Thursday, February 11, 2010

Man You Ok?

It has been roughly six months since Manuok has played San Diego.  Scott Mercado (ex Via Satellite) has come back to Ruby Room for another exciting show. This time I was able to catch the whole set.

The first time I heard of Manuok.  It wasn't hearing the name, however seeing it in print.  Man-uok is how i thought and every I have heard say the name.  But thanks to Scott in correcting me.  Its pronounced: man-you-oh-kay.   I have seen the many works for Scott Mercado. Being on stage with talent such as Album Leaf, Black Heart Procession, Mr Tube and The Flying Objects. The multi-instrumentalist started Manuok as a solo project that later turned in to a full functioning band and make no mistake that Scott Mercado and his quintuple band mates are just as fascinating as all the other bands they have worked and played with.  

Seeing Manuok after their Oct/Nov tour in Europe was in a way important for me to attend.  Why you may ask?  Being a person of different musical taste.  I have always wanted to get a good feel of Manuok.  Not rushed or looking at my watch to see the time, in order to get to the next show.  I wanted to take my sweet time when reviewing this show.  The wonders of what seems to be an indie rock band with such catchy tunes brought a nostalgic feeling as though I was listening to some of England's' latest indie sounds. The spacey laid back tracks that make it easy listening.  Almost like roadtrip, date night or just ambiance music.   In other words its sounds great no matter what your doing.  I was glad to take my time and enjoy this show.  

recap:  It's pronounced man-you-oh-kay  and completely worth watching!  

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