right off the van and onto the Casbah Stage.

The line up was Noel Jordan, Maren Parusel and Jesse Malin and St. Marks Social.  With a total of maybe 60-75 people in attendance for the show, this was still a highlight of my weekend.  Walking into Noel as he was in the middle of his set took me back to my teen years of hanging out watching The Classified his voice is recognizable compared to all the vocalist in San Diego.  

With a quick hellos and hugs to Maren and the band.  The drinks started quick flowing.  (this was probably bad idea number #1) It has been so long since I have seen and hung out with Kyle McGee.   (the few stories of Austin, TX were enough to bond us for a while.)

The time came and Maren Parusel introduced her self and the band. With in seconds the sound that exploded from those speakers were undescribable. Not seeing the band since maybe SXSW and a Bar Pink show in between.  It was time to take note of a band that once held a place to my heart.  Playing songs from their debut album Artificial Gardens.  Songs such as "Dont Take Your Eyes Away," "Artificial Gardens," and  "Ordinary Day."   

Although the line up has changed since the first time ever seeing Maren Parusel.  The music being played out and written by this band is extraordinary. Maybe a reason why Monday night they won Best Pop Album for Artificial Gardens at the San Diego Music Awards this year.  Only predicting that this band is just beginning to see the good out of of all the hard work is now finally paying off.  

Do not miss Maren Parusel next time around. Their next show is August 18th at The Belly Up Tavern with Kevin Martin.  

As I wish I can do a full review, I was too intoxicated half way between Jesse Malin set to write an honest review, however the pictures I took were great!

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