Monday, June 1, 2009

More Talk/More Rock

If you haven't been to many shows at ruby room, Then I believe your missing out. Andy Robillard is doing an amazing job booking shows at this venue. I, myself would have never thought I would make this a regular bar for show seeing. Sunday night was one of them. (may31)

Lion Cut, Followers, Eyes (SF) and Free Stars. Sad to say that when I walked into
the Ruby Room, I missed Lion cut. After Lion Cut ; Followers performed (members of Sleeping People, Optiganally Yours, Mutantspaceboy, Sterling Silver). Psychedelic Rockn roll. Keyboardist, sax, guitar drums and bass. Amazing. Almost like a side show freak show that did amazing as the circus toured. The bands only got to play all 10-15 min sets, but all well worth it. ( No vocals, all Instrumental rockn roll.

Eyes traveled all the way down from San Fransisco with family in the audience. They as well did an great job,four songs on the set list. one instrumental and
three with amazing vocals done by Justin Pinkerton.

The energy was on that night

The main band I went to see was none other than Free Star
s with lead vocalist David (D*star) Stampone. Traveling all the way from the east coast just to attend Rafter Roberts(guitarist) wedding. Still feeling a little jaded; Had the energy to play an amazing 6 song set. . On drums was the one and only Andy Robillard. Rafter Roberts on Guitar, Jim Garry bass. They played that matched the theme of wedlock. Cover songs that were based on what to wear at the wedding and also wondering if Is It Love? Questioning Rafter for his future endevore. Originals songs such as “Gay Republican Coke Dealer.” Of course we all know one of them wasnt a choice. Also “Double-Flush Deuce,” a song that must be heard by all. Free Stars are an amazing band.

More Talk and Rock is their motto. Yes the hilarity that is this ba
nd makes me wish more people attended to check out what was the most entertaining band of the year so far! I have seen many shows this year so far. I have danced my ass off to them. I have had my face melted by the amazing music that comes out of the monitors. However, Face melting, dancing and laughing, and interaction of the band to audience is one thing i have not ever came across. thank you Free Stars for doing an amazing job at all of the above! (

Don’t forget to check out the pictures of the show below.

Eyes (sf)

Free Stars

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