Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekend Picks. What worth Seeing and where!

Yeah a day late. Shoot me. Since writing has no sick days, I must take a sick week once and a while! Just for rest and relaxation! One thing to get me out of bed was last night The Damned. I can almost die a happy girl. ALMOST! Since that was the pick of last night then yes it was a fun time! ( A little under the weather but still was able to have a blast!)
Well, Ladies and Gents the pick of the weekend!

Feb 19th
The Donkeys, The Hot Moon, The Modlins, Joel P West (Late show, 9 p.m.) @ The Casbah.
Maren Parusel @ Whistle Stop.
Bobby Fantasy, Syndicate, Neon Cough, Death On Mars, DJ Velvet Touch @ Ruby Room.
John Meeks, Marquez!, Little White Teeth @ Tin Can Ale House.
Stitch Hopeless & The Sea Legs, The Strikers, Death Valley Drifters @ Radio Room.

Feb 20th
The Long and Short Of It, The Archons, The Grids @ Ruby Room
Anya Marina, Softlights, and Wirepony @ Casbah (sold out!)
River City, The Western Set, Justin Rodriguez, DJ Gonzo @ Tin Can Ale House
Recordable Colors (CD Release), Mia Valentine, The Canton Mudders @ Ken Club

Feb 21st
Laura Meyer, Simeon Flick, John Paul @ Ruby Room
Bedlam of Cacophony, Hunab Ku, Dead Ghosts @ Radio Room
Silian Rail, Fever Sleeves @ Bar Pink
Harlem, Thee Makeout Party, The Glossines @ Casbah

Ready Set and Go! Hope to see ya'll at one of these shows!

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