Monday, July 25, 2011

Hanging with the King...and other debaucherous tales

So what was a weekend full of music like?  Started at the Casbah and ended at the Casbah.  Everything in between was just plain fun. Pictures are worth a million words, right?  Something like that, I got some words about Jul16-18th.  You can blame me not updating the blog for that reason actually.  I decided to take a mini local vacation and pack as much rockn roll into 3 days as one can do.

It started with King Khan and Gris Gris.  Opening for them was The Fink Bombs and a maybe new favorite band Shake Before Us.  Maybe a new favorite band.  I need to go check them out a few more times prior to making that final decision.  Then finally the moment that this sold out venue was waiting for, King Khan and The Gris Gris hit the stage.  The dance party unfolded. Casbah was in full swing of rockers looking for a dance floor to shake what their mother gave them.  A full hour or so of music and the band was done. Drinks with the Guitarist and lead singer of The Gris Gris took place by the merch table. Always a treat to speak to the band afterwards especially if they had a very stellar set.   What to do? What to do? Probably go home and sleep the night away with dreams of the beauty that was a Saturday night filled with music, laughter, jokes, friends and whiskey.

It's Sunday mid-afternoon, only one place to be; Lafayette Hotel Pool for the ultimate KK & GG PP.  Acronyms could really suck if you don't know what this means. Let me break it down for you.  King Khan and The Gris Gris Pool Party. Ten dollars gets you into the pool to hear King Khan DJ a good amount of songs out of his iPod. (Let's just say that American Airlines is not that to good with shipping vinyl).  Few hours into the mixing of the ones and twos on the iPod, the ever so loving staff at Lafayette set up for another hour of King Khan and The Gris Gris pool side.  What more can this little lady ask for pool side in a classic two piece, the sun shining and rockn roll live music from a great band.

The day was not over after the party.  It kept going as a mater of fact. That night Bar Pink was celebrating 4 years since the day they opened their doors with musical guest The Creepy Creepys (who r recently opened for Robert Plant June9th in San Manuel) .  Then the lights went black.  Woke up the next day with the worst hangover in months!

The only thing that would get me out and about again was being kidnapped to lay in the beach.  No such luck, instead, got kidnapped on a boat. That is right.  Not just any boat, however the KPRI boat with Portugal, The Man playing as we cruised the beautiful San Diego Bay.  (Yes you are allowed to be jealous right now).  I can not explain the beauty that is San Diego.  The Sunset, the downtown skyline, the water and all of the above.  This is probably why people pay so much money to live in our beautiful town.

Once that boat ride was over, Casbah here we come.  Behind The Wagon, Screaming YeeHaws, and Coda Reactor.   Still trying to figure out how all these shows were done with in 48 hours baffles me! Honestly it does not. Although, trying to keep the weekend "mellow" was an idea that occurred many times.   For Casbah show, The highlight was no other than local boys Coda Reactor.  It is a mix of Danzig and Jim Morrison. It has been said over and over.  Pretty sure everyone is tired of hearing the mix of what the lead singer sounds like. He jumps jives and wails on vocals like a mad man on speed.  The likes of Davit Buck(Homeless Sexuals) and  Iggy Pop when it comes to his antics on stage.  After this the weekend was over.

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