Monday, July 11, 2011

You might be Seeing Red

Get excited! Many bands are emerging out of our wonderful music scene.  I can laundry list every single one of them.  Seriously, that would be completely boring. If you know me, the word boring only happens when I stay home and watch re-runs of CSI: Special Vitim Units.  So within the weeks to come there will be a posting for each  band recommend for the rest of the year.

If you go to the deepest darker corner of San Diego, you will find a hole in the wall bar.  Between a taco shop and a laundry mat.  The same bar that I constantly call The Bar of Broken Dreams.  Although it has changed from time to time. The drinks are as stiff as half of the bargoers, and ordering a double anything is the worst mistake ever. You do not want to be the jackass with a pint of whiskey not being able to drink what you ordered. (Which I did drink and then ordered a regular afterwards.)

Out of the gloom, the metal, and the empty bottles of Jack Daniels and Jagermister comes the three piece thrash rock band, In The Red.  Rodney on guitar and vocals, J-Sin on drum and vocals, Nichols on bass and vocals.  That is correct all three share the duty of beating the mic with their heavy vocals. I am still trying to pin their exact sound.  They could be considered thrash metal, rockn roll, punk and just good ole' times at a bar. They call themselves Scrap Metal.  The lesser takings of what have been left behind from previous metal bands that havent be explored.  I just call them Punk Metal. Cause that is what they are.  

With their crazy personalities, these three men have been making some noise together.  Their first show was opening up for Red Fang and Ghetto Blaster at Casbah.  They followed up a few more shows with Lord Howler and opening up for The Archons.  Their latest show with got San Diego wound up with an excitment of getting people from all over watching them was at Eleven, with True Widow and Lantvrn.  With the newly media attention those guys are getting, it is no joke that by the end of the year they will have a steady mark on the map with their genre of "scrap metal."

Their up coming show at Bar Pink August 11 with Unruly Bangs and Queen Caveat. Also Sept 17th (a birthday celebration for me!) with Long and Short of It and The Marsupials at Eleven. 

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photos by : Michael Klayman taken @ The Casbah Atari Lounge
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