Thursday, June 4, 2009

Changing Horses

Ben Kweller. Changing Horses.

The twang of Ben Kwellers’ make over has left some people in awe. However, Changing Horses is what Ben Kweller fans need. Born in San Fransisco, then transplanted to Greenville, Texas. He started playing music at the age of 8 years old. It came so natural to him. Influenced with bands like the Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, and The Hollies.

In 1993 Kweller formed Radish, a punk rock band. Releasing two albums Hello ('94) and Dizzy('95). At the age of 19 a young Ben moved to New York City; with his at the time girl friend now wife. Kweller started his solo career. The first album he came out with was Freak Out, It's Ben Kweller('01). Followed with Sha Sha ('02), On My Way (03), and Ben Kweller ('06).

In Sepmember of 2008 Kweller finished his fourth studio album. Changing Horses. Which was released in February of 2009. Changing Horses has a country feel. As said in many interviews, Kweller is going back to his roots of Greenville, Texas. Songs he wrote before leaving to New York. With this twangy, gee-tar riffs that make up songs like "Fight," and "Sawdust Man." To the lovely odes that are "Gypsy Rose" and "The Ballad of Wendy Baker." Of course not going completely into the dark side of country he sings sweet songs such as "Things I Like to Do."

Ben Kweller will be performing at House of Blues San Diego, June 20th for The Gyspy Rose Tour. Come and check him out with opening acts The Jones Street Station and Local Natives

Ticket prices are 17-20 dollars plus service charge.
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