Friday, February 19, 2010

Releasing the 7" beast!

First off people. Get your mind out of the Gutter! that's not the beast I am talking about.  Still to this day one band will forever fascinate me.  They will tickle every part of my funny bone.  NOT because they are funny guys... (that is kind of besides the point.)  The music and stage presence that exludes out of this band is so mind blowing.  It will have you FIST PUMPING. (Not like Snookie or The Situation of Jersey Shore.) They will have you invoking the darkness that is The Long And Short Of It. 

The beginning of this year brought good stuff towards the quadruple talented men.  Starting with a video release from their latest recording Caw!  Now a 7" release single.  Recorded at Black Box Studios by Mario Quintero; the 7" record introduces fans to two new songs "Welcome to Gnarlsberg" and "The Lancet."  Two new tracks are more of a streamline of what LASOI style is composed of.  Raw talent.   The black and white art work that is on the record was done by Ben Johnson himself.  

This 7" release party will be held at Ruby Room Saturday Feb 20th.  Sharing the stage will be The Archons and The Grids.  Which will later kick off their west coast tour.  It starts at Ruby Room and ends at Ruby Room.  (How awesome is that?)

If you feel this isn't enough Long and Short of It.  Then get ready for another music video.  They guys will be filming "Vast Systems" off of CAW! at the Grammatical B Black Forrest!  Get ready for another amazing video.  This will be featuring bird people, strange people and chaos! Be prepared! 

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