Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Born To Bleed

What is all the commotion for this San Diego band?
They are selling out shows left and right. Could it be Ryan Koontz amazing vocals? Nathan Beale amazing guitar playing or Chris Vanacore stellar drumming? Or the Rhythm of Mark Murino on guitar and Christian Schinelli on bass?

These five all star musicians know how to make the most of the music they play. With out much connection to the South. This "throwback" band has been pigeonholed into the southern-rock genre. Some even say they are a mix of Black Crowes and Lynard Skynard. Could it be that the resurrection of the 70's rockn roll era is starting off in San Diego again? This is considered the south. Just cause we are in California doesn't mean that we cant Rock the same way that southern twang rock and good ole' boy's did.

Forming in the fall of '03, Dirty Sweet knew how to make a name for themselves. Right away they started wooing their home town fans. In '04 they become the main supporting act for Jimmy Eat World's tour. Also winning '06, '07 and '08 SDMA "Best Rock" act of the year.

In '06 the band went to the studio to self produce and engineered "..Of Monarchs and Beggars." With that the band developed a 12 song LP. The continuity of songs through out the album, has captured the hearts and minds of many fans. With rocking songs like "Baby Come Home." One of the hits to come out of this album. Then going forth towards a melodic guitar riffing, heavy souled song like "Delilah." Of course with a heavy album such as this, you need to have a rockn roll song that makes you dance. With that said "Sixteen," is the bands dance hit. with great drums, bass lines some killer guitar solos and of course a tambourine at the side of Ryan. Then to finish with a country twang such as "Isabel" and "Red River."

What more do you want from this amazing band?

How about a new album? Awaiting the release for American Spiritual. Dirty Sweet has put up some killer new songs and videos on Myspace.com. Performing new songs such as "You've Been Warned" and "Marionette." Keeping the fans on their toes for when this new LP is to come out.

Dirty Sweet is currently on tour for the next couple of months so make sure to check them out.

..... You've Been Warned!


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