Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekend at Bernies!

What is this? Is it true? The Queers playing a show in San Diego? Oh you heard it right!
With a new album; why not tour the states to see if you still have a following?

This band started as a joke. Listening to Black Flag and Ramones. Smoking pot and drinking cheap beers. (This is actually how it all starts out for most punk rock bands from the 80's.) Having nothing better to do except hate everything that the airwaves have been putting out; Also with the east coast punk scene was unfolding rather abruptly. The Queers found a place for themselves.

Forming in ‘82 (Portsmouth, New Hampshire), Joe “Queer” King; after listening to Meatmen; thought to himself, he can play much better music. Within the next couple of years the band would brake up leaving a 6 year gap between new music and shows. The Queers reformed in 1990 with a brand new line-up. That same year, the band got signed to Shakin Street Records and releasing
Grow Up ‘90.

With such influences like The Ramones, Black Flag, Dickies, and Angry Samoans. The punk rock style that is derived was “Ramone-core.” Having the usual lyrics of girls, drugs and alcohol and just your average having fun. Ripping guitar solos, two note keyboards, and simple three cord rhythm bass. As classy as your average punk band. The Queers have been know for some of their amazing covers by bands such as Mr. T. Experience, The Who, The Undertones, and of course the Ramones.

Weekend at Bernies is a live album released in 09. With collaboration of Ben Weasel from Screeching Weasels. This album has your face melting with all its greatest hits such as “Punk Rock Girl,” "No Tit," “Goodbye California,” and “Jumping Jack Flash” (Rolling Stones Cover.) and many many more!

The Queers will be playing the Casbah with The Mansfields, Atom Age, The Glossines. They are playing the late show doors open at 8pm! see you kids there!

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